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Hello again! What a crazy week it's been!

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The #travelpine contest pretty much exploded right out of the gate, and I spent all weekend reading all of them. I thought this contest would give me some clarity on where I should travel next, but I think it only made the decision harder!

The winners were based on the quality of the post, but most importantly, ORIGINALITY. I did not pick the winners based on where I want to go to the most. The whole point of this contest was to give those who have been struggling on here an opportunity to showcase what they're made of. There were a lot of great entries, but unfortunately there were a number of plagiarized ones. What we want for Steemit aren't a bunch of copied Wikipedia descriptions, but people talking about their own experiences. I wasn't looking for Tripadvisor's Top 10 'must sees', I was asking the Steemit fam for their personal opinions. There's been so much talk on here about 'quality content' and 'engaging in the community', but if Steemians are just going to copy/paste and hope to make a quick buck, this may not be the platform for you.

Now on to the good stuff - the prizes. There was a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in this contest and the winning posts will all be re-steemed. They were good posts, let's get them noticed!

Each of them will also get upvotes (at a different % vote power) from me for 7 days, based on 1 post a day. I have the right to not upvote if I feel the post isn't quality or original content ie: racist, sexist, advertising, plagiarized, photos not sourced, 1 sentence with an emoji, etc. Those of you who have won are clearly capable of producing a solid post, so this should be easy to accomplish. Use this opportunity to show the community what you're made of.

Here are your winners:

1st place - @fiorebird

2nd place - @saronym

3rd place - @maraki

If the three winners could please direct message me on steemit.chat. We can go over the prize for each of you.

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There were also some honourable mentions:


I've already started brainstorming for the next contest and it will be announced
Monday, Feb 26th.

See you then.


I would also like to take a moment to thank you all for your comments on this post, and I am sorry I have not responded to many of your kind words. I had a pretty busy week/weekend and there was a lot of comments!

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@kpine! You are so awesome! :) EKKK! It's so awesome to have people like you on the Steemit Platform. You are really making a difference, and changing people's lives!

Much Love,


Ty @karensuestudios! I have been enjoying your posts from Thailand! Keep up the amazing, positive, and fun content!


❤️❤️❤️❤️ awww! Glad you are enjoying the videos! More to come! Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Tomorrow we will be meeting up over 30 Japanese steemanians. Eekkk! 😝


Hi Karen, I know you from your Thailand Post. I think Mr.Kpine looks a bit like your boyfriend, don’t you think so?


ohhhh thats awesome! i cant wait to have steemit interactions IRL in person!!! :D


hi bro What Types Of Contest is it?
first time read ur post can u please tell me...


Enjoyed that post .when did next contest start dear @kpine
Need lil bit favour on viewing my work on steemit if u dont mind


hey i have a question i am new to this communit and i am making vlog can you tell me should i continue it well it help me here


Cery good

Come go contest @kpine


@kpine i am really disappointed have checked my post in that contest because i work hard for that your yes and no will be highly appreciated thanks dear


I think you're a pretty awesome person on the platform here, too @karensuestudios


Awww thank you! ❤️

Nice!!! @kpine you rock! Thanks for sharing your love with the community!!
It is so neat to see you posting! :)

Thank you so much!!!


Ty @acromott!! I have been enjoying your vlogs from Thailand! It seems you and @karensuestudios are really enjoying your time there, and I love the steemit shirts!


Hey, Kpine I just found your blog, I am so glad that I have found you. I am going to start upvoting all your posts when you make a posts.


you are so amazing @kpine, success continues! it's good to know you 🤗


Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed


Hi @kpine , do you organize any sort of contests!!!!??


What kind of post do you like? It would be very useful for me if you interest my posts.


Greetings friend I hope you can support me on my blog with votes


Excellent work @Kpine successful this new year congratulations I hope you can support me in the community

Hey man I made a contest about steemians showing around their hometown, if you want you can drop by the tag #my2018. You´ll find more than 300 posts of steemians giving us a tour around their town, maybe you can get a few ideas for your upcoming trip.

Btw, it´s good to see you posting, about time we saw the words behind the name ^^ Cheers

thanks for sharing this..yes your active user now on steemit base on your 1st post. im so happy for you sir..Upvoted and follow you.

Nice job man!

@kpine, good day. So the Steemit chat is "fired." See the info here https://steemit.chat/home.
I'm unsure how to proceed. I will have my first post of seven ready tomorrow or Friday morning. I need time to create it, and I'm about quality over quantity. My friend uses discord. Supposedly it's an app. I've never used it. Would that work for us?


Hello @fiorebird! Since Steemit chat is down we can try Discord. I am @kpine on Discord. Please send me a message there and we can discuss how to go forward.


@kpine OK discord is cool but frustrating. I need your discord # after your name, otherwise it says you don't exist. Feel free to add me if that's easier, my discord name is fiorebird#4133.


@kpine try this channel link in the discord app, https://discord.gg/6MWVchT

@kpine! I just opened this up now and couldn't really believe it... Winning or not, I was so excited to share this post on Oregon. It truly brings up some grand memories. I miss it there, and hope to venture there again in the next few years. I do hope all of it inspires you and others to take a trip to Oregon someday as it is truly a majestic place! Also, thank you for helping inspire the Steemit community through this contest... and for creating the writing topic of travel. It has inspired me to start writing a series about travel and other majestic places I've had the opportunity to see. Viewers/followers... keep an eye out :) I look forward to sharing a bit more. AS for Steemit chat, I will message at some point tomorrow morning, as I've never used it, so will need to figure all that out after indulging in some much needed rest. Big congrats to the other winners as well !


Congratulations @fiorebird I'm very proud of you. You deserve to win. You definitely earned it. @kpine you honor us all with a great contest and concept.


@steemseph thank you for all your support too. Much much love.

I wanted to enter but didn't qualify 'cause my account is only about a week old. Next time!

I read a lot of the comments on your first post and it sounds like you've been helping out and supporting a lot of people for a long time now! So, I just want to so congrats...you deserve it because helping others and building a community is what the platform is about, not just for taking.

If you do go end up going to Oregon (I'm from there...sometimes haha), just want to let you know that the all of my favorite hiking spots around the Gorge and Multnomah Falls got murdered by forest fires a few months ago.

So just check what's open before going.

if you want an adventure here in the philippines , you can bump me anytime :) . Looks like you just came out from hibernation :D

Looks like a trip to Oregon may be in your future. 😉 I know that you picked the top three on originality, but two of the three being from Oregon? It might be a sign! Although, the west side of Florida looks pretty freaking amazing right now too... especially for someone from cold and rainy BC!

I don’t know about you, but i’m pretty ready for warmer weather and spring flowers!


Hey! I'm from Oregon too! (sometimes...I move around a lot haha)

I love this. I'm a new steemian. I wished I had joined earlier
What you are doing here is awesomely great. I will partake in the next competition.

You might need to have them get ahold of you elsewhere now. Steemit chat is down for a bit while it goes under new management. Cool contest your doing for the newer people though, you are appreciated!


good point! are you going to get on discord @kpine?

Waoooooooo congratulations to the winners
@fiorebird @saronym and @maraki

I'll try to participate in the next contest is great that you are doing this. Keep doing the good work

I follow @kpine kontes...but me lose maybe..its ok..if someday @kpine make a kontes more..I will back follow more ..thanks @kpine..I like you .

Too much well done!!

Hello @kpine how are you? I love your initiative to help those who are starting, but, specially, demanding the best behavior to improve on this platform and not earn the rewards by doing things wrong.
I'm glad you decided to write, I'm sure we're going to read good content from you. Once I received a vote from you in one of my publications which was a gift, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. My English is not very good, I hope you can understand me. Blessings to you.

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Congrats to the lucky ones! I hope to join your contest next time.

Awesome.. Keep the good work..
Congratulations to the winners
@fiorebird @saronym and @maraki

nice post buddy...just upvoted it and started following u....i am new here...cheers!!also upvoted ur introduce urself post..good luck..

Congrats to the winners!
It was an amazing initiative, kpine!
Looking forward to more of this kind of contests, it helps to motivate us :P

Thanks for motivating people with contest, i sure hope to participate in the next one...

@kpine thank you very much for sharing your contest winners list with us.

I appreciate you sharing this because you have helped me open my mind further! I am amazed how closed minded my mind still is after all the other amazing experiences I have had, my thoughts easily suggest experiences different than mine are not possible!
I havd a blog for you and i think its helpful.

Nice post thanks for your informative post

Am happy for the winners, so I didnt make it, I'll try harder next time

Great choices. From the forest with tall trees to lake the to the beach.

Awesome, congratulations to all the winners. Looking forward to the next contest :)


Just realized you have Kenny as your profile pic. LOVE South Park

Congrats to all the winners :)

Nice job!!!

congratulations to the winners! It happens. tried my best

Congrats to all the winners!!! Looking forward to seeing their posts!

I really hope i win next time and soon. Thank you for the help you render. More like you helping us than us helping you with a location. You are really an amazing being. Thank you.

Great jod well done @kpine hoping to join on your next huge awesome contest. Have a great day.

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Wow nice article my friend @kpine and thank for sharing, i like it.

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cogratulations guys!

Congratulations to the winners, and to you for initiating this type of contest, an excellent way to contribute to the community and expand opportunities to our growing community. Greetings.

Woohoo! Thank you so much for the opportunity @kpine!! Looking forward to writing this week! :)
I do have one small problem. I have no idea how to message you. steemit.chat. is down
Let me know what I need to do. I am also on discord and telegram.


Hello @maraki! Since Steemit chat is down we can try Discord. I am @kpine on Discord. Please send me a message there and we can discuss how to go forward.


A big congratulations to the winners

Nice and steady......
please post have me

You are awesome, nice post

Hey @kpine, thanks for running this competition! I'm sure the winners will benefit greatly from it and I'm glad to see that so many people got involved.

Personally, I would love to talk to you more about a project that I am running called the Steemit Success Initiative; a project that has the aim of growing the Steemit community as a whole through advertising Steemit, as well as grows Steemit beginners by providing them with an incubator that shows them how to do well on the platform.

I do not want to spam your comments with a huge message, but essentially I am looking for help in growing the project in any way possible. If you want to leare more, I can send you the presentation I did on it over email or Discord (as Steemit Chat is down as I am sure you saw!), or you can check out the two posts that I have done on it so far.

Thanks again for running this great competition!

congrats to the winners

Uh ... that was a perfect race. but I missed it!
görüşürüzz in the next contest !! :D

Keep steem on my friend @kpine thank you for sharing i like your post.
I would like to invite you to visit my blog @rizkyakbar please i want to you follback upvote and comment my post thank you @kpine

well its my first time here at your blog nice to see you .. and i think i will gat some great stuff here

very steady friends,
please support and how many ways to upvote it, thanks, @ kpine

a good post I'm interested in your posts. I also want to be like you@kpine

Wow, grandioso! <3

You worded the statement about plagiarism quite well :). Great idea. Wish I had seen the original post.

nice work my friend how i particapte?

Congratulations to all winners. And thank you @kpine. Looking forward for the next contest!

Yo man ive been following you since day 1 i joined steem, its great to see you active now missed out on your first opening but looking forward on submitting on your next one. Would love to collab with you also if you are ever in SF let me know I have a great place right off the coast in the city!

Great Post I really Like That

Gave my best shot and still couldn't win it. I guess I'll go un-noticed in steemit forever! 😂
Congrats @fiorebird @saronym @maraki . You guys are a lucky bunch. 😊


Yeah, gave my best and just because when i post that article my level was 40, on that day i got upvote on couple of my post and my reputation lvl increases to 42. i spent 4 hours on making my post. Still un-notioced.

I have just found out about this awesome contest and all I can say is hats off to you, what a great idea! I'm excited to see the next contest and made a note in my calendar for Feb 26 :)

Damn, how could I miss this one and Feb. 26 is still far hahaha. Have a great week @kpine, much love from the Philippines.


Congratulations to everyone :D you guys nailed it in style !!!

I want to join the contest.
Can I join this contest?
is there still time for me to join your contest sir?

Good work...anxiously waiting for 28 of February..

I just discovered your profile, and I'm glad that you started posting and also helping new steemit member with your competition. Keep it up, and if you have time, post more often, weeks apart is to much :)

Looking forward to it! I missed this one!!

Excellent pictures! Visit my post and see what you think about the sunset that I captured at the edge of the beach. If you liked it, vote!


I wish I would have seen this earlier. I would love to have contributed scenes from Alaska :)

Jika ada waktu kunjungi blog saya

Hello friend, I'm sorry, I do not want to be rude but I would like to know if you would be willing to give me a vote?

Congratulations to winners! and you are awesome for helping out and already thinking of creating a new contest :)

Congrats to the winners and cool action @kpine :-)

Nice Sharing I am struggling but didn't reward back on my post what should i do?

You are doing a great job buddy !Keep it going !

Dear @kpine I would really love to chat with you and send you an introduction video from the Paralympic Games of Rio de Janeiro. I tried to find you on Discord but I had no luck. Please tell me how can I find you so we can chat a bit. It would be my pleasure ☺
Love Anna

Excellent post friend! Visit my post, a beautiful place that I shared with the Steemit community. If you like it, vote! regards


Hi @kpine
ive seen your upvote in many photo posts... I would like to know how can I participate on future contests... also any advise you can give me would be welcome!

Hey Boss man, do you have any need for an artist on your team?

Tree gathering Mini small.jpg

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So for which place did you finally decide to got to? :)

Woow ! Good contest but Im see now....

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thanks also @kpine
I always upvote you.
maybe my upvote is not useful for legendary steemit ..
hehe :)

Resteemed as well. Found post written by you 9 months ago.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hello mate, still no update for the contest? I think many people are waiting :)

This is such a great initiative. Thank you for your efforts! No worries for replying our comments, I comment here so that I can find the update later.

Hello @kpine. First, let me tell you how awesome is this that you are making contests like this one. I have a question about next one. My alarm was set for 26th oct. I hope you didn't change your mind about it. Thank you very much

@kpine you can watch my #2nd dtube here is the invitiation link


Congrats to the winners :D

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@kpine I hope you also check my works.

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I am not the type to ask for any, or to kiss ass for favours (more over if the only thing I know about someone is that they can help me financially) I kiss ass if someone is a personal hero though ( genius/artists/ lot to learn from ) :P
so my post will be honest and straightforward and I do hope you appreciate it, but if not that is ok too..
I will spammy link it here or in memo

ps. here is a cool thing that you can visit-cheap and quite an experience- on your next travel escape

went last year and will go every year until it becomes too comercial

hello Kpine,
I see its support to successful operation. I really appreciate you and your help. I'm on this platform for a long time and I'm totally involved to produce original content. I really want to share my travels. but I do not have enough financial strength for it. if you take a look at the workings.
maybe there is something you can like. If you support me and help me change my life, I think I am very happy!
if there is time.

I think it's a good contest @kpine good job for you

Hello @kpine! I've been on Steemit for 7 months. During this time I learned a lot of new, interesting and useful things. I love our platform and believe in its success. Every day I work on myself. My blog gets better and better every day. I really put a lot of effort and ambition into making quality content. Several times I was encouraged Curie and OCD. Now I have successfully passed the qualifying quest in the summer camp sndbox. I think I'm a worthy candidate for you to give me some support. I really want to be visible here. My payouts are still small and sometimes it's so disappointing to me. I know you support talented people on the platform. Look at my blog, maybe I'll be the one you want to support, too. I really wanted to strengthen my steem power because of this. Your support will give me a great incentive to continue my good work.
My goal is to promote home-cooked meals here on the platform. Show people that cooking at home is not difficult, and the result is superior to all the restaurants in the world.
Some people here go for tricks. I see they're renting an SP, voting for themselves. I don't want to do the same. My main goal is not get rich quick. I want to stay here for a long time. I want to be part of our community and have my weight here, contribute to the development and strength of Steemit. So that I can support those who are just beginning their journey. Those who are talented and diligent. So I really want to save up my SP. I want Steemit to be really a place with high quality content filled with talented people.

Nicely done sir, i pray i get selected

Hi @knipe, I see you upvote a bunch of the photographers im following... how can someone like me get on your list of friends? :P

my goodness, I can not enter your contest.
but I really want to join the contest.
I really need money.

when do you make the contest again @ kpine?
I want to join the contest
I need money

thanks @kpine