Going to the Hills is Going Home - Riding around India

Last week we rode to interiors of Uttarakhand to review a homestay at Jhimar. I had never heard of this place until last week and am glad I joined the team.


The roads are narrow with curves every 100 meters but are well tarred with barely any traffic.

Conveniently based at 5800ft we rode down from GZB - Hapur - Kashipur - Ramnagar - Marchula - Jhimar and were pleasantly welcomed by rain and thunderstorm.

Here's a photo of @xtrememotoadv leading on one of those curves.


Im yet to sort the photos from the trip and will soon be posting a day wise log of the same.

For curious ones Deepak has posted a trailer from our ride. Please check that out and comment to show support.

Needless to say if liked this post than don't forget to upvote and follow for daily log from the trip.

From the archives

Capturing those moving clouds in Uttarakhand

Friday Colorchallenge - Painted clouds

Thank You note on my 500 followers


nice post, adventure time 👍🏻

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