Bare Trees After Sunset

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Bare Trees After Sunset

These photos were taken just after sunset in early spring when it was still cold outside.

I enjoy looking at bare trees, especially with the sky in the background.

You are able to see every single branch. The trees still look strong, yet vulnerable.

The soft tones of the sky and the stillness was relaxing.

Then I heard the loud honks of the geese as they flew over.

And then the silence was deafening.

Wishing you a relaxing evening.

Image Source: My own.


What beautiful bear I mean bare trees you
have, sure hope those puppies leafed out! :-)
Easy to pick out if there is a bird in the naked
trees lol

🎉 Happy 4th 5th & 6th to you and yours ❤

Thanks @shasta! Unfortunately, no birds were in the trees. : (

Happy 4th 5th & 6th to you and yours goofy woman! LOL!

Wonderful trees with beautiful sky as background! It's amazing that the trees still look strong.

Yeah! I like the color of the sky, too! It's really soft and looks relaxing.

The reflection of the sunlight on the clouds is very magnificent. And it's good to see the geese flew in the sky..... Great shot! ;)

Yes, the sky sure was a pretty, soft color. The geese flew by so fast and I was lucky to get that shot. Thanks so much for your kind words sis! : )

You're welcome! ;)

Nice photos!!!

Thank you! : )

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