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hey there, hi there ho there!

It's TreeTuesday and I thought I'd share my River Birch which unfortunately was damaged during the heavy, wet snowstorms that ravaged the northeast in late March and early April.


This formerly nice specimen of a river birch was planted about 8 years ago and grew quickly. it created a lovely shade on our patio during the hot afternoon hours.. It also provided a bit of privacy and covered the view to our driveway.

However, there have been problems and it relates to the mantra of ...

Right plant.....right place!

First of all, before the tree was taken out by the snow, I had been contemplating taking it down even tho it had provided such desired shade. One thing that was happening was the ROOTS were causing havoc.

The roots are fairly shallow and spread wide and far for this tree, and they were pushing up the macadam driveway

And they were also (on the other side of the gate, not pictured) being water hogs which was causing my grass and some perrenials to become less robust, and very sparse :0( OH, and I almost forgot, they are extremely messy trees, constantly dropping twigs and branches. Hmmmpf....

So I've been thinking about taking this thing down because ultimately, it is just a potentially large tree that really needs ROOM to grow and this spot was not the place for it to get any bigger, but my issue has been...

What to replace it with?

I think I know now what to do, and I believe i am going to put up a nice tall section of lattice grow a nice clematis. This will give the privacy that I desire and also won't have imposing roots.

I haven't done the project yet, but I envision something like this but with just one section of fencing:

latttice with clematis.jpg

So, farewell old riverbirch...the tree man is coming to take you down...

IMG_9153 (1).jpg

Happy gardening everyone!!! @gardenlady

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Love the clematis! Too bad about the birch.


The birch has always been a love hate relationship, so the bent trunk has given me the inner strength to chop the darn thing down already!

Pics are great...guess you live in wonderland..


Suburban NJ in all its wonder ;0)

I have about the same problem. I planted a Blue Spruce living Christmas tree kind of near the house. TBH in the back of my mind I knew better, but I reasoned I would have sold this house by now and someone else could make the decision on the spruce. Well I am still here and that tree is almost touching the gutters...I feel your pain. Im sure tree guys are not cheap!

Thanks for the visit and upvote today.


bummer about the spruce! sounds like it must come down. The good thing about taking down the river birch is that it is not as bad as taking down a big old hard wood tree. Shouldn't be too bad. I'm hoping they can grind the stump too!

It is a pity but I can understand your reasons to take it down.
We had a big pine tree in our garden in France and we had to take it down also because it had grown so big it almost grew up against the electricity wires.


It's always sad to take down a tree - like it's been an old friend!


I know what you mean with the sad feeling. My husband planted the tree 20 years ago and now it had to go.

Beautiful tree. Too bad it has to go. Ours is in a place where the roots can run wild...but they are a pain when it comes time to mow. But I love the textures of this tree.

nice. love this @gardenlady


thanks cyrilovie

the flower click was so great to see but lots of work to be done in garden


hmmm, not sure if this comment meant for my post?

Here you can not have that kind of bushes, since the climate is very dry, what are they called?


The trees are River Birch. The flowering purple vine is a clematis.