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If everyone were clothed with integrity,
if every heart were just, frank, kindly,
the other virtues would be well-nigh useless,
since their chief purpose is to make us bear with patience
the injustice of our fellows.
Jean Baptiste Molière, Le Misanthrope

The line separating good and evil
passes not through states,
nor between political parties either —
but right through every human heart.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Goodness is beauty in the best estate.
Christopher Marlowe.

Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.
H. Jackson Brown

photos by

Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 55mm-200mm
Location — Kilbride roads in Ontario
Adobe Lightroom

©All rights reserved, 2018

Thank you @old-guy-photos
for initiating the #treetuesday photo challenge


Nice shots! Country roads are great subjects. They don't cry or run away and you never have to worry about their smiles...

Has it been pretty dry, there? That tractor is kicking up a lot of dust. Well, that or his engine is on fire! It's pretty impressive how much they can kick up in drier weather.

Oh it was kicking it up so much that I caught a glimpse of it miles away and headed that way to see what was happening. The first photo is across the street from the tractor and it's all hazy bc of the dust.

Yes it's been dry. Thankfully not humid. Just dry for the rest of the week, perfect 70's. Which means a savings on my a/c.

Its stuff is great.....altho the last time we were out, John didn't put his hazards on while I stepped out to get a couple of shots and a Ford truck pulled up and told him off....nicely though, but I was embarrassed. He said "we all share this road you know." haha....could have been worse. I call everyone Billy Bob ding dang in the country. I don't know why, I just do. It's fun since I used to live in the country.

Hahaha! "We all share the road," hrm? He's obviously not driven in Rochester, Minnesota! You have to love people complaining about driving in the middle of the country, where there's almost no traffic.

I know!!! we were the only ones on the road....good thing it wasn't dark....bad things happen on dark roads.

Christopher Marlowe is one of my favorite writers. The human condition hasn't changed one jot in all these years. Life goes on with all it's flawed characters ever renewed.

You must like Shakespeare as well?? The Elizabethan era? You are right....we really have not changed, our lifestyles have but mindsets are pretty unbending. We are all flawed - that is the truth.

loved the second photo - monochrome except for the sky. Beautiful...

You like that one eh? It's an interesting edit I did and now I forget what I was feeling about it.

I am always happy to see you in the tag and hope you had a good day!

You just made my day...thanks so much :) I

Beautiful photo's and I especially like the last quote, the one by Jackson Brown. So very true!!

I's one of my favorites....and so very true. It's easy to put on a mask for others and pretend. Thank you @clio. :)

Very nice photos @countrygirl :)
Hope you have a great day!

Thanks @still-observer. Hope your day was great as well.

@countrygirl There is a lot of work and effort behind it. Great job.

I like how there's a subtle theme linking all these photos; human paths laid through nature. The first two look like they just belong, although the tractor in the last is making a bit of a mess of things! Wonderfully composed as always :)

You know what's funny? The tractor is on the other side of the road from the first photo which is why it's hazy from the dust. He's making tracks too....poor guy.....all messy and dusty. It was pretty spectacular in person I must say. The dust was very dense.

Thank you for you great comments :)

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Very nice picture I like

Those fields remind me of growing up in Southwestern Ontario.

What part of Southwestern Ontario did you live? We used to live out in Waterford in Norfolk. Now we are closer to Flamborough / Burlington area.

What part of Southwestern Ontario did you live? We used to live out in Waterford in Norfolk. Now we are closer to Flamborough / Burlington area.

Just outside of Stratford.

Oh yes, I'm familiar with that area....lots of rural areas there for sure.