Last day of our travels.

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When visiting Taxila a nearby city of Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan, there is a dam called Khanpur dam which has to be seen. There are jet shi and boat rides to enjoy on it with the pleasent weather and fresh air to enjoy. If you like to spend the day just relaxing and and enjoying the calmness of your surroundings with a view then this is the place to be. As these cities in central Pakistan don't have access to any beaches places like Khanpur dam are alternatives to enjoy. Well here in Karachi we have lots of beaches to enjoy so I'm quite lucky for that.

I got my camera out for the occasion and took some shots of the nearby hills and mountains. There is a temple on the other side of a mountain which is hundreds of years old, unfortunately we couldn't go there because of shortage in time. We spent few hours of quality time sort of meditating and relaxing. There was even a souvenirs shop from where I got a traditional Pakistan truck model in all its magnificent aura.

On our way back we saw a lychee farm and went to visit it, the owner was quite friendly and let us pick lychees from the trees. It was good eating some fresh organic fruits they tasted quite sweet and tasty. There were many farms with similar fruits all over the place I quess the weather and soil was favorable in condition for the trees to grow.

This was our last day while traveling across Pakistan and a day well spent. We had our train back to Karachi in the evening and reached home the next day, the two weeks that I spent traveling was an experience to remember. Can't wait to go traveling some new place again.

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cool photography i love photography.

Amazing pictures! Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us.

Thank you for your compliments

Woah a lot of fruits. It's really nice of the owner to let you pick some fruits for free.