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RE: Can you guess which city I'm writing about?!

in #travelpine6 years ago

Mmm, Olga Dmitrievna! Tempting!))) How many times you been there? My husband loves the city a lot but I never managed to make it there and now I'd love to but I got a toddler on me. Do you think it's possible to have good time in HKwith a baby? Thank you!)


Hi! Just once sadly, but I really liked it. To be honest I can imagine that it could be dificult to go with a stroller around town.. but you always can take a taxi everywhere and if your baby can already walk by himself I don't see a problem there. If you decide go to Hong Kong with your toddler make sure you go to Disneyland there, too! :)

😁 that's a hit! Didn't know there'S Disneyland there!! ❤️

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