Oh Chestnut Tree, Oh Chestnut Tree!

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How Glorious Are Your Branches! A Tree Tuesday Ode


Um, those might be the wrong lyrics to that song, but I tend to think it works.

Last night I was wandering around my yard in a post gardening fugue, when I just had to stop a minute and admire our chestnut tree. I have never tried out @old-guy-photos' #treetuesday tag, and when I was gazing up at the chestnut tree's chlorophyll adorned bows, well, I knew I had to give the Tree Tuesday thing a go!


In a farm awash with majestic conifers, our diminutive chestnut tree is a much adored leaf adorned bit of cellulose. All of our cats use it as a sky on ramp at least once a day, and no small amount of amusement is endured as one happens to catch a feline acrobat shimmy up the tree's trunk for a bit of branch hanging.


Mammals aren't the only ones that express a fondness for the chestnut tree's lofty boughs. Last evening as I perused all that encompasses the mighty tree it seemed as if the tree was emitting its own life cadence, for the insect and bird activity contained in its branches was rather symphonic in scope. Right now the tree is in bloom, its panicles reaching skyward like little botanical skyscrapers. Upon each bloom our region's pollinators are busily doing their instinctual job, and flitting from branch to branch the birds that dwell on our patch of land sing their ancient songs to remind me of their presence. More probably they are just telling me to get off their grass, or "Hey Bob, look at that crazy-looking broad," but I'm in a rather fanciful mood this day, so I am going to go with my more poetic description of their cackling and cavorting.


On many a hot summer afternoon I will plunk my carcass on the soft grass underneath the chestnut tree and sip lemonade while I stare at the clouds up through the tree's branches. Its shade is a welcome respite to my sweaty and exhausted form. There is something soothing about the soft rustling of leaves in the breeze.


And it wouldn't be a Kat post without a bit of levity, so I also have an anecdote about the usefulness of the tree. One summer my husband was driving our old Ford F250 down the barn road with a pile of heathen children in the truck's bed. Running along side the truck was our Boxer, Gunnar. Now Gunnar's cognitive ability was slightly impaired, and by impaired I mean that a turnip probably had a higher IQ. Gunnar was happily booking along, tongue flying in the wind when he ran right into the Chestnut tree at full speed. I heard the impact in the house. I suppose it was probably a good thing that his nose was already squashed genetically, for I think that the tree smash incident would have taken care of the job for him. Boxers are most definitely their own kind of special...


And on that derpy dog note, I hope that you all are having a tree-mendous evening (yes I went there!), and I am totally aware that I tend to butcher words just like I butcher the occasional piece of firewood when splitting it, every stack needs an odd piece or two!

And as always, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's non leaf-scented iPhone.

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Oh, that poor dog! Did it suffer any ill effects from the collision, or was it already too stupid to tell?


Naw, he was already a cognitive function underperformer, if anything the tree muzzle incident gave him even more character, lol!

Poor Gunnar ... but I am sure the cats aloft got a giggle. Our chestnut trees in these parts are gigantic ... it snowed here the other night ... blossoms. Was so magical just like a fairy fall. Rather partial to the chestunt ... beautiful blossom, great shade and I love the feel of the nut on my hands. They may be my favourite trees but you gotta watch out in the fall ... it fights back:)


Hope you are having a great night:)


Oh the cats were always bemused by that dog, LOL! I would love to walk through some chestnut snow, what a glorious thing to behold:)! We only get a few actual nuts off of our chestnut tree each year, and they are sacred like gold, but I imagine that in the land of the plentiful nut tree fruits that it could get dangerous in the autumn, wow!

My night was lovely, a volleyball game followed by a British detective mystery, hope yours was fabulous as well!

And I love that chestnut pic, they remind me of land sea urchins!

Oh so happy to see you tried out the tag! It is rather handy if you ever are short of a subject on a Tuesday. I mean there is always a tree around to put up lol.

You sure do know how to paint a heavenly picture with the soft grass, lemonade, and rustling leaves. Great post as they always are, Kat.


Awe, thanks OGP! It was fun to try out your very fine and if-I-need-a-post-in-a-pinch tag!

And thank you so much for the word picture painting encouragement, it is most appreciated by this slightly overwhelmed as of late Kat:O) You are the bestest!


Well this slightly overwhelmed as of late Kat better sure start taking it easy... Remember you promised! :-)


Ugh, you're right, I did....Rut Roh. :D

Loved the boxer story! That tree has lovely flowers!


Boxers are good to have around for the entertainment value alone, ha ha!

And I do love that tree a lot, especially this time of year! Thanks for stopping by:)

Poor Gunnar! :O :(

But I really stopped by to say, I absolutely love chestnuts!

Is this a true chestnut tree? Does it bear fruit? Is it the edible variety?

If so, I am going to threaten to come and camp on your lawn.... with a stove, and a pot, and water to boil those little jewels in...

What about the chestnut blight? How has this survived? Tell me more, PLEASE!!!

In The Glory, I intend to plant and keep a large chestnut grove... It may girdle the planet, or multiple planets if necessary, so that there will always be a tree or three with ripe nuts available for when I have that longing to chomp down on boiled chestnuts... :D




It is a true chestnut tree! It bears a nice little paper lunch bag full of fruit every fall, and this year I will try to boil a bag of chestnuts in your honor:o)

As far as chestnut blight survival goes, perhaps it is so far removed from other chestnuts that it survives in its conifer heavy homeland unscathed, lol!

Ooh, I like your shepherd of the grove plan, I most definitely will be stopping by to stroll through that awesomeness for a hello and a tasty snack:o)!


Big, big smiles... Thanks for the additional information! ;)

Will there be chestnuts roasting on an open fire this Christmas?


Um, I feel like Jack Frost nipping at your nose will be more likely to happen then.


Maybe I should plan to move to Arizona.

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Thanks Q!

as I read the word from the rustle of the leaves gently in the wind. I feel and penetrate the heart because remembering the old feelings disappear in the instant enjoy the breeze and the cool air. but I thank you for @generikat who can please me


Ahh, Thank you so much M for your very lovely thoughts on the matter, hope you are having a great day!:o)


I am also grateful for all of @generikat

The tree and the leaves of the tree are amazing. Really amazing photoshoot


Thank you, I do so love that tree!

Nice work great photography you have done a great job the trees the most beautiful creation of God having a better life for human being having a pure life for himan being which keep away humanbeing from impurities dull and dirty environment pollution having a full joyfull life package tree have for you anywhere they have your love far nature trees showing your hard work for th expressed in this pist nicely keep going


Ooh, I agree! Trees really are amazing creations for sure:) I am so thankful that they exist, and think I am going to go plunk myself underneath the shade of one right now! Thanks for your kind words!!