@tuvohl seriously?

I spent the SBD on it. and my comment is not spam. Explain.

I regulate value.
Upvoting yourself is a easy calculation.
It has not this value for me.

@tuvokhl - well maybe there should be some documentation on how to use these services before just opening the flood gates if people are just going to get flagged... seems pretty toxic if you ask me.

Its a battle for value posts.
Nearly nobody gets whats going on.
You are all little lemings with dollar signs in the eyes.

Ok so because I don't have a million STEEM to be seen by the whole planet, I get penalized for utilizing resources to maximize exposure? and insulted by you? That seems ridiculous.

You are still better of. So please stop crying.

I am allowed to insult people? Or you think i should be punished physicaly for doing so?

Insulting me shows that you lack true logical grounding.

Sometimes its good to hurt people a little bit with words.
Its just words...
Only like this you get stronger.
Its my believe yes. Maybe i am wrong.

Edit: Its your mind that can not process the new information.
If you read my words later again you will see that i was not insulting.
I used normal words.

You got no emotinal grounding maybe because you feel insulted very quick.
How i should know what insults you?

What is an "easy" calculation ?

I can upvote all my posts with this upvotebot.
I will always think that my post have value, like you think about your posts.
But spending 2SBD and get 3-5SBD by upvoting myself is easy. I could do this all time.
But i am here to stop this. In my opining you can do this for other people.
But if you do this for yourself i will flag like insane.

I see people do this for themselves all the time.

And I also did it for this post. These tools are being marketed towards users to use on themselves.

So maybe instead of going after the guy that spends a measily 2 SBD you should be going after the bigger problem and not sit here threatening me and my posts.

Maybe you should just start flaging this selfupvoter too and not cry.
Stay strong.

Who is lame? 3 words you tell me and nobody understands what you want to say and shall this be a kind of insult? So just take my hammer!
Hammer because of 3 words only... explaining a point.
Try harder for insulting me.

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