Tree Tuesday Sequoia Style.

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Tree Tuesday at Sequoia Park

This is Part #1 of a multi part Tree Tuesday series

1 Entrance (2).JPG

Almost forgot...
Sequoia Park sits in the heart of Eureka, California. If your ever driving on the 101 through Humboldt County, it's well worth a diversion to this unique in town redwood park and zoo

Part One. The Playground

I’ll start off this series at the playground it serves as the parks main playground(there are two), the main BBQ/picnicking area. It also has a powered band stand for outdoor events, as well as bathrooms. The playground also has some unique redwood tree formations not found anywhere else in the park.

This lone sentinel marks the Southeast corner of the park.

2 playground (2).JPG

3 Playground (2).JPG

OK, here are the unique tree formations I was talking about. They’re called Cathedral Trees
Some time back in the 1800’s a giant old growth redwood was cut leaving large stump. Next the tree(now a stump) starts putting out new growth around the base of the stump. Over the years the branches that grew out of the stump became trees in their own right creating a “cathedral” of trees ringing the old growth stump that is still there in the center. The one pictured here serves as a platform for the slide.
IMG_0065 (2).JPG

IMG_0062 (2).JPG

Just a side note on the slide…. That is a totally wussified version of the one that was there when I was a kid… I mean its short, the down angle is so shallow the kids have to scoot themselves the last 5 feet to get to the end and gently step off onto soft wood chips….

NOW when I was a kid that slide was about 1 ½ stories tall and it had about a 60 degree down angle and when you started down it felt like you were falling out of that tree, with the little woooptido(spell check has no idea what to do with that lol) in the tummy and then you launched off the end of that thing at about 20 miles an hour into bed of rocks and broken glass, you had to hit the ground on your feet and running. Oh and if you used the right hand side you had to lean to the left at the end because the metal slide ( 20 degrees in the winter and a 350 degrees in the summer) was bent, jagged, and rusty on the right at the end and if you didn’t lean left, you had to go get a tetanus shot because you ripped your leg open on rusty metal. AND you had to wait in line for all this because every kid within miles wanted ride it till the sun went down. It was the best thing there I rode it 100's of times for years with little or no serious injury. <,< But I digress.

4 Playground (2).JPG

Also pictures are two more cathedrals and some of the other equipment.

IMG_0068 (3).JPG

One of my personal favorites, got this one this morning , before too many people showed up. Bandstand pictured with the tree clusters in the background.

6 Playground (2).JPG

Most images taken in the evening and the sun has moved west behind the trees so the playground is in evening shadow. There are three photos here that were taken in the morning when the playground was in full sun.

7 Playground (2).JPG

Any guesses as to what the locals call this cathedral cluster ??

8 Playground (2).JPG

12 Playground (2).JPG

Looks like a giant version of something else common to the area.

13 Playground (2).JPG

This last week I have been getting to know my new camera and how it acts under different lighting conditions etc., Most of the shots here have not been enhanced other than some lighting adjustment and a little color boost.Oh and a 1 degree tilt correction to the right O.o

10 Playground (2).JPG

Hope you enjoyed the post. Next week I'll be making my way through the forest on the way to the Duck Pond and secondary Playground.

This post and all the others in this series dedicated to the memory of Bill the Chimp, RIP buddy

Although it's been many years since you passed you are still remembered and missed, was also a treat finding you in my back yard every once in a wile . Bill got out of his enclosure every so often and my Mom must have got a call about once a month or so from the zoo checking to see if Bill was in the giant cherry tree in our back yard again. We were on a short call list as he seemed to favor 2 or 3 locations when flying the coup. He was quite the Houdini and had a taste for cherries.
cvr-bill-last-dayshed0422 (2).jpg

You can check out Bill's remarkable story here Photo by Gretchen Ziegler

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Great post. Loved the information and the digression.

Thanks for commenting.
I could have gone on for a post and a half about what that playground used to be like. lol
The curly slide, the big merry go round you could get going real fast, a real train engine, list goes on.
Keep expecting a kid to run er walk by wrapped in bubble wrap with a crash helmet these days.I'll be putting more info and history of the park and hopefully some historical photos in the following posts.

Oh, yes! The Cathedral is such a sweet spot! I can attest to the fact that we had it rougher growing up. If you got cut, it was probably because you weren't quick enough. LOL

What a wonderful place to grow up in! Thoe majestic trees are so amazing, I cannot believe them and I have been there several times. Each time, I am always amazed.

Canon Rebel rocks. That is near and dear to me and I love the feel of it. You are doing great with it and I hope you enjoy the ride with it.

As for this post, it is awesome! Thank you!

!tip .20

Thanks for the vote of confidence.
I'm an old Nikon guy but I scored the Cannon( used) for a great price. First Cannon I've owned and I really have to say I really like it. I do have my eye O.o on the Cannon T7i though.
As for Eureka.... I've moved away several times but always seem to return. No place like home, and this will always be home to me.

The Canon T7i is compared to the Nikon D5600, although, the T7i has a slight edge in shooting speed and autofocus, especially in video capture.

So I hope you get it!

The last Nikon I had was the newly introduces F4, 35 mm film type, Also had the 5005, had all the bells and whistles for them as well, untill the F4 and my large gear bag walked off wile I was using the 5005. Just recently started doing photography again.

Well, you are darn good at it. You either have an eye or don't.

Well, you know that. :) That is too bad about the bag. Honestly. That would gut me.

Oh.... As the Cathedral Trees go, they may be one of the most special places in the park for me. Can't even count how many "Firsts" in life happened there lol
Some good, some bad, but all were highly educational <,<

Yikes. LOL

Greetings @chromiumone,

What a lovely post......these trees are spectacular specimens and you have captured their grandness.....appreciated hearing the details.

So happy to hear you are taking photos and getting the gist of it once again.

You could not have made a better choice than the Cannon EOS with which bleujay is familiar....thus the bias. hehe

All the best in the contest! ^__^


Thank you @bluejay. means a lot coming from you.
The park is a special place for me as I grew up with it as my back yard.(literally)
Also I am very happy with the Cannon, I bought the T6 and 3 lenses used for a great price but I have my Eye O.o on the T7i ...... wants it. lol
Thanks for dropping by @bleujay very much appreciate it

Cool to see you in the tag! I got to say you have some awesome shots. Those are the sweetest trees. On my bucket list of course! I still have to fix tilt on my shots. I dont mind so bad on land shots, but it is so apparent on water with the horizon.

Thanks for the encouragement, haven't done photography in a long wile, used to be very into it. Last serious rig was a Nikon F4 with a 5005 secondary. Those would be the 35 mm film variety so its been a wile.
Now the me and Mr. camera have gotten to know each other I'll stepping up my game a little and the shots should improve

That was a great post Chromium.
The shot of the "Bandstand" with the trees in the background was amazing.

Also nominated you and this post @pixresteemer for consideration 😉

Oh wow, thanks jynxx, er whats @pixresteemer ??

Oh never mind I looked lol
Thanks again I'll give that account a follow.

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