Is not it a scam? really?

He broke his own rules and then changed them without notice, many sent 0.25 SBD and received just $0.15 votes.

It is understood that it is a service to promote donations for the project, but they can not give super low vote and do not return even if it is the difference, if they really are a serious service they should do it.

I'm actively checking into the issue and I will try to come with a solution as soon as possible.

Hopefully you will find a solution and you can restore trust to many of those who were affected.

Main problem has been resolved. But I would have to manually refund the affected. I will try to come up with a solution soon. I hope the vote can help a little bit

Refunds were processed. Keep planting trees!!

Great, I'll keep planting trees

how long will that take I sent in .5 sbd before I knew this and no votes no refund been a few days.

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