The price I pay to travel the world - A love letter I wrote to my ex three years ago

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Note: This is a letter I wrote back in 2015, dedicated to my back then lover. It describes my feelings I had at the time relating to travelling and love.

I wasn’t sure if I shall publish it or not. I decided to do so and I hope it will give you some answers you may be looking for.

The price you pay when you are a traveller is high.

The price you get is high also.

You are experiencing the world with all it’s beauty.

You meet new people every single day, you face new challenges every day, try to survive on your very last savings, and have the opportunity to grow 20 times faster in a day while travelling (which you would never do in 20 years of time living at home).

Your every day life is filled with excitement, if you wish so.

The price I pay to live the life I have is HIGH. To be able to travel the world I leave people behind. I left my job, I left my home, I left my friends, I left my family and I left the love of my life behind.

Why the hell would you ever do that?

Unfortunately you only realise those things, when you are already gone...

You realised what you had, what made you happy and what made you feel comfortable.

I’m not saying, travelling isn’t worth it – I’m saying the price you pay for it is high.

I might have taken things for granted in several situations in my life – however, I have learned and I appreciate the little things even more then before.

When you are out there, you are facing different challenges every single day, in a country which is so different than your home country. Those challenges make you grow.

You are trying to adapt to a new culture and you are making new friends all around the world.

You realise, whom you are missing, when you separated from the people you are missing. You start to realise how much they mean to you, when you are millions and millions of miles away.

Other peoples lives continue, even without you. Weather you like it or not.

You miss out on birthdays, you miss out on weddings, births of your friends babies, and you miss out on the biggest and most beautiful thing what can happen to you in your life – LOVE.

You are on a constant move, have to catch a plane to this country, then a connection flight to that country, catch a train and eventually a bus to your final destination.

I have done it billions of times – I left people behind. This time I wish I could turn back the time- but I cannot. If I could turn back the time, I wouldn’t leave you again. During that time I didn’t know how much you mean to me and how much I want to have you in my life.

I am sorry I left you behind and I created so much pain in your heart. Please forgive me ~ I love you.


One advise I can give to you guys out there: If you find love, don’t leave. If you find love, return. If you find love – fight for it and make it work.

Love is so rare and love is what makes us thrive. Without love there is no life.

You can be in the most beautiful country on this planet- when you are separate from your better half, you start to see the beauty in a different way.

If you find the person you get along with so well and you enjoy their company, do not go.

~Happiness is only real when shared~

Feel free to comment, upvote, resteem, or share with someone who could benefit of reading this story.

It's much appreciated.


We often don't appreciate things until we lose them. The price is high, indeed. I paid mine and there are no refunds, alas.

Thanks for sharing. :-*

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This really hit home as I'm currently in this position; not with love but rather the fact that I left family so dear to me back home. However, a popular Jamaican proverb says "if yuh waa gud, yuh nose affi run". In others words, we have to make sacrifices to attain the things that we want. I am paying a very high price for this moment in my life but at the same time, I'm grateful for it as it has caused me to heal from a broken heart as well as provide for myself and family. Anyway we take it... Whether we stay or we go, there will always be a price to pay. It is then up to us to try and make the best decision that will create a positive effect in the long run and that is exactly what I'm doing.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your own personal experience. Great, you are standing your ground.. and you are right, we always loose out on something, or win something else on the other side... In the end it comes down to perception what serves you in the long run, correct.
Time will heal the broken <3 :-*

I am sorry ! I saw your message late!

Agree, love should be chased after, kept, treasured, cultivated, like plants in gardens, pull out the weeds. I've moved around in life, was living in Oregon, New York, Hawaii, and even Vietnam. I can relate to what you are saying in your letter. Relationships should be an adventure. Return to them. It is totally worth it for sure.

Not sure about returning haha but yes, we shall see ;-)

Haha yeah returning can be tough sometimes.

This new post of yours nearly brought me to tears. I understand the sacrifices one must make to live the life you do.

Why does life always have to be so unfair? Why can't we have it all? You win and at the same time you lose too.

Something always has to be given up, just so that we can have the other things that we want.

Well there is this man called T Harv Eker and he believes you CAN have it all! :) Still trying to get the hang of it haha