“MAURITIUS” The country of SEA-BEACH

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Which is the best country to you for relaxing or spend a leisure time. Mauritius is the best to spend a proper leisure time with my little eyes. Because there is a lot of popular sea beach in mauritius.


Actually mauritius is a african continental island country. Here is two island rodrigue and mauritius. The republic of mauritius situated with this island.

Mauritius is a very small country with 2,040 (km2) only.
“Port Louis” the capital of mauritius. Three main religious people live here hindu, muslim and christian.
Actually,Mauritius contains multicultural and multireligious people which is i like best.


I think, you need to 3 or 4 hours for complete to a round with a car. When you will drive in mauritius you can see the perfect beauty of mauritius with its hill, ocean and forest.
Mauritius is popular for its sea-beach, coral reef, lagoons etc.

The lot of people come here for spend their leisure properly. When I go to a sea beach,Most of time I can see the place fulfil with foreigner who enjoy the time with their friend or family.


A lot of popular sea-beach in situated at mauritius like Grand-Baie, Le Morne, Tamarin, Blue Bay, Flic en Flac etc.
“Black River Gorges National Park” is very popular with tourist also.

Mauritius food are very exciting. “Dholl puri” is the most popular food in Mauritius. Here is a lot of popular tasty seafood also.
It’s not all about Mauritius.

Afterwards I will try write about every single sea-beach, hill, food if you will be interested




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Nice island and I hope can visit it one day. I´m looking forward to see your beach pics ....


Ofcourse i will do it bro...

So beautiful this place, feels comfortable, cool, when I was in this place, when I can visit and enjoy its beauty, thank you for sharing good luck friend @steemjoo

really, it is a cool invironment.

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Wonderful Place! I wish i Could Visit it Someday :)

Honestly it is the beautiful place. i am so impressed. Stay connect for next post abou mauritius. Best of luck.

Heard of it sometime when a frirnd return from Egypt.

Hopefully you will visit oneday..

Thanks for your support @steemjoo!

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Hop we are enjoy together. Good luck...

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