A Walk Along the Coastal Shoreline...

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Hi Steemians!

While we were in Scotland I took a little stroll along the shoreline and thought I would share what I saw!


I have always been drawn to the water, mainly the sea. Whenever I am looking out onto the vast expanse of water it just makes me so happy and energised. All that energy you can feel from each wave crashing on the shore is almost like a meditation. All the colours from all the waves and the smell of the sea... I just feel at home there. Whenever I was swimming when I was younger I used to pretend I was mermaid and go diving for shells! I imagine this kind of place would have been the perfect spot for me to live back then!!

Scotland really had it all, its got the rugged landscape and the pristine beaches ( which I am hoping to show you soon ) that look like they could be somewhere in the Mediterranean ! The landscape is almost untouched and I think that's why it looks so appealing, its one of the few places in the UK that has these huge landscapes that look like you are the first person to discover them. Not to mention the history...

I wanted to walk along this shoreline one morning and just see what I could see in a small distance. The water was really calm and it looked like it was going to be another beautiful day. The clouds were quite low in the sky and there was a very fresh smell in the air.


The beach was covered in loads of pebbles and rocks, each one unique and really interesting. There are so many different colours in the rocks that I spend so long starring at the floor looking at them my neck starts hurting! As I was walking along the shore you look out onto the amazing islands, like Jura and Mull. We have been to both so its amazing to see them from main land and get a perspective on where they are. We didn't have time to get a boat anywhere this time but next time I am hoping to hop onto to an island!

untitled (2 of 63).jpg

I loved this old post that was sticking up out of the water, maybe from an old pier or something like that. It had a lot of age to it and looked so great against the blue sky. I love framing things in the center of shots so that's what I did with this post!

untitled (4 of 63).jpg

These few shots are taken with the Olympus so I could zoom in and get a few different crop angles. I am not as good using close in lenses, I guess its just not how I see the World so whenever I look through the lens I struggle to think of how to compose it, but I am trying to get better, and this little Olympus is just the perfect camera to carry around, its so small and light.

untitled (3 of 63).jpg

The sea looked so inviting, I really wanted to go in.. so I tried!! I got up to my waist but it was still just so cold!! Next time I am going all in for sure! The blue colours of the sea looked so pretty and pale, it really looked liked summer had arrived in Scotland.. finally! This is the time to make the most of the long days and early morning as in winter its a long time with hardly any light!

untitled (10 of 63).jpg

The jetty leading into the sea looked really cool too, lots of lines and patterns to play with! I love leading lines as they lead your eye into the photograph. So you can choose how to frame them depending on where you want the viewers to look! You can see our little dog was enjoying the walk along the shoreline too!

untitled (14 of 63).jpg

A little further along there was this pipe that had been exposed from the low tide which looked really interesting. It had barnacles and shells on it as most of the time it must be under the sea. It was surrounded with amazing seaweed and made another good focal point for a shot. This is what I love about wandering along these little beaches, I never set out with the intention of getting anything and then without really trying all of these photographs just keep happening!

untitled (5 of 63).jpg

This huge anchor was also visible, must have been from a very large boat! I still couldn't get over the colour of the sea and especially against the green grass on the mainland it was so nice to see these bright colours. Its the first time this year that I have seen all the trees green up in Scotland, and it really does transform the place!

untitled (15 of 63).jpg

More leading lines on the jetty here, I loved the white texture of the stone against the soft water.


The water is always so clear in Scotland, if it wasn't sea water you could drink it! I love looking down into the sea to see all the different sea weed and patterns from the rocks under water, this green mossy sea weed looked really cool just swaying back and forth.


Some pretty daisies were bunched up growing not too far from the shore, So pretty and as if they had always been there, they are such nice flowers to be found here, they give you that little bit of colour!


The sky was getting a little moodier but still looking out over the islands looked beautiful! I love hoe even in these wide shots you can see all the different colours of the pebbles under the sea!! Doesn't it make you want to sit down and go look at the am all?... well I do!


I'd come to a rather rocky bit of the shore which involved walking over all these amazing rock formations. Some of which had amazing colours in them like this shot above. It had a slice of orange through the rock of another type of rock. It looked like someone must have put it there or dont it themselves, nature is just so amazing!


This was the kind of terrain I was walking along, all these amazing rocks have been altered over time by the sea. They had created their own wave shapes and made these amazing art formations. They looked so amazing against this landscape and crazy to think that its rock, something so hard that has been made into these amazing curved and waved shapes.


Some of them were so big too, you can kind of get a scale of this in this shot with our little dog in the background. It was amazing to walk along all this coastline with the stunning views to look out onto too.


The skies were still getting darker but I just love moody shots so I continued around the shoreline and got a few different angles of this amazing view. I loved the stones against the darker sky, it was creating a rather dramatic look but at the same time the feel of walking along here was so peaceful and really relaxing. Even if it had started raining I would have still been smiling as I explored this most amazing place,


These beautiful purple flowers were growing on the beach, actually in touching distance of the sea. I didn't expect to see these little purple flowers on the beach so it was a nice surprise and pop of colour! They look like little daisies but I am not sure what they were, I think I need to buy a book on flowers and plants, I always seem to know the wildlife, but as far as plants go I am hopeless!


This lichen was so pretty too, looked so bright against all the darker colours on the beach! I love looking at lichen, all the different textures and patterns within such a small space! There was so much yellow and orange from the lichen that it really made the beach so much more colourful. There are plenty of sandy beaches in Scotland but these ones around here are mainly rocky so it was nice to see lots of colour in the lichen!


Some of you keen eyed people might recognize this boat as I have photographed it before, well I went back there this time too but didn't want to get the same shot as before. Also this time there were these Oystercatches flying above and causing quite the commotion. They then landed onto the shipwrecked boat so we maybe thought that they could be nesting in the top of it. They were very territorial of the area so maybe that's where they have chosen to nest, pretty cool nest if they have!


Lots of amazing textures and patterns in the sea weed here too!


The sky had started to brighten up again when I reached this point, the sun was coming back out and bringing some warmth back too! I love this little look out point. Its an old jetty, which I don't think is used anymore. The single track road leads up to here so really now, it is just used for tourists to come and visit and sit and enjoy the views! The little house next to the pier must have been occupied at some time, and what an amazing place to have a house! I imagine some days when the storms were rolling in it probably wasn't the best place to be, but most days and on days like this I can't really think of any better place to spend your time. Looking out onto the sea is every changing, you never know what wildlife is going to swim by. Last time I was up we were eating breakfast when 2 porpoises swam by and then the other time we were meters away from 2 otters having their dinner. Its experiences like this that are just so special and which is why I was always keep coming back to this place. I think everyone would really love to visit Scotland, and the thing is there is so much to explore that you could spend years and years roaming around and still not see it all, we've been going to the same spots for years and each time we go we are still discovering something new.

I hope you all have enjoyed this little walk around the coast line of western Scotland, its one of my favourite places to explore. I wanted to show how many photographs and things you could find in a really small walk and I was even surprised myself! It really is a place with so much to share and discover and I can't wait to go back for my next adventure!

Thank you for stopping by! - Verity x


Camera Gear : Canon 6D + 17-40mm Lens



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Thank you !!

Incredible photograpy:-)

Thank you so much!

Amazing! Very atmospheric! I really wanted to visit this place!
Потрясающе! Очень атмосферно! Мне даже захотелось побывать в этом месте!

Thank you! Yeah its such a beautiful part of the World!

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great photos! I love that you talk about the details of the framing and the composition.

Thank you, yeah I love talking through it all, mainly for myself haha