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In todays video I talk about my 3 favorite ways to earn cryptocurrency and how much I'm earning. I'm trying to change direction of my channel and stir it away from altcoins and speculation and more towards steemit development and earning crypto currency WITHOUT trading and speculating.
I have a little more energy in this video as I want start fresh and have more fun earning and helping others earn.


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Trevon, can you please help with this? There are only hours left, would be nice if you can do a Video about it, we need about 10.000 Votes more to win this! Thanks for your support!



I dont think i will be able to post a video in time but i did vote and retweet saying vote steem


Cool, thanks man!

Keep the content coming bro! Genuine, down to earth presentation and applicable information. Thanks for emphasizing it's more about profiting off the overall market than it is doing a lot of trading, especially for newbies. Always looking forward to that intangible coin talk 😎

You could also give the free crypto away on the steem comments. That would support the community and your followers even more. Also i think its easier for you because you can just use the names to send the money/steem :)

Anyways... Nice video, as always ^^


this is a good idea we should start shipping youtube nails for their coffin


I keep telling people to get on here, that it's going to be bigger than Facebook and YouTube and people think I'm crazy. They thought I was crazy when I bought my first Bitcoin back when it was the oh so expensive $200 USD, too. MFrs best listen up or they'll wish they had.


Yes I forgot to mention the upvotes in the video but I upvote 95% of my comments


I know, I allready bought some icecream because of your upvotes. When I am getting fat, I am gonna blame you for that :P


Trevon .. How rich are you :)

I look forward to this every day! Thanks @trevonjb for your continued work!


and it is the 24th :)

Really a nice way to attract post, replies and upvotes.!!!!!!

today's the 24 th but who cares when u got Rocking hair like yours.

Hey Trevon let's say you had $200 to drop into the cryptosphere - steem, eth or etc, or something else? My girl wants me to do something good with this cash and I've done pretty okay speculating the last month or two but everything is so damn high that I'm at a loss.
Obviously you can't give trading advice... I'm just curious what you would do.


How did I know you were gonna say that....

So true about saturating the market if you share about it... I shared about how great poloniex interest rates were for lending... polo interest is now running under 2% now... I made interest so cheap, I might as well margin trade coin because you can hold for a year at less than 2%... how do you lose?

If your are out of the speculation game i may attempt to start a 'coin of the week' blog lol. Im in crypto limbo in a sense at the moment. i cant really pump any more FIAT into things for a while. just gotta wait for genesis to start adding up and posting here. But here is fun even without the money.
Do you think you would go back to trading if things settled and stabilised a little?

It is the 24th, unfortunately I didn't get any bitcoin when I had to, so I can just think about where I would be now if I had.

What Trevon just found your steemit and followed you...!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Yo this shit is out of control bro. Bitcoin gonna be $3000.00 by Saturday Morning.

I like your videos. Today is the 24 th - doesnt matter though - we figured it out. :)

Its by far what i am most interested in. I am trading but i am not particularly active and i would like to continue growing my empire.

What are my chances in crypto if i am really really broke to the point that my initial invetment would be a joke, like even getting 100x ROI would still be a joke

Hey Trevon, first time I was checking you out. That was really worth 10 minutes of my time, right. Can i get some free Bitcoins now.

Great post. Big thankful. Sharing it up.

This :)

I'm trying to change direction of my channel and stir it away from altcoins and speculation and more towards steemit development and earning crypto currency WITHOUT trading and speculating.

Great driving vid. Love the soundtrack.

When does it top? Do you anticipate some geopolitics that will prevent you from cashing out soon? You said "when this turns to a bear market..." ... Want do you want to be sitting on when (if) something happens to crypto?


Great question have some Steem

good for earn cryptocurrency, i like it

is hashing24 a good alternative to the genesis open ended mining contract?

Great video! What makes you trust Genesis Mining? I was actually looking at buying a contract yesterday, but I saw way to many articles about most of the companies being a scam. Also if your going to tell people about your Genesis Mining why not add your referral link to your post?

How to do this

I put some money in SC / SIAcoin. Everyone said it would take off. It tanked so far......speculation is too hard.

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resteem and upvote for you....

much love I like your videos.

Good Stuff @trevonjb. Cheers!

I think with all that money you have investing into mining on GENESIS you could have a very big operation of your own? thoughts and comments?


The cost from cooling and electrical are still very high when mining bitcoin. But I have been toying with the idea of a small solar farm to power a home mining rig. That's when thing would get interesting as far as profits go.

I could watch these videos all day long...wait--I ALREADY DO! Great content as usual--thanks for helping the newbies learn some new tricks!