Treatment of silver hair early

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Hair is a specialized, part of epidermal epidermis and melanin. Normal hair over the age of 40, silver discoloration due to loss of pigmentation, hair root shrinkage, the buildup of hair follicles, resulting in gradual hair loss and silver hair. Black hair is a manifestation of good health, mental comfort, hormonal balance, the body is provided with full of trace elements such as copper, zinc ... However there is much good health, At the age of youth, the head has gray spots (silver hair appears). Medicine is called early gray hair.

Early silver hair is a manifestation of aging, both physical and mental decline. The disease is not life-threatening but causes a particular aesthetic to young people. Silver hair has many causes. If it's genetic, it's just hair dye. Rarely related to the disease, unless the patient has to treat too long with antibiotics. Many cases of hair loss in young people are due to zinc deficiency (Zn). This micronutrient loses very quickly due to stress, staying up late, eating monotonous diets with technological foods, or over-taking iron-containing medications. Silver hair can also occur in pregnant women after birth due to endocrine disorders. Early treatment of gray hair should be screened for cause and reason, treatment of the root, rather than just advertising the bile of the drug "healing" early hair treatment.

Early treatment of gray hair requires medication to treat. But eating also contributes to reducing early silver hair symptoms and keeping the mood happy, eating more nutritious foods ... will also bring good results.

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