Tree Tuesday – Rabbits, bushes and trees

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It is cooler and cloudy and back to occasional rain. There are lots of trees flowering now and they make nice subjects for taking pictures.

The larger tree to the right of the flowering tree looks old enough to have been growing there before the houses were built. There are a few really large trees left around here if you know where to look for them.

Flowering trees – click for viewing full screen

Rhododendron bushes are flowering all over the place now. They are kind of half native and grow wild around the area. The one’s growing in yards have usually been breed and changed a lot though.

Actually, the bush pictured looks more like an Azalea which is considered a genus within Rhododendron.

rhododendron .jpg
Rhododendron bush, color effects by Google Pictures – click for viewing full screen

I chased a bunny with my cellphone. He or she didn’t seem all that concerned and hopped back behind my fir tree:

Rabbit hops behind fir tree – click for viewing full screen

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Tree Tuesday was started by @old-guy-photos

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@lightsflasher, What a remarkable clicks taken near by your nature. I'm pretty stunning with you awesomeness clicks and better description. Looking to see innocent rabbit there. Beautiful flower bunches gives me lot of inspiration.

Dear friend, I am very impressed with your articles. She talks about nature, and things I wish to see in the dancer. The second picture is white flowers that appeal to me a lot, and the wild bunny has fun when we chase him and we can not catch him. The third picture reminds me of my childhood when I tried to catch that bunny, , I laugh a lot when I remember that moment ، thanks so much for sharing a great post and photo , good luck my dear friend @lightsplasher 👍👍😃 , all the best for you 😃😃

Thank you, all the best for you too! 👍👍😃

It is a distinctive wild rabbit but very fast
Very beautiful flowers really
International photography
You are a really successful photographer

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Nice photographs of friends let alone winter must be very flowering tree flowers and white flowers look very beautiful and very nice many things that I meet when I visit my friend's blog @lightsplasher I will always follow and doing any resteem blog @lightsplasher thank your friends may you always healthy.

This white flower is quite a lot of flowers yes @lightsplasher and very beautiful

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I have never seen the flower before her my brother @lightsplasher maybe the flower did not grow my area because often summer i really like the white flower it @lightsplasher and i always share your post @lightsplasher best regards from me @lightsplasher.

Foto bunga yang bagus @lightsplasher, apakah pohon besar itu akan di rebang @lightsplasher

I always support you @lightsplasher hope we become good friends


Thank you. Very cool, this makes me happy and laugh. :)

I am also happy to make you laugh @lightsplasher. Thank you

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.
It was cool weather to take some cool shots . I liked and enjoyed your photography. But i think you were so lucky to capture that Bunny !

I agree, I find photography very helpful in that way. Thank you.

Wow...superior photography collection with glorious explain @lightsplasher. Beautiful surrounding area taken with cute hide rabbit. Just excellent.

Thank you much. :)

haha :) It is always beautiful to come in summer. Nature draws attention again. and I love huge trees. I like this huge rabbit :)
I hope it is not too strenuous :)
thanks for the wonderful photos

Great shot with that rabbit. I love rhodendrons and azalea. The ones in Stanley Park will be blooming soon. I just have to wait for the cherry blossoms to clear out and it will safe to out again:):):)

Lol, I'm picturing either incredible crowds at Stanley Park from the cherry blossoms or an incredible runny nose from the pollen. If it's the pollen you might try some nettle tea. ;)

Thanks for commenting. I think I remember some cool statues in Stanley Park if I'm thinking of the right place. :)

Alas, it is the second. Nettle Tea. I may try that next year. They just about pooped out here:)

white flowers are very charming. chasing a rabbit with a mobile phone feels good @lightsplasher because he does not care while jumping with joy.

So true, no lasting harm was done to the rabbit while taking the photo, lol. I did make a video too but I'm not sure if I will post it.

I think it's more interesting if you post it.

very nice post and pretty my friend @lightsplasher I really like the work of my best friend @lightsplasher

The big flower tree is very beautiful @lightsplasher its flowers make people love, and its color there are some kind of very cool flowers @lightsplasher

This time of year it is very beautiful around here with lots of flowering trees and bushes.

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very good photography just awesome

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A nice photografer and I say good job :)

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foto bunga cantik @ lightplasher,saya juga sangat menyukai bunga @lightplasher,saya selalu me resteem blog anda,semoga anda tidak melupakan saya. Terimakasih kawan

amaging picture..and nice photo...

I always enjoy your photos and the stories that you tell!

wow there is a very funny rabbit here my comrade likes rabbit

wow sensational maviliosly done really glade to saw such photography thanks for sharing siR

nice post, the tree and the flower are nice

His smart rabbit @lightsplasher then his jump jump jar let me not caught his rabbit, the flower was very beautiful and beautiful, I hope you present in my post @lightsplasher I need help please @lightsplasher

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very beautiful flowers,and a very large rabbit,I once kept a rabbit,but now it is dead, sad I remember him.

Wow wonderfull photo

forest, flowers, and rabbits are very beautiful image
I LOVE @lightsplasher

The Rhododendron flowers clip is really attractive. They look like flowers that would be lovely at weddings. You are a real naturelover.
Really greatful for your upvotes!

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How about our rabbit mated .. lol


The cute bunny @lightsplasher rabbit likes his play on the spot where there is a flower @lightsplasher then his bunny do not care who is chasing because rabbits love to play in plants

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my orchid flowers dedicate to lightsplasher.

What a great shot of the bunny!! The Rhododendron bushes look so nice too

The flowering tree almost looks electric...such a bright white! The azaleas are gorgeous on their own but covered with dew...AMAZING! I am a sucker for dew. :D

Thanks you my friend.
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Nice Post... We are also facing the rainy season, so many trees are flowering @lightsplasher...

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Lovely photos. I heard about you from an interview with @surpassinggoogle.

I really like the bunny and the flowers, but where would we be without trees!

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