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Watch todays vlog to see where I think the prices of the top 2 crypto assets are heading. Up or Down?


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They could go down, but I don´t think they will go down that much. On the other hand, I only hold Steem because that´s the most fun.. :P


Seems like you have high self e-Steem ....




Wow only steem that is a cool move :D
Well i got some steem, but Diamond coin still got so much potential -> got more of em :)


diamond coin, never heard of it, will research it now!


Go down to take momentum and then double up


its was $2800


Yes, bro, your right I think bitcoin come to $2000 but not to $1000.


@omido98 I'm new here but as soon As I learned about the way steemit works I figured out that this is the SafeHouse for Crypto. And holds a really bright future.


Seriously, I feel that btc n eth will fall. This mkt is getting bubbly and parabolic. Its time for a major correction and for people to take profit after the amazing bull run from Jan this year. Lets see what happen next.

I don't think it can reach below $2000, if it reaches below $2k , it will go up very soon, as many are waiting for the right time to buy.

Oh '#^%&'! It's already July 1st. Half of the year is already over! But man what a ride this year has been, personally I am still up and prepared to ride a storm - that's just the truth about being in crypto. If Bitcoin drops to $1,200 STEEM might drop to a $1. If STEEM drops to a $1 I will run to the bank and getting a huge loan to buy up as much STEEM as I can.

If that happens, its a buying opportunity then my friend.

We can only cross our fingers.
If it does happen, I'll be buying up. Lol

I think the pattern will continue like this. It looks like a slow dip until it botoms out then it continues in a upward trend again. How long? I dont know, no one has a crystal ball. However, notice the pattern. But if there is a great opportunity to find some cashflow out of it on a continuous basis, then its always a good time to buy!


by this chart it looks like we are on the way to 9000 BTC


That is certainly the emotion this chart is exhibiting!


Ditto, I agree. 1,200....that's extremely low


Low its good! I call low a Bargain!


I think it will only rise high!


That certainly is the long term potential!


Ive personally found crypto currencies love exponential moving average 9 & 20 cross with 50 and 200 day moving acerage crosses. Fibonacci levels hace been magnetic. So i agree woth your analysis.
Need to turb up the #FOMO


FOMO is certainly where the Cash Cows capitalize!


I agree, and as bitcoin drops then so does the other coins, so I've been thinking about picking up some litecoin and keeping that for a while, plus to help diversify my holdings, I think it makes sense.


Hey, Well it is a low price already, so the more units you buy, they greater the return when it goes up!

So many people talk about going down that's the only reason i think it will do the opposite. The next two months will be interesting with segwit either happening or not.

Enjoy your videos. Looking to add some hashpower and I'll be using your code.

It would be nice, it would be a great buy for all the other coins as well

it just sucks that when bitcoin falls, everyhting else glides down with it

its going to be interesting to see if BTC hits 1200 and then the august 1st event takes place... theres no going back from that


Yes, in one month dumm dumm duhhh


Its so close i can feel it !!

1200 Is the max it will drop though but rest asured bitcoin will begin to rise to 3000 this year im absolutely certain of that.


I need it to drop to 1200....papa needs a new pair of shoes!


It actually dropped to $2050 ish few days ago when it was -25% once again i hope people read my post when i alerted them to buy Bitcoin at that time. Stick with me moderninvestor i'll keep my eye out for your new shoes :D

I'll let you know ASAP when it drops to $1200 or Lower! lets hope not lower though :/

I think it will drop until a range between 1300 and 1400. It will be an awesome opportunity, even at that price ! 😉

Nahh man big boys wont let bitcoin drop so much I would say ethereum maybe but btc not......
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This sideways btc movement is good for miners could have the first difficulty decrease since October 22 2016.


Well it's really hard to say what's going to happen in the future. Cryptos can sometimes be unpredictable


You must have a lot of unpredictability in your life.

To say that crytos are only sometimes unpredictable




Oh you wouldn't believe how unpredictable my life is :D

My sentiments exactly brother.... Have a feeling it will drop by mid July just like last year..thanks for the vid and Don't hit that car now! Be well sir! Ps... First day here and enjoying your work my friend.

I don't think btc is going to 5k. Would be a 100% increase from where we are now. Can't see it. But, been wrong many times before, so who knows.


Well get ready to get your paradigm crushed because in the next 2 years it may be as high as 25k, being in the market has made me see and realise nothing is what it looks like, i have seen companies break and recover.
currencies is another but same fundaments apply!

...interesting chart we have...connecting the lower tails on the 3 month delivers a trend line support@2400 - hard stops - the downtrend extension still playing out again has the critical intersect@around 2510/25mark - if we extend this chart a week from now we should get to the intersection of thee two support lines and a that juncture we'll see with vol whether we break upwards or not -- the pennant per previous is neutral to +ve in bias so the chances are it'll be a positive extension -- until then on current vol she looks to be sideways within the lower tail trend (3month) and future intersect 2500 -- this kind of chart would not see me trading (if i were) due to the uncertainty/hand sitting...big month for this one and August 1st is a big date in the history for the King of cryptos!1..until then punters, we await ;))..gltah

I sure hope so.

Well i think that BTC will not fall more then $2K as everybody is waiting for the best price to buy in. But who knows anything might happen in crypto :)

Once TenX becomes available in the U.S. and cathces serious wind I expect some serious movements.

This sounds negative, but it is how you look at, I'm looking at tomorrow as 2025, so i hope it does drop, because ill buy so much and watch it grow. You can't look at crypto day by day in my opinion, just when to buy.

Great Video! How high will it go by 2020 is my question to ponder ~ Buying the dips...

Another great post Trevon. Im still gonna keep buying and HODLing. Pretty much everything is on sale!!

Nice video on Genesis Mining. Not so sure about BitConnect. Think you and others that got in early are making good gains. Not so sure that new ones getting involved will fair as well.

Short term dips are always to be expected but come on - we are still on our way up... there is trillions to be had in the next years! The inflow will come - let's just not regulate this in a weird, unpopular way. Cheers, thanks for sharing!

Could be but you could be right if we enter a bear trend ~ either way it's a win win as we the people can scooooop up some more !!

Not sure if it is a good idea to buy BTC now. would wait.

Hope not :/ please stay or maybe hit 3k ;)

Bitcoin is gonna go past $3000 after 1 August. Nothing to worry about. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

I don´t think they will go down much more.

Anyway, I'm buying more cryptos and hashrates.

Congratulations :)

I think way too many people are finding out about crypto coins now for it to go down a lot. Plus from major companies like Microsoft and many others too many people are now waking up to bitcoin and crypto.

I actually hope it does so smart money can come in


To be honest those in crypto without any trading or experience in equity markets font want smart money to come in 😂 ... retail never wins.

Bored people getting bored. I totally agree with this. Alot of people are thinking that this is a get quick rich off a few hundy. Patience people

every time bitcoin drops hard it comes right back to where it was and keeps going even higher after that. If both bitcoin and ethereum drop hard I think it will give other big altcoins a good surge in value

Personally, I am beyond tempted on buying a shit ton of BTC & ETH now but for some reason my gut feeling tells me the prices are dropping even more within the next couple of day lol !
Also, is it just me or am I the only one thats realized "most of the time not always" but recently if BTC goes up then ETH goes up a bit and vice versa ?


Lending on poloniex maybe the most profitable for investors.... especially when big $ truly enters.

I hope it doesn't go down that much because if it does, it could trigger a lot of panic sells that would drive the price down even lower. Don't want no cryptocalypse! (hmm... im trademarking that lol).

Can anyone explain the hodl phrase. Am I an idiot what is the history behind HODL? Please enlighten?😳


HODL means buy and "Hold" , mate. because one Monkey couldn't spell that right. now its gone viral.

I am quite sure Bitcoin won't go down that low. Let's hope it won't go even near that number lol. But anyways, I really hope things will start picking up again soon.

I think i will go up to 3000$ at the end of the year !!!

Yep, certainly going to to hit $1200 and possibly lower depending on uncertainty over BIP148.

it looks to be bitcoin is being a steady dropper. i reckon that 1200 is closer then we think


heres to hoping we can all buy more in the near future!

I think yes hope no

I really really hope it doesn't go down to 1200. Your predictions are always right :)


Look at the brighter side. Time to invest I think.

How bout that X11 though?!

If bitcoin does drop to $1200 I will be buying it up by the pound! It would be an opportunity my friend

I think that if it reach this price It will never go down or stay at this price

I don't think it will come that far. It will bounce back up soon enough!

NO! But time to invest; just looking at the brighter side. :/

Finger cross will go up ..hope so

Always good to hear from you! Skincoin, what's your take on it? They're calling it the gamer's coin. If this comes through, it's gonna be worth a lot.

everybodys gotta just hodl

Personally I don't feel bad at all for all the speculators. They will lose their money trying to game the coin market!


i think you're wrong. they won't lose their money in my humble opinion. the fiat currencies will fail, the world will change like we've never saw before.

For the sake of profit on bitconnect, I sort of hope so!! It will bounce back at the end of the day!!!

bro you're my hero

Hopefully 900 tbh here from youtube should i move my btc to bitconnect? can you put usd in bitconnect?

I doubt it will go anywhere near that price but I certainly hope you are right

Trev Please dn't say steem is going down then all my dreams will go down the drain. :)

Certainly bitcoin is in decacy period but never the btc will drop to this level so low and the etherum will certainly increase .

The truth is : nobody knows because its the first time a true unmanipulated market exists.


The crypto market is soooooo manipulated. Its actually reminds me of the classic tactics employed on wall st to create explosive parabolic moves in small and micro cap tickers listed on the NYSE and OTC mrkts.

The one i see most prominently is spoofing. Spoofing is putting up a large bid or ask (buy or sell) and then pulling it at the last second... see ethereum crash.

The different exchanges are immature and need critical mass of users to develop and maintain the liquidity(volume) to prevent this.


I should've put ''unmanipulated'' instead, good point!


I'm saying its very easy to manipulate because the relatively low volume.

Part of me wants Bitcoin at 5K and part of me wants 1.2K I guess I am happy either way.

lately I have been following up with how bitcoin price goes down and rise up, with my research I have come to understand that during the weekends, bitcoin price and ether price always falls, while during the starting of the a new week, the prices starts rising up, so I don't know if theres any stamina here who has been following up with that too.

Actually I think both Bitcoin and Etherium will hold up not as bad as most think given that there are investors lined up in anticipation for discounted purchases at the price dips. If we consider the fact that the crash/fork speculation has been marketed quite effectively for some time, it has prepared many investors to save for the buying opportunity, in fact some are impatient and have bought in the very recent false alarms price dips. Rest assured the big investors are on the sidelines quite prepared. I expect Etherium to be sustained by its hype machine, and bitcoin by its legacy. Alt coins on the other hand, are likely to be more vulnerable.

Lol. "what's up everybody" dodge,dip,dodge,dive them altcoins!!! Grab that Bitcoin safety belt!!!.... All I gotta say is. Bitcoin better not drop any lower then it is already now.

@trevonjb - Question: How did you first start in crypto? (i.e. "I'm going to use 10% of my paycheck to buy Cloud Mining power or somecoin" or "I've saved up $1000 and use it to buy somecoin" or did you just blog your way from the bottom? )

Great idea to have the vlog in the morning and the live video chat in the afternoon - that way you can have many more people participating and bombarding you with more questions bro! And that way I can participate in your live video stream too since I'm not much of a morning person :=P

I don't think BTC is ever gonna go back down to $1200 even despite August 1st - BTC may be down these days with everything else but I see it rebounding and rising in a big way. Who knows - this time next week we might be talking about BTC rising to $3500 and $5000 by the end of August!

LOL at "whatcha looking at lady?" - drive safe Trevon!

The thing that concerns me about Cryptos are that they are not physical assets that can be held in hand. I really live my BTC and ETH but am a little scared about the future.

I really hope ethereum will stop going down and go back up to $330

I like your video's, maybe you can talk about Voxels or Verge this are very interesting coins

I think they will drob, but probably not that much, remember don't FUD!

let's hope so. buy time! :)

If it dips that low than it will be a great buying opportunity for those who are waiting on the sideline to jump in.

i dont think so coz every single day i hear how diffrent country is thinking to legalize bitcoin, or how another company will start payments with bitcoin.
So tell me is there any truth that bitcoin will be gone after august 1st?
Or it will fall till 1000$ or 900$
I dont think so.
There are so many smart people who rans companies and countries and they belive in bitcoin , and why shouldn't we
Bitcoin have bright future and the only smart thing to do is to invest in it.

Come on Tre!!!! Boring boring boring!!! If you don't want to do vlogs don't do them. Whats wrong with you?? You ain't like that. You are much much better than this. Take a break and come back with a new energy.

I think this is just a correction phase and in next 10 days a new growth is to be awaited.

Helloooo! Now the bitcoin is below $2,000. But that's the way this work. Who is going to buy if it is always high? It has to go down and then up. At the end of the year probably it will be higher. And by 2020? I hope it will be from $5,000-$10,000! Then we are going to make money again!!! Ja, ja!

Goldman sachs targets 1700-1900 per btc... they are probably buying here 😂... that wall st. narrative #amirite. I expect to see more and more price manipulation on the exchanges. The irony is the exchanges need to be centralized to end the flafrant manipulation of the crypto currencies on tge various exchanges - like gdax etgereun crash ha.

I feel we may possibly see BTC sink to $2000, but I doubt it will go much lower than that. I think we have a little bit of support there. Here's Hoping! :-)

Great Video. I agree with you. The BTC price will drop up to $1200 after UASF BIP 148. I would say $900 according to some social traders & analysts in this field. This is what will happen if BTC split in two chains. A big bloody dip !

i think Eth Will Rise, I wrote an Article about this

Ethereum price will be $1000 by the end of this year

Let them fall if they want to ...will still do good if you buy low and sell high. Keep steeming bro, steem is the future

God I hope not, If it does I'll be out there on the streets like Jeezy

We'll see, and in the meantime make posts on Steemit to kill the time

Just watched your video on how to earn 20 bucks a day, you seem pretty cool and also I would love to earn with you :3, I don't think i can make good posts so i'll just stick to comments xD

just subbed to your youtube channel fam

Am i the only one who received crazy payments from genesis for 30th June...

Watching and learning from your videos hoping to avoid any major boo boos.

I remember when bitcoin was 58 GBP a coin just wish i had bought some then lol, The current price although dropping is still fantastic and im sure it will recover again soon

I'm thinking about cashing 2/3 out to buy again with the prices coming down

Love the Buddha, my dad does bonsai and has several of those. I think we are going to see btc continue to take a larger percent of market cap both as we see the crypto market cap shrink, and when we start to see it grow again.

Yes! but not $1200 may be $1500 to $1800 and no idea about ETH

If price goes down, that's buying opportunity. But there are no bad news to make price go down. Hard for might not happen imo. I guess some people are taking money and going for vacation

Me waiting for Ethereum jump back up.... :(

To my knowledge Make sure ur money$/bitcoin is in Litecoin during August 1st/BIP 148.

This is a bit far-fetched !! I don't think both btc and Eth will drop that much. Otherwise, there will be a big boom in Buy orders

How big is the chance to fall in pct?

Nice place you were driving through! Where is that?