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I come from a generation where we spent a lot of time staring up at the clouds rather than down at our mobile devices. It was good training to be able to see what wasn't there...or was it?

That training has led me to look for things everywhere and that's why I'd like to present to you this beautiful, gnarled and grizzled tree trunk.

What do You See?

  • An owl?
  • A masked man?
  • An upside down violin?
  • A palm with bent fingers?
  • A crazy blogger?
  • Something else? Do tell!

Thanks for following me on my travels and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you. 

Until next time,   

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)  

Let's Succeed Together!


Questa foto l' ho scattata a Montelupo Fiorentino qualche giorno fa :-D


If I step into the opening will I enter a different reality?

For sure!!!! In another dimension :-D

I'm all about staring and dreaming, it's par for the course for me when making my art, so I can call it 'research' ;)

I love finding 'story' in things so I can make up all sorts of intricate tree people living in this bark. Those from the mossy bits are soon set to war with those on the smooth moss free island in the center, but they must devise away to get across the great barren empty sea of the crevasse in the center...and so on. :)

Good to see a fellow day dreamer and appreciator of gnarled old bark.

Thanks for your lovely comment!

Oh @kus-knee, I can see a girl with a beautiful hairdo (her hair covers part of her face), with her eyes closed (only one eye is visible) and with a violin...

You are also a skilled player of this game. You deserve a nice upvote.

If you can trace out what U see and send me that image I will be pleased to transfer 5 Steem to your account!

I'll try! )

That's the spirit! Having fun and learning new skills!

Oh @kus-knee, thank you very much! I had fun and had learnt new skills! :-)


P.S. I immediately drew this picture yesterday, but I 'm able send it only now!

Lovely, I have not been able to make any comments until now. Rest assured that as soon as I am able to I will transfer 5 Steem to you.

Oh @kus-knee, thank you in advance! )


Thanks again for your lovely drawing!

Thank you very much!

Nature can create infinite strange pictures ... you just must want to see them!
A guitar on the shoulder of a young man with a strange hairstyle

That fantastic! Good job!

Thank you! I like your posts finished with questions. It is a very subtle way to urge for interaction and communication.

I saw a baby seahorse in the top curve and a puffin in the bottom one @kus-knee. 😁

Hey, I see that're good at this!

Why thank you kind sir! 😁

I Try to see sir.

I have look deeply and very suprised with what i see. Please Rotate this Image top to down, you will get an amazing picture. I saw an Ancient Indian with a hair crown and long hair with twisted weapon. I have an illustration but if you dont allow me, I can not to show, because this is your original shot.

You are skilled at this game.

do you see it sir @kus-knee. if you let me, I will send you the picture that I means

Yes please send it and I will reward your efforts with a 100% upvote!

This is sir @kus-knee


Its just my illistration.

Well done @khaimi, your imagination has served you well.

How must I say sir,, I very excited shockman now. I never ever get a reward like this. Actually, I start to build a good communication with you but for a while you give a challenge here. and I try to look with my way. Wow..I spechless sir. Big bonus for me. You are so kind and get started from a simple thing to incridible thing. Hope stiil and health and happiness. God bless you sir.

I can see a masked man. Anyway excellent photography sir @kus-knee.

Well spotted!

I see a little troll type creature peeking around a corner. :)

You are a good player!

I see an art.
It is indeed kinda strange tree trunk :)

This is a correct answer!

Have a nice day @kus-knee

I see the face, ... and in profile and full face.
In profile, as if looking into the distance. Full face seemed frightened.

...I do not have trees today, but mushrooms: (

Your answer is correct! :)

Everything is art!:)

Looks really amazing!

Actually, in our nature many different kind of element ar here. however we while see the amazing kind of tree within the forest or anyplace. people find the mysterious trees you will not Believe truly Exist. within the Africa and USA Australia etc we can find wonderful trees a-LOT. Trees create a glance that is comparable with HL activities. Some trees ar look!ng like human and a few ar ghost. many people ar afraid to see these trees.

However, nice capture @kus-kneee
So thank you for sharing
Happy treetuesday
Steem on!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

It has something, yeah I agree it has something! But my eye can't see through it!


Keep staring until you faint and then you'll see it!

A palm with bent fingers

Good, that means I'm not crazy!

I'm not sure at the beginning I thought it was a horse fish figure. Anyways I love trees and I'm glad you do too!

No matter what YOU saw you are correct!

Sorry it took me so much RCs to grow to be able to reply

Looks like you're good to go now!

I can see a bald headed eagle, and also a slightly wonky fork -_-

Those were the days, when kids interacted with the environment, and came home muddy with skinned knees. Nowadays the worst they get is blisters on fingers from control pads!

#thealliance #witness

LOL good one!

Actually looks like a digestive track with a stomach and all!!!

Glad to finally be able to make the rounds!

Oh my, you may be right!

I see some baby dragons attempting to hide in the tree bark. What a cool tree!

I'm impressed! You've played this game before.

Me? Well, maybe once or twice. But your photo is clearly the winner here. That is the best bench ever!

I see owl. the

I can see a hand with bending fingers , I tried to see a owl 🦉 but didn’t see it , very pretty tree and good you don’t look at your phone 📱 😊👍🏻

Thanks a lot for playing along! I've had fun with this!

Chocklate flocking....

I have no idea about that.

What a beautiful shape @kus-knee
Nice old-tree photography
Really amazing
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Thanks to @raserrano

We have planted already 3729.06 trees
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Aww wow damn nice tree @kus-knee Indeed, the structure of this tree really awesome. Its have many type of shape which amazing.

A photographydownload.pngHappy #treetuesday

I think this old tress looks as A masked man.Very impressive and interesting photography.Dear @kus-knee.Thanks for sharing.

more like a sea horse type figure i observed looks really awesome one

More like a sea horse
Type figure i observed looks
Really awesome one

                 - blazing

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

que hermosa es nuestra madre naturaleza esto me parece dos personas enamoradas viéndose frente a frente y a la vez refleja tanto amor con un fuerte abrazo

I do not know anything about this ...😌😌

I really see an upside down violin! The bark of trees is a unique image! I live in a walnut grove and enjoy it every day! You notice interesting details in nature, friend @kus-knee!


I see a tube with chocolate flocking out of it

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