The Weekly Steemit #travelphotochallenge! Week two: “Amazing beaches"

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Win the price pool with a start amount of 30 SBD!


This week’s #travelphotochallenge will be :

“Amazing Beaches!”

So get out there and show us the best Beach views you have seen while you were traveling!

Last week we have had a great start with our mountain view challenge which you can check here:

Winners Will be announced tomorrow!!

I love to travel and see new things

Most of my followers know this. Besides that I noticed a lot of Steemians who enjoy this just as much as I do, so I figured to start a weekly Steemit photochallenge named the #travelphotochallenge!
A great opportunity for you Traveladdicts to show the most beautiful pictures you made and let the rest of the community enjoy these. So let’s get started: what prices are available and how to participate.


The price pool will start with 30 SBD!

These I will put in, because I feel like the people who take the effort to take us with them on their journey and show us the most precious spots they have visited should be rewarded accordingly.
These SDB will be split as follow;

1st 16 SBD
2nd 9 SBD
3rd 5 SBD

Besides that all Liquid Steem made by this post will be added to the price pool!
This Liquid Steem will be divided as follow;

1st 40%
2nd 30%
3rd 20%
“Keep up the good work” 10%

“I want to join! How can I join?”

There are some easy rules how you can participate

  1. Make a new post with your subscription
  2. Make sure this post is tagged #travelphotochallenge as main tag
  3. Put in the picture you want to count as main picture, only this picture will be subscribed to that week’s travelphotochallenge
  4. Let us know in your post where the picture is taken
  5. Let us know in your post with what camera the picture is taken
  6. Resteem and upvote this week’s Challenge objective(this post)
  7. Be sure that your post is in before Friday 17-08-2017 00:30 AM (ET)

You are allowed to put in 3 subscriptions per week; please make sure you let me know number 1,2 and 3. After this week, all the price winners will be put and be named in the new objective post which is good for you to get your name out there!

This is my first challenge, I hope you like it. Will try to improve this the coming weeks, so please also let me know your feedback!

Please do not forget to upvote and resteem this post, as this will improve the money to be made on this post!


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Did autocorrect screw up your title? "Amazing Branches"? Sounds like the Thursday Tree Challenge. 😉

I've got a cool pic of a branch on a beach. There's a winner for you.

Lol you are right! Thanks for the heads up!

Where is the result of last weeks challenge?

The result from last week will be posted later today. This week will take me a little longer as I do not have continious acces to a computer.. sorry About that.

Cool, looking forward to seeing the results.

love your challenge. upvote, resteem and checking my photos for the first entry! ;)

Great topic Thanks for sharing

What a great challenge! Upped and steemed!

Follow :)
Resteemed and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!
Read here how the new green bot from Berlin works.

Wonderful challenge, getting to know it only now. First entry on the making! Cheers!

@kuenok this have your name all over! Good luck!

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