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Dash seems to be the biggest story of the morning with the most gains in the top 10 over the past 24 hours.

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I wasn't a fan of Dash in the beginning, almost thought it was a scam... But now I'm getting pretty bullish on Dash. I also think Antshares might get another bid up again.

I actually wished I invested in this earlier. I never thought it would continue to go up like this.

i got some dash, but seen that redhead who premined it (talk at ASU) and he looked kinda like a custy to me... gonna have to work to overcome the shadiness in my eyes, but i'll take a quick profit anytime!! its up since ur live stream earlier!

Dash is really the cryto-currency to look forward for in 2018 after Steemit, as their road-map for Dash Evolution is progressing very rapidly, Dash Evolution will be very user-friendly digital currency platform suitable for mass adoption. Once Dash Evolution is launched it will make digital cash easy to use and access for all users, even those who are not technologically savvy. This will be the game changer and with it's limited supply, Dash is sure to go up.

Love Dash, the first crypto i bought, got a few way back at $10/13 per coin. Mostly sold now but still keep some. Really looking forward to evolution, really want more but ETH is just so much more useful right now for ICO punts.

Oh yeaaaa Dash still doing great - I had my eye on it ever since I started Dash X11 mining on Genesis and so happy to see it around 215-220 today. Keep rising Dash! Although we'll probably get around the same amount of Dash mined per MH, it will be worth so much more so a pump is always profitable when you're mining with Genesis. Thanks so much for inspiring me to join!

I'm also starting to accumulate more on BitConnect so it might be time to start reinvesting too - more BTC here I come!

Next live chat, you should do the entire video in Morgan Freeman's voice lol. Great work Trevon keep it going and look forward to the vlog and Coin Count!

Seems like i need to do some research on Dash, ive slept on a lot of other coins, cant close my eyes forever

I've got some dash, but I prefer steem.

Trevon, I thought you can just auto trade to steem on Genesis...? Are you thinking going through block trades is a cheaper option...? Cause you can just adjust your mining allocation and have steem directly deposited in your account...

I just signed up with over 1000 in loans on biconnect as your referral. @trevonjb

Dash started off scamish with the accidental premine, broken promise to restart chain etc. Since the dogey start its been impressive to say the least. I will never buy at these prices but i think would hold if i had any. Anyone with link of Jerry freaking out because he wasn't funded by Dash community. Found the video www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgp9BttgAY0 if anyone else wants to see it


You will never see Dash under $100 again, buy what you can when you can.


Probably not - but still too expensive for me.

Yeah dude, this is awesome! Dash is a real games changer in the crypto scene. I just do not know how I missed it when I made my first investment...

Hey Trev that SwC poker in your footer, can you play for free and use a faucet?


they have a bunch of freerolls on swc where you might win a chip or 2 to get you started... higher paying freerolls are available if you get some krill together... you earn krill when you play normal games there, win or lose... give it a try... swc rocks... my favourite pokersite... have been trying to encourage people to play there since i started steeming a few weeks ago...


Awesome thanks! Can you play on an iPhone?


don't think so... they have an android app on the way... maybe if you can use your iphone to remote control your computer using teamviewer, not sure haven't tried it...


hey i'm doing a zero to hero poker blog if you want to follow and see how it goes... plan is to go from zero and a freeroll start to 1 btc in my roll... did it once already, going to do it again... up to 36 chips now... slow and steady... check my posts if you're interested... not much there yet, still new here...


If you'd like to try to invest in alternative coins, you may read my last post to know which ones are going to be the best choice in July. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@vikky/top-10-altcoins-going-into-july

I've never had a look at DASH, might be interesting. Do you hold any XRP? I expect it to take a huge jump within a couple of months.

Brouuuuu I love your videos I am your fan

Investors have also been bullish about the new Dash roadmap for mass adoption. 👍

My biggest regret in crypto was not picking up dash when it was below $20. Dash could be the one coin, imo, that can go toe-to-toe with BTC.


Good one to mine then!

Damn with the Freeman intro!

Hey everybody I know him!
Trevon famous!

Dash went dashing away without me!

YO Trevon :) i just used your code for 15mh dash upgrade on genesis here is my code if you wish to use Oog8WC happy mining and keep uploading great videos :) be great

Thank you for your video! Good morning. For dash m, I notice that it is flying to the moon now, but should we buy them now? The price is high now and I am afraid I will loss my money if I fill some dash. I know dash is a good coin, but it seems that EOS is also very good. I just have little money and I am

Dash is good but nothing is better than Steem :D

I'm so glad I still have some X11 from Genesis Mining. Always a good idea go stash some Dash for the future.

PIVX is a fork of DASH with a much lower market cap, and it's taking off as well.
Might be worth to have a look at it. You can make extra money through staking it and through master nodes as well.

DASH is making moves, got some x11 on GM from affiliates but poured tons on funds into ETH, and its great, but now with x11 back the payouts are better than ETH! Oh well.

Do you think the difficulty with GM to mine DASH will rise quickly? Good video bro, as always!

@trevon the moment people notice they should have listend to you when you said invest in dash

I really think Dash is going to be the money of the future...
Low fees, fast transaction... Can't go wrong with that!
I still think they're undervalued

@trevonjb would continuing to auto trade dash for btc (genesis) be a good practice or nah?

Steem is my choice for crypto and I am excited to see more out of this Crypto.

I hesitated between buying litecoins or dash coins... i guess i made the wrong choice after seeing how much dash went up >.<

Gemini is a good site. Easier than Coinbase, plus i think lower fees.

I like your post @trevonjb.

Another good live chat this morning Tre, I'll probably upgrade some more dash today.

What conditioner do you use man ?

Steem and Dash are my favs

Do youll think people will move to it because of bitcoins uncertainty on 1 August?

I keep thinking I need to buy dash, then not doing it and forgetting about it until it pumps again, gah!

Btw, I tried calling your phone number, it didn't work :D

Collecting some Dash soon, great start on the Bitconnect lending! Got my eyes on a few more coins.

Love your videos dude! Thanks for all the advice

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Oh... and thanks for the head's up. I haven't been following the exchanges too closely this morning and it looks like my Reddcoin and Verge both did happy dances too. Nice!