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Day 2 of bitcoin cash. Confusion....confusion everywhere...


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Always fun with your live streams dude :) btw made a drawing of you yesterday
Check out my original post if you like :)

Cool draw @realitycartoon my vote man! and yes..they're soooooo fun!
Keep drawin'...!

Thanks man :) The hard fork day was crazy with all the trolling and ETH giveaway haha!

Sure of that...! That's to be alive! hahaha

Fantastic sketch man!

Thanks dude :)

I love how nerdy you are! :)

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O Bitcoin Cash,
O Bitcoin Crash?!
Must you interrupt the Flow
Of all our favorite Crypto?

Don't be surprised after one short Pump
If all your God-forsaken coins we Dump!

Spinning BTC Image Source

BCH is probably going to very volatile. It's up right now but I expect it to go down as soon as people are able to move it on the exchanges.

good grief it's hair raising!

bitcoin Bitch BCH

Do not use any crypto wallets on your phone. About 50% of phones are in infected with keystroke software, which means that all your passwords to bank account, wallets, facebook, etc, are compromised.

how can you see if keystroke software is on your phone?

That's the thing, you won't know. Your phone gets infected by downloading apps or clicking links your shouldn't, or even watching porn. IOS is the easiest to hack. Andriod you can't hack remotely, thank God.

Best place for cryptocurrency futures traiding

thats crazy man thanks for pointing this out, my login screen doesnt say that it just crashes

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Bitcoin cash is very risky investment, Just claim the free ones.... If miners abandon bitcoin cash because of mining profitability, then bitcoin cash could go away down.

true the way it crushes can rally a set back if stops are not properly regulated

still frustrated environment.

Tell me about it.. I can't believe these dudes are hell bent on delaying btc growth of out spite of their bad investments in ASIC miners. So glad they forked off.

these next few weeks are going to be very interesting, anything can happen, ANYTHING!

hey trevonjb, nice post. I am curious about the genesis mining. Have looked into it here and there. It is profitable as you say? Does it matter how much you invest (I know the more the better)? However, at a small start can you re-coup in a reasonable amount of time with the fees? Thanks for your help!

I think bitcoin cash could go either way. It might become completely irrelevant or it could raise a ton and make everyone a great profit. Regardless, cool post, upvoted and resteemed.

Upvoted and resteemed ! btw.. I am keeping my BCC.

Crypto currencies are amazing but very dangerous at the same time
you did amazing thing with your bitcoin cash!!!

Nice trevon james BCC discussion is much needed and your video describes all really nice video full of knowledge.

Hello how are you ? Trevonjb you consider that Poloniex will give us BCC free as Bittrex

Poloniex do not give us Bcc is goin the end

well good @trevonjb bcc was confused me very much but ur todays posts and video finish my overall confusion and thand for u code tafznt...i specially subscribe ur chanel today and see ur some videos for help and i hope my every ans will get i in ur videos..

I Am Using Your Name Tag In My Post :)

It's crazy, it goes up and down in cryptocurrencies...

Bitcoin cash does seem to be doing very well at the moment and lots of over coins are doing better sound , cheers mike

Slowly the bcc will have the dominion of the market

I didn't have enough in BTC to really consider collecting any Bitcoin Cash. I moved the majority of my funds into altcoins because that is where I feel the next major moves are going to take place.
Thank you for the video!

lets hop for best an wait for few days

I sold Bitcoin Cash today on bittrex, it soared like this is the only asset in the world. This is real example, that shows that I am a noob, since I expected that BCC will crash.

The next few weeks will be very interesting. I believe we'll have a nice drop as everyone cashes out and then the real battle will begin. I wonder what the Nov issues will do to BTC and BCH as we draw closer in October.

@trevonjb you have really carved a niche with this funny face of

nice and follow me

Thanx for way dude 👍

Make that money bro!

Lets get the party started!

BCH going to the moon - for now

You just never know with the new BCH, it might continue strong or take a massive dump. Good chat this morning Tre.

I do not currently sell bitcoin cash, although I did not expect the price to grow so much.

I definitely see it as risky.

Good pos brother

Calculations too difficult - BCH not liquid

I think some of your readers might benefit from a look at my latest post. It's a quick rundown on what I did to sort out my Bitcoin Cash from my Bitcoin. Perhaps you have suggestions for improvement regarding my Steemit prowess? :)

Nice Post !! Thankyou So Much !!
Love You

Thanks for let me know here vj

I'm curious what the stable price of BCC is going to be ... let's give it a week or two

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for sharing your feelings about Bitcoin Cash!

Ben Graham distincted sharply between investing and speculating in his famous book "The Intelligent Investor". I think we are in pure short term speculation with Bitcoin Cash right now an it's interesting how heaten up the sentiment is currently!

a big dump happened the last 9 ours with Bitcoin Cash, unbelievable, look at the chart

chart from, edited by onetin84

interesting is still the high volume and the HUGE! arbitrage between exchanges, but from what i know no exchange allow to withdraw any BCH(BCC) so it's useless for traders.

chart from, edited by onetin84

What's confusing for me is the usage of different symbols for the currency, BCH and BCC, because BCC is already used by Bitconnect..

I think by the time I'm able to dump my bitcoin cash it won't be worth dumping, I"ll dump it in a year, fuck it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

in the long term i think Bitcoin Cash may have a good position (because of his big brother) but what happens in 2 months? We are finding ourselves again at the crossroads. And what's the name of another possible Bitcoin? mmh.. Bitcoin United or Bitcoin Ultimate?? :)

picture by onetin84

Yea man, just continue with your workDQmeMm15wAUSNVQaUkejUE8LUkVG6AbE7GARREvDGXmmKKN.gif

Man, your videos are getting more and more interesting. I think during the week days, at night instead of watching a good movie on TV. I watch one of your videos!!!! Cheers.

BCH's market cap is nothing more than an illusion lol

I am trading my bcc:)

I hate confusion but damn I'm confused with that Bitcoin Cash stuff. Thanks for clearing up Trevon. Upvoted and followed as usual.

For the time being will not hurt keeping both. Let both bitcoins marinate for a bit, before making selling, well, combined between the two is a good value anyway.

Confusion and worry. I feel sorry for those who kept all their bitcoin in wallets and missed out on the big profits while Bitcoin Cash was steadily rising. Sometimes you have to forgo safety and take a risk. And in this case it really paid off. Chances of a reputable exchange running off with your bitcoins the next 24 hours is near zero.

Can we get one pic where you're just smiling normally? Aren't u getting tired of trying to come up with slightly different wacky faces?

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Thanks for that youtube video about commenting man! LOL

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can bcc = btc and meet it at around 1600?

everything good but your hair real ?

Anyone has bought bitcoin cash? How much time one transaction is taking? Is it too slow?