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RE: It's all about Trees on Tuesday

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Gorgeous shots and it must have been such a cool experience to be at the lighting of the nations tree, I love the snow and ice shots just not so much being out in it

and have I told you I know I have I love that wooden German I think it is thing but yet again I have forgotten what it is called


It really is! I love going to the National Tree Lighting. I have been fortunate enough to go a few times since I have moved to the Metro area. The snow and ice pictures is from last year, we are still warm, can you believe 60 degrees today? Hello?

But, I am sure that winter is on the way! :)

The wooden German thing is a handcrafted tradition originally created as a symbol of light, pyramids are said to be the precursor to the modern Christmas tree. It is actually called a Weihnachtspyramide.

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello, leaving your always wonderful words behind! Have a great day!

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We almost hit 60 today and then tonight it goes downhill from all accounts it looks likely for snow when I head out in the morning but not to much 2-4 inches

No wonder I do not remember its name LOL

Thanks for the tip :)

2-4 inches is nothing? The city closed down here with all that!!! :)

A lot of people forget the names of them! You are always a pleasure!

Well if I didnt have an important meeting to go to tomorrow I would probably call a snow day LOL the city may only get an inch out our way a bit more

And now, you have a peaceful day and don't use your voice! ;)

I am sitting in a VTC now and nodding and giving thumbs up haven't said a single word ;)

Haha! They are probably glad when you give yourself a gag order. LOL

LOL I bet your right ina second VTC now I did speak once, but my voice is so croaky no one could understand what I was saying so I went to silent mode again LOL

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