Road guards on Tree Tuesday (6 pics)

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Greetings from Ukraine!

While autumn competes in beauty and charm with spring or summer, an autumn look of trees definitely and confidently win the fashion show.

This year autumn is especially nice and warm. We took advantage of it and made it out of the city. It was summy and warm like in summer, and I came up with an idea to go see the place where I have long wanted to visit, not far from home. Besides, since I live close to the office I miss driving very much. Thus, everything turned out very well.

We drove along an unfamiliar road. It used to be a popular route from one big city to another. Although it is so narrow that it’s hard for me to imagine, unless ages ago when there were few cars. After they have built a new road, they drive here a lot less.

As soon as human influence is reduced, nature takes its toll. Branches and leaves gradually form an arch over the roadway, and somewhere the path looks like a tunnel.


We stopped and I took some photos. Trees were overgrown with Parthenocissus. They were very tall but Parthenocissus climbs up and up toward the sun. For a moment I felt like in jungles.



In a little distance, the landscape was more familiar but not less beautiful. Plus I found something interesting in the grass, but it is quite a different tag :)




The last one is my favorite. It is a new secret tactic used by me and @tattoodjay that should push you to open a post and read it to the end ;o)


And that's all for today!

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Unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself. So if you wish to use any of my images please contact me


See you soon,

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