Can you guess which city I'm writing about?!

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Which was the city you enjoyed traveling to the most? I asked myself this question because of a Steemit post I’ve seen.

Right now I am on my way to Amsterdam to visit a friend of mine. While sitting in the train on my way to the Munich Airport, I stumbled upon @kpine Steemit post. So, I figured why not use the time and help out a Steemiter in need of some travel tips.

Nothing I’d rather do right now. While on the train, I was thinking about everywhere I’ve been and which places I enjoyed the most. Glancing out the window of the moving train, driving by little towns, seeng nature changing from snowy to green and sunny inspired me even more. And made me feel a lil bit melancholy. But there it was the city I loved the most, because of it’s changebility and variety.

I’m gonna start and play with your thoughts and curiosity. So this city provides everything a city possibly can, in my opinion.

It’s one of the big cities with an interesting history. When you land there you will enjoy the best view I’ve ever seen out of a plane. Great start, hm?


Any idea yet?

Okay let me continue. You have mountains, to go and take hikes on. (As you can see)
Well, but there are also beaches where you can go and relax on, if you are not that of a nature lover who enjoys hiking.


You could also take a boat to a city that is know as being almost as crazy as Las Vegas. I just told you that to help you find out which city I’m talking about. OK let me help you out even more, the city you can take the boat to is called Macau. Nice day trip out there. Couldn't go myself though, but I heard it’s great.

Soo now let’s move on with the city I’m actually talking about. I'm gonna continue this guessing game in case you still don’t know what I’m talking about. (No judging here, if I wouldn’t have been in this city I would also have no clue what I’m talking about right now - but I think everyone of you already figured it out)



This city is full with expats and tourist, that means it’s easy to find your way around and almost everyone is speaking english.

IMG_8810 (1).jpg

The streets are well labelled and you don’t even need data (at least I didn’t have any) to find your way around and can go all old school without any fear of loosing your way. Or not finding back to your hotel. Easy peasy!
And of corse the transportation escalators are an experience themselves. You also can find you way easily with the MTR.


Besides that you can enjoy the colourful nightlife in the Lan Kwai Fong area. And after going out there you can get some local snacks at the night markets.



Thanks to different cultures you can find almost every cuisine in this city!


If you’re into art, you can spot cool street art and check out some great exhibitions. The hole city inspired me so much, and my vocabulary is to bad to describe it in words.





I didn't want to tell you everything about this city, because I think you should go to Hong Kong yourself and explore the city to its fullest!

IMG_8795 (1).jpg

Wherever you might be. Until then I wish you a wonderful day. Or a good night.

Love, Olga


Hong Kong should be an interesting city

Mmm, Olga Dmitrievna! Tempting!))) How many times you been there? My husband loves the city a lot but I never managed to make it there and now I'd love to but I got a toddler on me. Do you think it's possible to have good time in HKwith a baby? Thank you!)

Hi! Just once sadly, but I really liked it. To be honest I can imagine that it could be dificult to go with a stroller around town.. but you always can take a taxi everywhere and if your baby can already walk by himself I don't see a problem there. If you decide go to Hong Kong with your toddler make sure you go to Disneyland there, too! :)

😁 that's a hit! Didn't know there'S Disneyland there!! ❤️

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