Tree Tuesday

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I know I am a tad early, even very early, if I were to be honest with myself. But there is something about Christmas in July that appeals to me. Perhaps, it is the long wait or trudging through the snow to get all of my ho-ho-ho done. I am not sure, but, today, I decided that a Christmas Tree in July would suffice.

The buildup of the "magic" of Christmas has changed parental hands and now it is up to you to create some magic for the young and young at heart. It has been said that if I followed my parents' footsteps, it could possibly render the opposite effect and make me sad for what can never be again, becoming painfully melancholy.

I have had to create my own magic. Decorating the tree is seen as remembering the past Christmases. Baking cookies is something I do so that I can give them and make them with my grown kids and give to my friends and neighbors and sometimes assisted living/retirement homes. I do Christmas caroling and go out of my way to get my friends together for some activities; I try not get caught up in the whole agenda of buying and buying.

(¸.•´♥ (¸.•´ ♥ Do something, somewhere, and make that magic. I know you can.

Welcome to #TreeTuesday initiated by @old-guy-photos!


Then, once Christmas is over, pull up a chair and soak up some of that Vitamin D - and peace and tranquility.


This is what it looks like after one too many Coronas. At least that is what I have heard. I am pretty sure that it is 5 o'clock somewhere.


As long as you don't forget about the magic. That is all I ask. Happy #TreeTuesday!


Let the sun shine in on your life
So the joy may touch your soul.


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Don't ever forget what wonderful world we live in, people. Let's hold hands around the globe and make this earth really spin. Some days, it is not as easy to see, so we must try harder to give everyone the proper focus.

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Oh it will be here sooner than you think! Very clever Tree Tuesday


Oh it will be here
Sooner than you think! Very
Clever Tree Tuesday

                 - old-guy-photos

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


OMG! @Old-Guy-Photos is a rhyming haiku!

Nononononon.....put that Xmas tree away the year goes quick enough i don't want to be remainded that it's almost around the corner again but give me them coconut trees with that sunshine and i will lay under them to Xmas with a stack of Coronas


Oh, for goodness sake. How about the Corona and the Christmas Tree, Pagan Boy? :)


Haha.....Naaaa... the Corona's will do for now save the HoHoHo's for later !!

Lol the Christmas tree is great.. isn't there a thing called Christmas in July


Only to us that believe! :)

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I remember the first time I saw a palm tree, what a thrill.


Yes!! I agree! Totally foreign and exotic to us Northerners! Happy #TreeTuesday!*

A little early or a little late, but no matter! Your Christmas tree is great, as well as all the other pics.
Have a wonderful day, my dear friend! :)


That is actually from last year but I posted it for tree Tuesday

wow...such a beautiful tree you have at your end.It is actually a very tall palm tree @dswigle


It is pretty tall. We grow them tall here, unlike out mini yams! ;)

Oh my. What a wonderful Christmas tree.

Great minds think alike @dswigle. I just wrote a post about Christmas in June!!! 😂 😂 😂

beautiful natural photography...awesome to look at

amazing photography…nice to look at

Really you collect the most beautiful photo of tree and those are so amazing, I mostly like the coconut tree..


:) Me too, right now, but, come Christmas- move over coconut tree!

Everyday is Christmas...If you want it to be.

Lol the Christmas tree is great.. isn't there a thing called Christmas in July

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beautiful words full of emotions in your post dear friend @dswigle, the images you have shared are truly beautiful
Thank you very much for this beautiful message "Let the sun shine in your life
so that joy touches your soul "
Happy day of tree for you too

We used to have Christmas in July when we were in Cape town. It was the first time I had heard of a Turduckin!? Sounded foul lol
Lovely tree and a great sentiment @dswigle we need more good spirits in the world.

Checkmate! I think it is perfectly ok to create some magic, be it Christmas, Tropicana, Vacation or sunshine with or without the aid of a Corona or two @dswigle Its interesting to note that I am about to enjoy a Christmas in July luncheon with some friends in an hour or two. Cheers!

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All nice trees! I miss Christmas almost the day it is over... hehe.
Great post @dswigle

Beautiful words with tall and long tree of coconut.


Thank you so much. Some of them are soooo very tall!

You were a tad early and I was nearly a tad late. lol I love all of your tree photographs, although my favorite right now are the palm trees.

Beautiful shot of the trees most interesting and amazing post of the day : )


Thank you so much! You are so kind!