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I think the pattern will continue like this. It looks like a slow dip until it botoms out then it continues in a upward trend again. How long? I dont know, no one has a crystal ball. However, notice the pattern. But if there is a great opportunity to find some cashflow out of it on a continuous basis, then its always a good time to buy!


by this chart it looks like we are on the way to 9000 BTC

That is certainly the emotion this chart is exhibiting!

I agree, and as bitcoin drops then so does the other coins, so I've been thinking about picking up some litecoin and keeping that for a while, plus to help diversify my holdings, I think it makes sense.

Hey, Well it is a low price already, so the more units you buy, they greater the return when it goes up!

Ditto, I agree. 1,200....that's extremely low

Low its good! I call low a Bargain!

I think it will only rise high!

That certainly is the long term potential!

Ive personally found crypto currencies love exponential moving average 9 & 20 cross with 50 and 200 day moving acerage crosses. Fibonacci levels hace been magnetic. So i agree woth your analysis.
Need to turb up the #FOMO

FOMO is certainly where the Cash Cows capitalize!

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