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Cointelegraph posted an article about a billionaire investor who claims Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme.......what an idiot.


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Tre, your marketing comments are so on. Learning from you how to market and get more referrals and followers. Taking notes on your marketing tips and advice. Love the way you relate with your son. Could see a good bond forming.

" psh I know bubbles I could make some bubbles right now!"
*grabs dish soap n squeeezes
ahahahah Fuck bro had me rollin

We need people like him on the other side though....That is what will drive up the price of bitcoin. All the doubters!

Ok, first off, who doesn't like Morgan Freeman and babies? Haha bitcoin is a pyramid scheme- give me a break! Do the countries of Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and others known about this? The article tells how great this billionaire is more than giving any real facts on why BTC is a pyramid scheme. Sounds like he is trying to crash BTC so he can buy it on the cheap - bastard! That's what billionaires do. BTW, Travon, I don't think you should try impersonating Trump. One is enough anyway. Haha

It's definitely not a pyramid scheme. I don't think he understands how it actually works. There's actually a lot of utility that Bitcoin provides.

He may had heard of it recently

That might be right. However, it doesn't take that long to figure out it doesn't fit the definition of a Ponzi scheme. He also might have been confused with it. If you dive in deep, it's easy to get caught in a lot of technical details about crypto.

Listen to how you sound. No one is responsible for someone killing themselves... Everyone hates on people when they are doing well. With that logic who is to blame for soldiers killing themselves when they come home? The generals ? The doctors? The president? When do we stop blaming others instead of just helping people with mental issues... My life has been horrible at one point and I never wanted to kill myself. Everything is always good if you are breathing. Those people needed help. Not someone to blame.

Imagine! I can't stop laughing at how gullible people could be.

Making pyramids in my wallet.

i love your pyramid fingers lol its striaight we on this tip early enough. only a small part of the world has bitcoins still but growing fast. regardless the artical is retarded!!!!

You are next level illiterate. How does satoshi or whoever the original investors not make money off of every investor after them? All this guy is saying is his billionaire ass missed out capitalizing on the bitcoin trend the most back then. The only thing that doesn't make btc a true pyramid is because the people are on top are not guaranteed their profits from everyone after them since the smaller guys are holding up the bigger guys as far as where the price is at. The us is a pyramid too at least be honest about it the mainstream is not going to take this thing serious if there are "secrets".

I 100% agree with you. Comments are the way to go, unless you are capable of making some tight content.

And I am the Prince of Atlantis!!! This dude is funny just because he missed out on it now he is talking shit. Thanks for giving me a lol have a nice day :)

Oh yes, absolutely true!
And in reality bitcoin is a forked pyramid scheme. (ironic)

People have been saying this for a while now its not the first. It seems like when other people make a crap ton of money and they miss out all they can manage to do is trash talk it.

He must have invested in a HYIP

He's just jealous he didn't get on the ride on time!

truth be told, the whole entire crypto space is looked at as a huge ponzi scheme.

There are lots of people in this world who consider everything as pyramid scheme when they are unable to understand anything about it...World is filled with many such idiots.

EVERYTHING is a pyramid scheme and the sky is falling, and the SHTF with the end of the world as we know it so what is new that some jack wagon is spewing FUD about bitcoin being a pyramid, there is always someone somewhere spreading something, welcome to the new world order FUD FUD FUD FUD

Nice, thanks for share

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There is no way it's a pyramid scheme. That guy has no idea what he's talking about.

All modern finance is a pyramid scheme..except it benefits the few.

Hits like and upvote buttons with elbow for giggles the dollar has no intrinsic value either $0. Not even a penny. Unless of course you maker origami and sell it maybe then... like these.... do these people even have a dictionary???? lol

Plus he gave no real evidence and demonstrated no analogous understanding of the tulip bubble ... if bitcoin is a pyramid bubble that will go to zero.... then you could say the US Dollar is even a bigger one.

If bitcoin is a pyramid scheme, who is at the top, and how do they profit from everyone under them lol. Investor trying to cause fear so he can buy in at a lower price.

This guy is crazy @trevonjb he do not know what he is talking about.

I'm actually glad that people don't understand how central banking works, more crypto for us before it blows up!!

There are many people out there that have this same mentality about Bitcoin. It is very unfortunate for them because they are just too short-sighted to see the incredible potential all cryptocurrencies have. Most people that are anti-crypto tend to just make assumptions without actually doing their own due diligence and researching how these companies/currencies will change the world. Joke is on them because this just means there's more coins for us to acquire! A wise man that goes by the name of Charles Darwin once said "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." This quote applies perfectly in the world of cryptos. Cryptocurrencies will become a world currency in the near future and we are the ones that are going to prosper! Great video, thanks for sharing and keep on steemin!

Corporate America is a pyramid scheme. When a small group of people go against the masses, the ones who control the fiat are actually scared. They're fueled by greed and use fear tactics to regain their influence. People thought the Wright Brothers were crazy and that people shouldn't fly. We all know how that turned out. People were skeptical of the internet when it first came out. Once again, we all know how that turned out too. We all need to stay the course, keep promoting crypto, and wait for the rest to unplug from the matrix. LOL!! Love your videos and writing @trevonjb By the way, when are you going to do more "Crypto and Weed Shows"?

You know what a scheme is...the dollar

It's possible that some groups are manipulating the price of the coins on the market
There is nobody who controls in the moment
So everybody can speculate nobody's nows for shure

If anything it's the opposite of a pyramid scheme.
Instead of the big fish feeding off the minnows, they take us all up with them

SOOOO Trevon Ive been thinking about this bcc thing. it will be best to sell right away imo... most poepl are not accepting it and will prolly look down on it imo im not an expert but is there anything you can add to enlighten me.. or do you agree just sell it>?

good intro. lol. I actually like that people thinks its a scheme. I love being among those that believe in this coin movement

perhaps he works for the banking cartel and is scared shitless about money that isn't easily-controlled by the government

haha of course and he thinks he can be a market mover maybe some egos get to that

First of august is the date ! Too much talking about btc. Mc caffee said he will cut his johnson off if btc wont go up to 500k by 2022 :) hopefully for him hes right

yeah I saw that video haha i bet it goes up ima try to horde more!!!!

I love these pyramid schemes

Giving that info the whole economic system it's a GREAT pyramid hhahahah! well a really big one :)

HOW do I set this up so I can get the stream live...

That steem power blows me out of the water must be nice, cheers mike

LOL, I couldn't help but laugh watching his video opening. Good chat this morning Tre.

he is crazy bitcoin is the best way to improve the economy of some countries and the economy of each person

Its now down to the billionaires who believe in the technology and understand what its capable of

and also down to the billionaires who are jealous that they didnt get into bitcoin years ago and arent seeing as much profit as other investors

haters gunna hate

Well done Cointelegraph, well done...

Is the future, no dollar, to euro. Or pound sterling. Just btc, eth, ltc

Don't fall for it everyone! =D Hold on to your lovely Satoshis and your COINS!

Things people say that don't have any bitcoin for 500 , Alex .

That is definitely a knee-jerk reaction by people upset that it's not 2013 anymore. I heard the very same criticism of Steemit by friends who saw all those $1000+ posts on the Trending page and simply remarked that Steemit was a pyramid scheme or a limp biscuit lol.

But people like that are always idiots. Just continue putting in the work and believe in the process - the great results will start pouring in and prove all the haters wrong! Thanks Trevon!

I think still btc is good way but I don't know after hard fork what they discuss

Hilarious as usual on your intro!
Morgan Freeman has the smoothest voice out there. If you haven't see the video of Morgan Freeman as the SIRI or TomTom guiding a diver is funny as hell.

BitCoin as a Scheme...BS!
It is freedom from the bankers and their schemes.
I did notice the post sharing that The Rothchilds did invest in some Bitcoin. I think that is a good thing if you ask me:

that guy needs to look up the definition of pyramid scheme

Really an Idiot...

hahaha i thought it was morgan for a sec.. haters going hate :) i read it and it didn't even make sense

Awesome Video @trevonjb your video is full of knowledge and it surely helps all the steemians.

I haven't seen any updates on your Bitconnect test and investing... how is that going???

If these guys don't understand it by now then they probably never will.

Hahaha, what a fantastic video, made me laugh!
I found you through your youtube channel series on steemit, so here I am, commenting :D

Illuminati confirmed

Saw this information live on CNBC. Ridiculous.

I used to think it was a pyramid. But it seems, still not :)

I saw your livestream, I was trying to ask you about Control-Finance and USI-TECH, what are your opinions? because many youtubers are investing in there too to diversify. Do you think it is worth it?

I don't think Trevon does either of those. I do Control-Finance. Their website is pretty transparent and they show their trade reports so I trust them enough to try it. So far its going great. When I do a withdrawal it happens in a few minutes. That's really all I could honestly tell you. I do consider it a risk for sure so if you try it use caution, don't spend your rent money on it lol.

There is also this company that has been running for a year now, it also supports bitcoin and gives you passive income, I am still in the process of ID validation and after that I will save some money to start in there, it gives me more confident because it has been a whole year against Control Finance that is new, but nevertheless I want to give it a try on all 3: Control Finance, USI-Tech and this Atlanticgam.

There will always be 2 sides of a story and this is example of people who doesen't like bitcoin cause bitcoin will ruin them

This was discussed I thought earlier today.

But it is good to get this news out to everyone who missed it.
Cause it is as valuable as being one of those billionaires.

You can tell them this "We are knowledge rich, Bitch! ;D

I love Pyramids!

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Tell this to richest man in the world now who is the CEO of Amazon listed here:

He will not avoid bitcoin when it comes knocking on his door if it can make him even richer than GOD!
I am so sure of that fact! HAHA! XD

Thanks for interesting video!
There's no way he's a multi billionaire and this ignorant, he definitely has his own schemes.

I laugh so hard, thats what she said, whenever you rip haters "Unsubscribe then, you weren't a good sub anyways!" lol so true

The world is is a block not a sphere

jaja Que Video. ;)

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