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Hello Steemitverse!

From our food trip at Chocolate de Batirol in Camp John Hay, let’s get directly to one of the tourist destinations of ... Egypt?! 😲😲



Just kidding guys! We are going to something religous and educational place but not further than Egypt. This place will tell us the story from the beggining of time from the Garden of Eden until Christ’s Ressurection.



This tourist attraction was located at Baguio Eco Park in Tuba, Benguet about 35 minutes drive from the City Proper of Baguio. But it took only 25 minutes from our accommodation along Bareng Drive.

For the heads up, this attraction is on the remote place of the city so if you don’t have a car better to rent one, because there is no public means of transportation in the area. What we did was we rent a taxi for 1,200.00 Php or 24.00 Usd that will bring us to this place and wait until we are finish and drop us to the city center.

Our destination... The Holy Land! It is a Biblical Museum that features the Bible story from the Old to New Testament, with the life size statues, replicated scenarios and look a like structures. It’s not like the usual museum inside the building, the whole tour was outside the field with trails to follow for you to understand the history of Roman Catholic religion.

And you don’t need to bother about hot sunligth in the afternoon coz’ Baguio has the cold climate, the only place in the Philippines that you can enjoy walking under the sun. 😄

By the way, the entrance fee costs 350.00 Php or 7.00 Usd for single ticket when you buy on site but we got ours for only 250.00 Php / 5.00 Usd each from online promo on Metro Deal (a popular e-commerce website in the Philippines and some Asian country for discounted tickets and vouchers).

So let’s get started on our tour...






It feels like your are in Egypt with this Pyramid and Colossal Guards, maybe it’s not the same size but still huge for a figure like this with the maze tunel passing through the guards, leading to the other side - the Exodus.


The Israelites passing the Red Sea parted by Moses with the power from God.


Moses on Mount Sinai where the Ten Commandments was given to him.


The Nativity of Jesus in the manger at Bethlehem.


The time when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.


The Palm Sunday as Jesus enters into Jerusalem.


Sanhedrin trial of Jesus.


Jesus falls the first time while carrying the heavy cross.



Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross.


The second fall of Jesus.


The third time Jesus falls on the ground.


Carrying the cross to the Calvary.






The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ at Golgotha, which mean a place for skull. He was crucified and put between two thieves namely Dismas and Gestas.



The Entombment of Christ...



And on the third day He is risen from the dead - The Ressurection.

Hope you had a clear picture on how our trip turns out, as well as a little information about the Roman religion.

Actually, these photos are just some of the replicas displayed in the open ground museum. I just showed you the remarkable events that I think everyone can identify.

Thank you for dropping by and see you on my next adventure. Steem on! 😊❤️


Photo captured by Samsung S7 edge

By the way I am hosting a daily food photo contest called WORLD’S DAILY FOOD please feel free to join and spread the contest of #worldsdailyfood in the link below:


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