Travel Tunes Tuesday - 2nd Metal Edition

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It's time for another Travel Tunes Tuesday, a project created by @nomadicsoul where we share some of the music we've heard while traveling or that we listen to while traveling. Read the original post here.

Since I know some international metal songs and want to let you know what metal music looks and sounds like across the world, I wanted to put them in dedicated posts instead of dropping them one by one into my other Travel Tunes lists. Click here for my first edition. So this is my second dedicated Metal edition of Travel Tunes Tuesday.



1. Doki Doki Morning by BABYMETAL

Babymetal has been around since the early 2010s. They pretty much invented the term kawaii metal as they use the cuteness of their young frontgirls to set them apart from almost anything you have ever heard or seen. They combine metal with Japanese Pop and some of their songs incorporate punk and even hip-hop elements so you know they aren't afraid to push boundaries. Not everyone took them seriously at first, but they soon became an international phenomenon, picking up fans that usually don't even like metal music. This song and the video are a bit over-the-top in its cuteness but it also has its horror elements you might expect in a metal video.
Bonus: Here is a reaction video to Babymetal

2. Birds and Milk Bloody Milk by Skinflint

You don't hear much metal music coming out of Africa but I was able to find it. Skinflint comes from Botswana. They keep their sound in the somewhat older, more raw style of metal. They are inspired by the traditional African beliefs, mythology, and spirituality. They helped create a subculture of metal fans in remote parts of Africa and inspired other people to create heavier music in Africa as well despite it being seen as satanic music by most people.
Fun fact: I'm kind of a sucker for lady drummers.

3. Epona by Eluveitie

When I say "metal music" I will bet you 1 billion Steem that the first thing you think of will not be the word hurdy-gurdy. But for folk metal bands like Eluveitie, incorporating traditional European instruments like the hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, accordion, or violin into their style of metal are a pretty normal thing. This Swiss band does both hard-hitting metal songs in English and more acoustic style with lyrics in the ancient Gaulish language. This song sort of combines both.

Did you know metal music like this existed? Who are your favorite metal bands?

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