Along the Balkan heading to the Bosporus following the historic Silk Road to China

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driving along the adria silkroad40.jpg

The second travel week of @preinisch on the @silkroad40 was intensive but safe. The weather was mostly good and the view on the sea was perfect.

burger on the seaside silkroad40.jpg

sonnenuntergang mittelmeer silkroad40.jpg

silkroad mittle sea side.jpg

Mittelmeer silkroad40.jpg

From Venice he was driving along the Adria to Split, in Croatia taking the ferry to Korcula

ferry moto.jpg

ferry adria silkroad40.jpg

feryy adria 2.jpg

ferry 3.jpg

On the ferry Philipe found the time to work remotely with his team, partners and supporters.

working remotly ferry.jpg

As mentioned in The first week on the road / stepping into the footsteps of Marco Polo in Venice he is interested in the adventures of Marco Polo. This is the house of the well known explorer in Korcula, where you can see the exact route he was taking.

marco polo balcan.jpg

The following four paragraphs are written by @wolfgangsieberth showing the connection between the stories of Philipe and Marco:

Marco Polo - apparently a guy with routes from Croatia - most probably for most people stands for travel. What pceople usually do not know - we didn't know - is that he started traveling as a very young man, often with his brothers and father. Well, in fact we want to state, he was not traveling. He was discovering, he was exploring, he was trading. He was doing all this in for him absolutely unknown territories. As if one of us today would start traveling to the stars, trading with other civilizations, that we do not have any idea about. As if political realities did not exist.

A lot of things are remarkable about this: first: the role of his family, second the fact that traveling was the least thing he was actually doing, third globalization. For us today we would therefore like to call him one of the @GlobalSchool Entrepreneurs. There are many like him who have before him and after him done the same on smaller skales. The @Silkroad40 project is a reminder of this idea and at the same time an answer to Marco Polo.

Today - and this is where it gets digital - we have different technologies to explore, to learn and do business. Humans have found pretty efficient ways to do global business, but has learning, has exploration become a global activity? For some it has, but for most it is a dream. It is equally a dream to test and develop technology that not only makes travel a learning experience, but which makes it accessible for everybody. The @Silkroad40 project can serve as the attempt to globalise education, innovation and most of all exploration.

Philipe on his motorbike on the traces of Marco Polo is also a @neomad or @GlobalSchool entrepreneur. He is exploring the idea of learning on a global platform because he is embedded in a technological framework that - because of today's advancements - allows us to not only participate in his exploration but offers us opportunity to interact and understand travel as a means to knowledge.

marco polo house.jpg

hiding bike balcan.jpg

On the next pictures you can have an inside into the life of a digital nomad's camp #adventure. Philipe was tenting in camp sites along the route and stayed in a hostel in Split.

tenting balcan.jpg

camping bathroom silkroad40.jpg

tentlife balcan silkroad40.jpg

split hostel silkroad 40.jpg

In the morning he explored the bakeries in the neighbourhood. ;)

bakery balcan.jpg

Before he got on the road again driving through beautiful bridges and landscapes in the Balkan mountains.

bridge balcan.jpg

To find a safe place for the night for his motorcycle.

garage balcan.jpg

And to meet other travellers. Like Marcello Trappolini, a 69 years old guy from Italy with his Vespa.

meeting people on the road balcan.jpg

Or this charming couple from Germany writing about travel love - Check out their #travel #blog! :)

travellove silkroad40.jpg

travellove 2.jpg

heading to istanbul.jpg

In the next days Philipe will arrive in Istanbul. If you have any suggestions or tips for him. Just let us know and participate to the @silkroad40 challenge by writing an article or creating a visual.

With your support and participation we are co-creating the future of travel networks and its platform with @neomad, enabling digital nomads and bloggers to experience a new participatory travel & learning ecosystem.

If you want to follow the story you can find more information on the silkroad 4.0 website and the following social media channels: instagram, facebook or twitter.

Thank you for your attention and your support for @opt2o, the @globalschool and the @silkroad40 initiative!

Written by @manncpt / Photos by @preinisch

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Wow, you are producing great content Philipe! The pictures are awesome. Also the contribution about Marco Polo by @WolfgangSieberth is really nice to read and fits into the stroytelling. Great team work all together! :)


Thank you @manncpt for writing the text and sharing my travel pictures with the #steemit-austria community! I am looking forward to meeting some crypto bloggers on the way, too. :)


With this content it's not that difficult to write something. Thanks to @wolfgangsieberth there is also a text about the connection between Marco Polo and Philipe inside. ;)

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Cool. Thank you for your support everybody! :)

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Perfect! Filled the empty spot in Korcula, beautiful little city. :D

What an adventure!! It’s so nice to follow you. I hope you’ll enjoy Istanbul, many of my friends from Turkey told me that it is a beautiful city 🇹🇷


Yeah it is. Thank you for your reply. Nice that you follow the @silkroad40 story! :)


Istanbul welcomes you. :) i just found your by a suggestion from another user. i live in Istanbul now and if any of you have time we can meet and show you around, walking&chatting.


Just looked in the #travelfeed tag. There you can find also a lot of beautiful articles about Istanbul. One day I will visit this city! :)

Dear silkroad40, I'm very excited about your phenomenal silk road trip and just resteemed your post. And I have also some recommendations for your upcoming arrival in Istanbul, you can check them out here:
Have a great stay in Istanbul!


Thank you for your support and contributions! Unfortunately I just saw your first post too late. Good that you created another one. :)


Great posts @zuckerzombie! :) Upvoted and resteemed.

Great inspiration Philipe :) What an adventure! it is one of my plan/dream to do similar around world.
And when you arrive Istanbul, you can just knock and have meet.
wish all the best and may force be with you in your journey.


Hi Mahsum,
Thank you for your kind words! It would be great to meet you! I’ll send you a PM!


I have added You on LinkedIn for messaging