October Trends Include Halloween Elephants Mental Health And A Royal Wedding

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October is the month of Halloween! The holiday always gets social media trending! Halloween costumes are sure to be everywhere this year! Early parties and costume content are great! Remember to be safe while trick-or-treating! If you trick-or-treat go out with a parent or group of people with your guardians permission! Never eat candy before you inspect it first! The origins of Halloween arrive from the Day of The Dead! However, it's an exciting month that's full of opportunity! Visiting haunted houses, hay rides, and knocking doors for candy are fun!


CTSUTTER appearing as Batman has announced that he feels Bourbon-Parma are potential imposters that don't make historic sense. Christian Sutter claims the Bourbon-Parma cannot possibly be King Henry-Capitaine or King Henry Successors due to the fact that it's impossible. The King Henry line perished and the Kingdom succession became a part of the King Louis Capitaine dynasty. Sutter has documentation to prove his French Capitaine status including but not limited to; French Appendage, Capitaine letter addressed to Capitaine Sutter, and various other items.


No! Sutter isn't crazy when writing about himself on third person in blogs! Sutter has the evidence in the hyperlink! The Sotheby's Auction house is under great fire this month considering the shredding of a Banksy painting sold in auction. Moments after the auction took place the painting shredded itself! The account of the Banksy shredding, and Bourbon-Parma King Henry claim obviously impossible, makes Sotheby's appear to be fraudulently selling properties without the proper entitlement!


These evidences in tandem may work out great for the Dauphin claimant whom is known to most Americas as the: "Take The Trump Train!" singer songwriter. What many don't know is the troubles seen by the living legacy of the King Louis line with legitimate documentation. In 2013 Christian Sutter appears to be the only documented call intercept tool abuse victim. Sutter's website SuisseJet.com was hacked by terrorists in January of 2013, and he later became what appears to be a call intercept tool victim on May 20th 2013. Sutter's fought depression and doesn't intend on giving up in consideration to the Ancient Regime Restoration. Perhaps, the account of appealingly fraud sales by Sotheby's may create a hold up in the sale of Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria! Does Sotheby's even check the truth in the sellers story or just assume that an impossible to exist family line has crowns to auction? We can only follow the story to find out! Let's see what happens with this crown! Will the Bourbon-Parma family be fund frozen upon revelation of their family claim not matching historic accuracy?

Is Sotheby's selling French Royal properties without fully understanding the French Royal family? The answer appears to be yes! Find this article and read the poof containing the information that King Henry Direct Male Capitaine line is dead! This information exposes that the provenance of Bourbon-Parma's claim to decent from a Direct King Henry Capetaine offer evidence of suspect fraud imposters. Sure if you want to sell a crown you can say you're related to the King Henry. But, if you've got no clue about history. Than, you may want to stick to the legit life day job.


Sutter isn't giving up in attempting to raise funds to continue his case abroad in Switzerland! However, this year his album release under artist name Daddy Kid was unsuccessful in raising enough money to restart the case. Christian Sutter plans to release an acoustic album 1.1.19. Sutter is hopeful that there is potential to raise the funds for his case with his music. But, doesn't mind the failure to raise funds all together due to the fact that his trace evidences appear to point at admitted Israeli spy Arnon Milchan as a suspect commander over his call intercept victimization. Case 1,000 offers sufficient evidence to indict the former owner of Sony Pictures. And, Sutter is confident that the world may change for him should the spy commander be jailed. This "spy thriller" is real life ladies and gentlemen. Sutter's reason for writing Take The Trump Train was because he felt brushed under the rug by America after his victimizations. With no one to come to his rescue, or bail him out, raising funds for his castle case abroad is still the next step to forwarding the Ancient Regime Restoration process. Notice that Sutter's coat of arms in family blason de femmes appear to match the one being auctioned by Sotheby's at current.


If you support the French Capitaine Sutter than follow him @Sutter on Steemit!


Mental Health Awareness is trending!

If you've been following the Strive Challenge than you know that life can require endurance. One great way to assist your mental healths well being is meditation. Sam Branson's striving this month came with a close encounter while in France. Thankfully, the Branson's made it off Mont Blanc unharmed by car sized falling boulders. Don't let depression bring you into the depths of despair. Take inspiration from a man who genuinely wants people to improve their own mental health! Meditate!


Special condolences to the family and fans of Verne Troyer. The actor grew in popularity when landing the role of Austin Power's sidekick Mini-me. NBC News reports that the Verne Troyer's death was ruled a suicide. For the little people fans! Endure! Find another celebrity dwarf in Evan Eckenrode whom was found on Logan Paul's Instagram moments living happily today. If you're struggling seek help! If you've got it all together help others! Happy Mental Health Awareness day everyone!


During the Duke of Cambridges visit to Tanzania. The Duke's curiosity in elephants took him to the discovery of elephant tusks. The Duke of Cambridge reports that many of the ivory tusks he viewed in Tanzania were illegally poached. SELLING IVORY IS ILLEGAL IN MOST ALL CASES. Elephants managed to get themselves trending when the Duke of Cambridge made an announcement on the United For Wildlife Instagram! A Financial Taskforce is being assembled to fight in favor of wildlife preservation. The anti-poaching efforts are calling to corporations and the community for help. The organized criminal trade of ivory must be stopped. If you would like to find out how you can join the effort to save elephants from extinction follow United For Wildlife on Instagram!


What did the Duchess Kate Middleton do this October?

The Duchess of Cambridge opened the Victoria and Albert Museum.



Royal weddings have a way to bring out the love from the people of the Kingdom! The Princess Eugenie of York is ready to marry Jack Brooksbank! It's been revealed that Princess Beatrice of York will be Princess Eugenie's bridesmaid! This Friday October 12th 2018 is the big day for the Scottish Royal Family! This wedding is sure to trend and the world will be watching! Most recently the Duke of Sussex tied the knot with Meghan Markle. It's a beautiful year for the Royal Family of the United Kingdom! The family is growing larger! The world is confidently aware that Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are in love! Friday the love will be sealed at St. Georges Chapel with reception to follow at Windsor Castle.


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Mental Health Tip : You are what you watch! Follow positive media and reduce negative media from your media feeds! Meditation does help and it can be proven to assist mental health awareness! If your truly in suffering from mental health conditions seek professional help and never harm yourself! Make a promise to follow the plans you make in life! Make long term goals. and don't give up on achieving your goals!

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