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Hey, hey, hey Blueberry is back.

Yes, it’s me. I’m back and I’m writing a post. I used to make videos but they were awful and most people hated them. I answered questions from fictitious fans. I hoped for questions from real fans but I didn’t get any. So, I went off and sulked for a few months. It was so, so, so not fair. Other crappy content got upvoted by jerks with big wallets. Good ol’ MB didn’t get the love.

I didn’t completely vanish. I hanged around to upvote, downvote, and comment on people’s posts. I was occasionally friendly but mostly obnoxious. Some people say or write really stupid things. Other people write stupid stuff and then bot vote it to the trending page. Seriously, I know 99% of people on Steem are talentless twats, self-included, but most have the sense not to fork out hundreds of dollars to put it on trending. These people have some strange sense of grandeur. They actually think people other than their mums would actually want to read trash or look at some crappy photograph of a goat.

Ok, here comes the light bulb moment, which could be followed by a drum roll. I am going to write about some of the awful garbage on the trending page and provide a little insight into the moronic losers who think that their content is better than the average Steemian. I like to think of myself as an average Steemian. I have invested very little in terms of money. Despite the very low prices I have only 150 SP. I have a small humble following of 300+ people. I think more like 10 but I’ll pretend for my own ego that all these geezers are actually paying some attention to the nonsense I pump out. Another thing, I am also quite stupid and have no real talent to speak of. So, yes, I am close to your average Steemian.

Ok, let’s get this first post rolling. I have a screenshot from clean trending at the time of writing this post. If you go to this page and see something different, that’s because trending is constantly updating. I am only saying because I suspect the poor sap that has got this far into my post is probably really stupid. I will only be looking at the top 10 or maybe 14, 14 fits into the screenshot, so I’ll run with that.


Ok, normally the trending posts are really, really awful. So, out of spite, the trending people have decided to actually write some fairly ok posts. There are still a few duds in there. @daltono at number 3. Congratulations, your post sucks. It is awful, it should worth less than whatever I get for this crappy post. The garbage begins with a typo in the title. ‘Louis Vouitton’, you mean ‘Louis Vuitton’, right. The post basically contains advisements for earbuds or something like that. Your post is officially ‘tripe on trending’. I hope you enjoy the downvote.

Moving down the list, we have @steembirds, 95% of votes coming from bots. Yes, you are off to a great start. So what’s in this gem of post. The YouTube video suggests porno but no NSFW tag so maybe not. I watched a bit, it’s an interview with a crypto-babe. These lovely gentlemen are using their video to help a lovely young lady promote her content, aaawwwww. I then went to her page to find she has only 15 followers. I guess your help sucks, also your YouTube video has only 3 likes. Your post is officially ‘tripe on trending’. I hope you enjoy the downvote, losers.

One spot higher on the list we have @chbartist. I have a little history with that guy. Things got pretty intense but we sorted everything out. I said some harsh things and I admit I was wrong. @chbartist is Christopher Bonella and not an imposter. @schattenjaeger did some great research and proved the artist innocent, despite all the circumstantial evidence. I admit I was shocked.

I have left Bonella to the end for two reasons. I know most people think he is a scammer, rewards pool rapist, egomaniac, and a self-centred prick. From talking to him, I can say he is a great person who truly loves his simpleton supporters. With Christopher, you need to be open-minded, you need to understand he has a different angle on things than most people. He takes so he can give.

Ok, let’s get to his post. Is it ‘Tripe on Trending’? Well 80% of his votes are bots. What about the content? His post is about trust, dam that’s kinda ironic isn’t, geez. It is actually pretty well written and has some nice photographs for balance. Sigh, feeling disappointed. Wait, hold on, he ends his post with a massive list of people. This smells like spam. But, but, it’s not, apparently these people want to be on this list, wierdos. The post also has plenty of engaging comments. I am sorry to say that you do not meet the criteria of ‘Tripe on Trending’. No downvote for you.

I’m not quite done with Bonella yet. @themarkymark, who happens to have a post on trending but also failed the ‘Tripe on Trending’ criteria, there actually isn’t any I’m just making this up as I go along, has an interesting website. This website is


This website contains the authors with the highest payout over the last 30 days. Guess who tops that list? It is none other than @chbartist. Calm down folks. No need to scream scammer or any vulgar language. I explained early, he takes so he can give. There is no doubt he is giving.

Look at number 3 on the list, @nothus. @nothus has only been posting for about 3 weeks. So I think only 2 weeks of payouts contribute to this total. In a few days, @nothus will be in the number two spot. Well done @nothus you are a top author and you have done it in only a few weeks. You must be very proud. You did it without buying votes, he also misspells his name as notus in his account description. Yeah, yeah, I know his posts have been upvoted by bots but @nothus did not buy them. These votes came from someone else. This person used the @steemium upvoting service and the account @crsteem. For the @crsteem, the money comes from our dear friend @chbartist. I told you he was kind. He is very kind. Who do you think is supplying the cash to @steemium for the upvotes. I can’t say for sure but the large transfers from @chbartist to @steemium more than cover his own bot votes. So I will guess it is none other than @chbartist again. You are so, so kind.

@chbartist’s kindness does not end there either. The @crsteem account also buys votes for @thewide. In fact, @chbartist’s kindness extends even further. @crsteem account buys votes before the @steemium account. This allows the bot of his choosing to frontrun all other bots. That lucky bot is @bdvoter run by the wonderful @zaku; @chbartist also delegates a little SP to @bdvoter. To top it all off the biggest beneficiaries of @chbartist’s kindness are the bots. During tough times, he has contributed greatly to their survival. Without him, we could all be back in 2016 bid-botless version of Steem. Now wouldn’t that be sad. So next time you accuse Christopher of being greedy, think of the nice things he has done for so many people on Steem.

Alrighty, I’m done with this post. Gosh I just proof read it, it’s pretty crap. I am definitely not promoting it. Hell, let’s make it decline payout, the rewards pool needs a break from abuse.

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