First travel of the year • Boracay Part 1

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Hello Steemitverse and Travelers around the world!

I was away for more than two months, been very busy with a lot of things especially last holiday season. Speaking of holiday, I must say that I had an extended holiday trip to Boracay Island. And today, I will be sharing you the first part of my island adventure.

I have been in this place 6 years ago.
And after the forced closure for 6 months (April 14, 2018) it was re-opened to the public on October 26, 2018 and I noticed many changes for the best.


But first thing first, the airfare and accommodation. Ours wasn’t the best deal. The round trip ticket cost 12,000.00 Php or 240.00 USD from Manila to Caticlan Airport per person. Maybe because it’s a little closer to our planned date, I booked our flight last Nov. 28, 2019 for our January 3-5, 2020 travel as well as our accommodation that cost 21,400.00 Php or 428.00 Usd (1 room / twin bed) of the same date (3 days and 2 nights stay).




I got the “best” airfare from Cebu Pacific, honestly that’s the best and cheapest fare on that time among all the airlines.

I opted the earliest flight, like 5:00am to maximize our first day at Boracay. Since we are coming from Southern Luzon, we are on the road already on the night of January 2. Such a long journey from home to NAIA Terminal 4, on a regular basis it will take 5 hours but sometimes it took 7-8 hours because of heavy traffic.

Glad to arrive at the terminal three hours early before departure with no delays. My daughter was a little worried with this small sized Cebgo plane, a 20 feet tall aircraft with 72 passengers capacity.





But our journey went well, she enjoyed the view and landed safe and sound around 6:10 in the morning. Touch down Caticlan!


Perhaps you’re wondering why we are wearing jacket going to the beach, it’s because of the unpredictable climate here. We are actually crossing our fingers for the better weather during our stay in the island coz of the sudden rainfall and strong winds.

At the arrival area of Caticlan Airport there’s a counter offering different transportation services. We choose the hassle free one way door-to-door transport from the airport to our hotel (but later on we learned that is not the smart option). The transport service includes - Van transfer from airport to Caticlan Jetty Port, boat ride to Boracay Port and motorized tricycle ride to the hotel, terminal and environmental fee was also included in package worth 700.00 per person.

They gave us stickers for us to be recognized by the tour guide and terminal staffs. Well, the perks of this package is that we are not going to go in the line, wait and pay in different counters, we just go directly and wait to be called and sign some forms.




As we reached the port, I immediately recognized the changes. The port is bigger, like its a building now with waiting area and everything is organized. Before getting in the boat or ferry, there’s a registration and verification process of your hotel accommodation if it is listed on the authorized and accredited hotels issued by the intergovernmental task force. If it’s not or you don’t have a place to stay, they will not allow you to cross the island. Unlike before that you just simply be in the island and get your hotel as walk-in guest. That’s one of the new policies after the rehabilitation.

We get verified (Boracay Uptown Hotel) and issued the barcoded terminal pass for the boat ride.



The boats are also bigger and new with minimal passengers.



And here I come BORACAY!


So, this is our hotel - Boracay Uptown. Located at the beachfront in Station 2, just few steps away from D’Mall.

Upon seeing it from outside I was quite disappointed with the 4 Star category of the hotel. In this case, I am being judgmental . Haha! When we get closer, it is really nice, bigger and has an extended building at the back. It has a convenience store on the right side of the facade, while on the left side has the bar and restaurant.
A massage parlor and spa, as well as ATM located on the hallway. Also, infinity pool on the roof top and another bar and cafe on the roof deck and indoor swimming pool. (I will be sharing more in my following blogs). But for now, let’s take a glimpse of this place.

The reception and receiving area.

The hallway going to the elevator.


The indoor swimming pool.

This is the garden inside the building near the pool where you can chill, eat or drink.

Our comfortable queen sized bed, we have two beds in the room.

With basic set-up, the working table was on the other corner.




And the spacious and clean comfort room.

I guess, this much for the 1st part. I’ll be sharing more on my next posts. Hope you like it and see you around.

Thank you and have a good day!




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I have heard so much about this beautiful island. Hopefully, I will make it over there too one day. Thanks for showing us around :) My pleasure to get you some extra support for your post.

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Hi @phortun, thank you for the support and kind words. 😊 Looking forward to your adventure and welcome to the Philippines in advance. 😊😉

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