7 things to do in Dublin

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Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

Situated halfway at the eastern side of the island. Once founded by Vikings around 988 and now a metropolis with more than 1 million citizens. There is so much to see and do in this city that it can be hard to choose. Let me show you my list of favorite places to help you!

Statue of Molly Malone

Free walking tour
A very fun thing to do is the "free" walking tour. Just go to the Irish House of Parliament on College Green. At 11 am, students will give walking tours of the city to improve their English language skills. When the tour is finished you can tip your guide based on your budget and how you experienced the tour. Totally optional!

During the tour, we saw most of Dublin's highlights. Things that are not on my list but which we also saw during the tour and are nice to mention:

  • Statue of Molly Malone
    This statue of a busty woman in a 17th-century dress can nowadays be found on the corner of Suffolk Street and St Andrew's st. The statue was placed for the 1988 Dublin Millennium celebrations and is based on a popular song set in Dublin. Apparently, the woman was a hawker during the day and a prostitute by night. Our guide told us that touching the breast would bring you luck, so we did of course. Since the bronze statue was already pretty wearing off on the bosom, I suggested we were definitely not the first handsy tourists to touch it.
  • Spire of Dublin
    This 120 meters high spire can be found on O'Connell Street. This piece of art is also called the Monument of Light and was part of an ongoing plan to upgrade O'Connell Street, which had lost a lot of its charm in the 70's/80's. As usual, the people of Dublin already came up with cynical nicknames way before the spire was even placed. Stiletto in the Ghetto or Erection at the Intersection are a few of them. It's a cool thing to see, but in the end, it's just huge needle, nothing more.
  • General Post Office
    Next to the spire is the General Post Office located which is the headquarters of the An Post. If you're into architecture, this building was the last Georgian public building built in the capital before it got destroyed by a fire during the Easter Rising. Only the majestic front facade survived and can be seen nowadays. In front of the building stood the Nelson's Pillar which was destroyed by an IRA-bomb and later got replaced by the spire.
  • Temple bar area
    The temple bar area is pretty famous and popular, especially among tourists. Lots of famous artists have their roots there or have performed in one of the bars. Since we were there in the morning, the place was pretty deserted but there is still a lot to see during the day. Like the streets that are still in their original medieval state, complete with the cobblestones patterns. There are also a lot of galleries and other cultural organizations in the area. At night you will find mostly tourists in the pubs since it's a popular nightlife area and there won't be many locals around.
  • Dublin City Hall
    We ended our tour here. Not the most interesting building but the big dome is fascinating.

General Post Office and the Spire

Christ Church Cathedral and the dome inside the City Hall

Christ Church Cathedral
Not the biggest church in Dublin (Saint Patrick's Cathedral is the biggest) but definitely the oldest and prettiest in my opinion. Even home to the largest and oldest crypt in Britain and Ireland. Most people love the interior, by I honestly enjoyed the exterior the most. It has a great atmosphere together with the surroundings. Don't forget to check out the fully integrated bridge that is built over the road and leads to the former synod hall.

Trinity College
Probably on everyone's list of recommendations but with a good reason. Irelands oldest University is founded in 1592 and mainly known for its extensive library that includes over five million books. Most famous is by far the Book of Kells.

Our guide from the free walking tour told some rules/ rumors that apparently apply to students but which are (luckily) never enforced. Like that it's illegal for students to enter the university without a sword, or that they are allowed to kill a person from the bell tower with bow and arrow on a particular day, without being charged with murder.

Shot of the entrance and on the right the library with the Oregon maple tree in front of it

Whilst writing this blog I read some sad news that the magnificent Oregon maple tree that stood in the middle of the universities grounds recently fell due to high winds. It was brought from America in the 1840's and was over 200 years old(!)

Queen of Tarts
If you're a fan of tarts you should definitely go to this place. Situated in the city center (next to the City Hall), they offer fresh tarts and other baked delicacies. Great place to grab a bite after you finished the walking tour!

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle is strategically placed on a junction of the Liffey and Poddle rivers. Most of the buildings are from the 18th century aside from the 13th century Record Tower which originally belonged to an old Viking fortress which was built on the same spot. In the crypt of the castle, you can still find remains of this fortress' foundation.

There is also a garden around the castle which is a really nice place to relax.
Actually, there are four gardens. Three of them are memorial gardens.
At the heart of the gardens, you will find patterns of sea serpents cut into the lawn. Supposedly this garden is in or near the so-called 'black pool'. This is the place where the Vikings harbored their ships and established their trading base. Black pool means dubh linn in Irish, hence the city's name

Saldy I lost my photo's of the castle but here are some shots of the gardens

Guinness Storehouse
If you're in Dublin you have two choices. Visit the Guinness Storehouse or the Jameson distillery, or both. But at least one of them. We visited the Guinness Storehouse which is located in St. James’s Gate Brewery (and will be for a while since the lease of this building has been signed for 9,000(!) years). It's more an experience center than a brewery nowadays and the tour will take you all the way up to the 7th floor, showing you every step and detail of the Guinness brewing process. You also get to pour your own pint which you can then drink in the rooftop bar (called the Gravity Bar) whilst enjoying a sweet 360 degrees view of Dublin.

Some exterior shots of the Guinness Storehouse

Some nice piece of carved wood inside the storehouse

Our self-made Guinness pints

Views of Dublin from the Gravity Bar

Last up is actually an odd man out since it's a bit located outside of Dublin. If you're done exploring Dublin I suggest you take the train to Howth. This small fishing-village is officially still part of Dublin but it surely doesn't feel that way. In half an hour you're standing on the coast with epic cliffs inviting you to stretch your legs. Howt is situated on a peninsula north-east of Dublin and attracts lots of day people. There are different hikes you can undertake. Free maps are available at the information center. In the harbor, you will find a lot of Fish and Chips stalls but I've heard it's better to get your meal somewhere else since it's not the best quality. The result of the increasing number of tourists I guess.

Shots of the harbor and just outside it

Cliffs at Howt and some buildings in the near surroundings

Hope you enjoyed my list of things I really enjoyed during my visit to Dublin. I would love to hear what you liked about the Irish capital! So feel free to leave a comment down below!

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Looks like you got to see more than just buildings, you also got to taste the delicious Irish weather that changes every minute (at least it seems like you did based on the pictures taken from the Gravity bar) :)

And @steef-05, I just mentioned your article in a blog post in the Dublin Guide, hope you don't mind! You can find the article at: http://www.guidedublin.org/erection-in-the-intersection-in-dublin-and-other-cool-stuff/

I’ve lived in England so I know all about changing weather haha. I looked at the website, nice! Thanks for the mention and for letting me know.

This article was a real highlight, makes me want to go back to experience Dublin once again. Didn't know the story behind the Molly Malone statue and the Pillar, so learned some interesting stuff reading this article. Thanks!

I can imagine every guide tells a (slightly) different story when showing things. But that’s part of the fun if you’d ask me ;D. Thanks for the read!

Congrats for the post! Ireland looks like a very cool place to visit, what I'll do someday. A lot of places I didn't have know, only the great Temple Bar. Sometimes, I see the movement of Temple by Earth Cam, showing how much cool is it!

Ireland is not only a place to visit but too for live, because of the great quality of life this country have. Cheers from Brazil!

Thanks for reading! Hope you get to visit Dublin one day :)

I will do it one day! Please wait hahahaha

Beautiful photography and beautiful city! I would love to visit some day. Thank you for sharing these sights with us!

My pleasure. Thanks for the read and reply!

You are very welcome!

Lol, you did see more of Dublin than I did in the whole year that I lived there :D

Haha I had a good guide. My girlfriend lived there for half a year as well ;) Did you go for study there?

No. I got a job offer i couldnt refuse ;)

Ahh I spent two weeks in Dublin earlier this year and wish I could've read this earlier! Great post :)

Haha sorry I did not post it earlier ;) Did you enjoy it anyhow?

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