Germany's short trip to Munich 2019

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 Germany's short trip to Munich 2019

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Have a short sleepBlame the train from Prague back to GermanyI missed the dawn trainBlame 9 am ㅋㅋ

​To MunichI took two days to go to Fussen in Munich.After a day of skydiving in Prague,Fussen is bai haha

​Arrive at Munich station at 3:00 pmWent to Euro Youth Hostel

I decided to cancel the day by e-mail and stay with the rest of the dayThe cancellation fee was also on the card.Suddenly giving me a room other than the room bookedI picked up a room that was much more expensive than the room I originally reserved ....I canceled a day in two days. How can the room change?I asked for the room I originally reserved, but there was no room.I said I can't keep goingHe let me sleep in a 4 person room for the original booking.Original Mix 16 Room?LOLI was lucky

I couldn't speak English in an adverse situation ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋSurvival English ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

It's a long time to unpack your luggage in a quadruple room.I'm just going to see Munich's old town a day

​Bicycle traffic lightVery cute​

When you walk from the main train stationcar doorlooks

There is a square in front of Karl-Moon.It's very peacefulI use some Wi-Fi here

KarlmoonIt'sNeuhauser & Kaufinger Streetpast Charles Gate .

​Later shopping street

​I'm going to Odeon SquareThere are some nice pieces along the way

Arrive atOdeon SquareThere are a lot of bicyclesOdeon Square, directly adjacent to the Residenz and Teatiin Church, Feltherhalle and the Palace Gardens

Lion standing guardFelton HernehaleLoggia is modeled after the Signoria Square in FlorenceIt's a place that means a military commander's room.Created to commemorate the Bavarian heroesThe statues on either side are the Bavarian commanders.

​Yellow facade ofTetina Church

​Entrance ofpalace garden

​A lion stands with a shield on the north side of the Residenz

​Entry to the palace garden

​The fish is spewing water


Citizens enjoy leisure leisurely

There is also a roadside tree

The weather was good, so there were a lot of people riding bicycles.

​Good weather

​Exit to the gardenResidenz museumto

The converted palace of the Vitelsbach royal palace into a museumIt doesn't go inside

​Arrive along the Residenz

Dance performance is in full swing

​Sit back and watch the performance

Arrival byFrauen ChurchHahahahaha .... The red roof is invisibleThe twin towers are still under repair. Ha ha ha ....I'll go up to the observatory.

There is a bronze sculpture in front of the church.The area of ​​the old Frauen Church is cut like this.I overheard my friends on a school trip

Old Town Hall

Icame toMarienplatz.

New Town Hall


​In the plaza, there were a lot of people performing arts everywhere.

​It wasn't easy for the old Munich to look around.So to have dinnerWhere did you find the right restaurant?

​There is a salad barI got in because the salad bar is on saleSteakhouse TTI was going to eat Haksen this evening .....

JustordersteakTake a salad or eat ㅋㅋThe service is also very good in KoreaI got money for a salad barI had a premonition ... ㅋㅋㅋ

Noi Hauser & Kau fingers awayㅎㅎ toI was searching for souvenirsI didn't like anything, so I didn't buy anything.Germany has a souvenir from Berlin, so I decided to pass

I wanted to go back to the hostel and go out for a beer.Hong Kong friends who stayed in a room with four people did not come too much ㅠㅠSomething scary to go aloneI was tired because I couldn't sleep the night beforeWash your friends before you come inI told my friends that they're coming early tomorrow^^Fussen ............I came to Munich to go to Fussen.

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