English Walnut Tree

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Happy Tree Tuesday!

initiated by @old-guy-photos

English Walnut Tree

Here I will explain the difference between this English Walnut Tree and the Black Walnut Tree.

The English walnut tree has approximately 5-9 leaflets and are larger. The Black walnut tree has smaller leaflets and more of them; anywhere from 15-23.

The English walnut has a thinner shell and is easier to remove than the Black walnut shell. They both have nutrients.

The bark of the English walnut tree is a dark grey and is rough with grooves. The bark of the Black walnut tree is an olive-green or grey and is smooth.

The bark of both trees is tight-grained and dense, and used to make furniture and musical instruments.

Thanks for looking!

Information Source: doityourself.com

Image Source: 100% my own.


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is the fruit edible?
have not seen one in my place

Yes it is edible and very good too. : )

Happy Tree Tuesday @whatisnew! 🌿
Such beautful green black walnut trees!!

There were quite a few of those in northern
California, but none up here that I know of.
Love the lighting on the first two. The next
to last one has some dark smiley face leaves
that are looking at us! ❤ :-) lol

Along with the whole tree trunk and branches
looks like a peace sign ☮

Thanks @shasta! It doesn't surprise me that you would see things that I missed. Now how could I miss that big peace sign? : )

I didn't know that. I don't know that I have ever seen an English walnut tree here.

It is a first for me. This is my neighbor's tree.

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