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We're going back to next shots from May 1 !!! It was a great trip with my photographic friend @photovisions, everything has become a spontaneous trip to the surroundings of -Dovrefjell mountains.

As you have already noticed, from my photo friend shots from the expedition, you know that the morning was cold. Immediately after leaving the tent - as happens on such trips, we took on catching a great light. Both me and @photovisions started to hunt for the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds us at this moment.


If you do not know this photographer, I invite you to a great blog to him, if you know ... you know that he is a great artist full of passion !!! The previous night was long, bonfire, barbecue and beer. Due to the fact that we were already late, we started long stories about our passion for photography.
Who is @photovisions? ... for me a great friend I can always count on and you can not get bored with him, a happy person never forgetting about people !!! 📸 Very good friend and great photographer !!! He never had the feeling of being above other people !!! I will not write here because a lot could be told and written. Below I present it in action but backstage.


After the photo in the place where we spent the night time, go to the parking lot and go to a meeting with Musox!!!

Wonderful surroundings and snow on the tops of the mountains gives us strength to continue hiking on foot in search of these beautiful animals.
A great view appeared before us !!! A lonely giant in sight, eating grass and looking in our direction. What a lucky thing that we met !!! 😂
It was known that we had to be careful !!! These specimens yarns with a speed up to 60km / h. I would not run away unless I would count on a small selfie with him - I am joking, of course. We began to get close to him and he starts to pose, what a model !!!


A great space and the boss of the expedition @photovisions looking for the next models 👀 around us.

It was a great time, traversing the next meters and discovering new views we felt freedom as the individual in front of us. Thank you for taking the moment and for a great time my photographic friend @photovisions !!!


SteemitWorldMap: [//]:# (!steemitworldmap 62.212236 lat 9.585607 long d3scr)


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You two have similar photography style so it's not difficult to believe that you're friend :) I like that you kept your photo in a brownish mood. It looks very autumny and wintery with that snow of course :D

I have never heard of this animal. It looks majestic and I'm sure that you wouldn't be able to run away if you say that it can run 60 km/h :) I'm glad that you were not in danger :)

Thank you for sharing your amazing photography!

Congratulations on your curie vote!


Thank you very much for visiting. Every photo tells a story, thanks to this time. We remember the moment important for us to be able to remember and sometimes laugh at existing situations. For our happiness nothing bad happened and I am very glad that I like it what we share with @photovisions. We love to do it, we feel free from everything and everyday life. I greet !!! Many Thanks!!!

Some really great photographs. I have never seen a Yarn in real life and didn't realise how big they actually are. I suppose they have thick coats making them survive the harsh winter conditions.


Sometimes he envies them with the warmth they have on them. I would like such a fur for a long winter trip 🤪

Those shots are amazing, you really took advantage of that beautiful light and breathtaking scenery, loved that your model was so cooperant, congratulations to you and @photovisions and thanks for sharing!

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Many Thanks @elfrans🙏 !!!

Piękne zdjęcia i piękny klimat. Marzy mi się kiedyś taki wyjazd z daleka od cywilizacji. Gratuluję !!!


Dziękuje!!! Matka natura rozpieszcza nas czasami i w dobrym słowa znaczeniu.Takie wyjazdy to wspaniała odskocznia.

hey @sawyn, great work :)
Your photos want me to go on vacation immediately.
Weren't you afraid of that animal? I have never seen anything like this in my life. Not even in the zoo :P
Looking forward to your next post.


Hello!!! There is always a risk, but what is not done for photography. We came up to the topic sensibly. Thank you for visiting.

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It was a great trip, looking forward for next one! Thanks for mention and for the warm words! Great shots and good post!


Thanks Bro!!!

The scenery is great! This is what they call tundra, right? There is something special about the place, it is so serene but as you can see, it's not all dead because there are still creatures that can be found in there and strive to survive the semi-harsh weather. I don't know if I am lucky because I am not one of those chosen people to live in there or unlucky because I will not be able to experience living in there. Just my troubled perspective. Maybe it is just normal that you have the tendency to want to visit such extraordinary places because I never had the chance since then, after all, I live in a tropical country. Maybe at least once in my lifetime, I would be happy to visit such a place for the fond of the bestkept experience. Something to tell my friends and relatives about my adventure there.

Anyway, with your skills in photography, you are able to share the beauty of it and somehow you tell a story that every reader will understand and feel like they are already in there. This is one good share, my friend. Cheers!


Hi, it's very nice what was written, thanks to people like you, man wants to keep going and show the beauty that he is experiencing. I wish you a dream come true and visit great places in the future to be remembered for old years. I greet you with thanks and thanks visit.

hi @sawyn
great photographic journey !! the mountain seems surreal and the colors give a dramatic and intense atmosphere to the images.
congratulations and thanks for sharing with us


Hey! Thank you very much for your visit and a good word. If I can, I will share with everyone who saw my eyes !!! Greets and invites more often !!!

Photographing Norway ? Only with @photovisions :) Assurance of high quality guarantee. All those constantly changing landscapes must be captured by you guys. All of the episodes of Muskox Watching also included your presence ? If yes, then you're the next rising star over here man :) Will follow you for more similar content in the future.


Hello!!! This is how I photograph Norway, but recently with @photovisions we have made several trips, in my collection, as you will see, after previous entries, they are diverse. Thank you for your presence and invite you again.

Hi sawyn,

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Thanks for that!

wooaw, such an amazing scenes you have in there. Great trip it was and i know you guys enjoyed it. All the time when i see these interesting scenes i just fell for them . I have been watching the amazing scene for some minutes and the more i watc them the more awesome they get.

i really enjoyed your texts too, they made your message more interesting. Great piece and keep the photography spirit up always


These are very nice and constructive words. Thank you very much !!! I will try to write more in such a way that I can reach the recipients well and interestingly. I welcome

Hello @sawyn, that must have been quite an adventure, judging from the photos. Your new friend seems nice but as you said, one must be careful, these are wild animals, you can never trust them. he looks lovely regardless.
The photos are gorgeous. I love that golden light that is on each photo. The first two are my favorite. Nice work!


Yes you are right, you have to be careful because it can be dangerous sometimes. I have read such wonderful comments, they are very important for future posts. Thank you very much !!!


My pleasure! I'm always happy to read good posts and to see wonderful photos and yours is definitely one! Keep it up and Steem on!

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Wow What stunning views and how lucky to get to photograph a bison! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your @curie showcase!

Only word I can say is wow, you really are amazing, the orange tone is very striking and more if they are taken by people in Steemit, great photos friend👏👏🤗🤗🤗


Many Thanks !!!😘