Easy Trekking to Munduk Waterfall in Munduk Village, Bali, Indonesia

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Munduk Waterfall is located in Munduk Village, Bali, Indonesia. It was 2.5 hours drive from the capital of Bali, Denpasar. From the parking area, near the main road, I took a small path. There was a sign board saying "Munduk Waterfall." on the start of the path.

The path was quite easy to walk on since it is well maintained by the village. It was a narrow path that one or two person can walk. But I am not going to be surprised if some locals decide to ride their motorcycles along this path.

IMG_5882.jpg The path to the Munduk Waterfall is well maintained by the village.

IMG_5880.jpg Sometimes you would see clove farms. All these trees along the path are clove plants.

This was not just forest that I walk into. It is clove farms. Clove is the main commoditiy in Munduk village, because of its altitude. It's about 1000 meter above sea level that cloves can grow very well. Besides clove, coffee, spices grow very well here. On my walk, I saw cloves and coffee dried by the side of the path by the local.

IMG_5911.jpg The local farmer drying coffee and clove flower under the sun. I saw this on my way to the waterfall.

As I went further, there were more varieties of plants. There were even big trees, like Pule tree. The Balinese considered it as sacred tree, so to pay respect to the tree spirit they put black and white checkered cloth around its trunk.

IMG_5884.jpg Varieties of tropical plants along the path.

IMG_5885.jpg Big tree along the way, the local called it PULE.

IMG_5886.jpg The sacred tree during my walk.

The path went up and down. It is still easy to walk on because the path is well maintained. I sometimes to stop looking at the view and taking photos of the trees, and the hills along the way. (My excuse for resting.).

IMG_5887.jpg The path goes up and down, this one goes down.

IMG_5914.jpg View of the hills as I walked along the path.

After 10 minutes walk which I felt like a long time, I arrived at the ticket counter. There were 2 people at the ticket counter. There were nobody else. No visitors. Well, this was quite time in Bali because everybody thinks it's rainy season in Bali. Well, yes, it's rainy season, but we don't have rain at all until next month.

IMG_5915.jpg The ticket counter for the waterfall.

I purchased the ticket for about USD 1 per person, then they let me to continue walking to the waterfall. Near the waterfall, there were flowers plant. Hmm, obviously these were grown by the locals. I think they look great.
IMG_5892.jpg Getting closer to the waterfall, there are many tropical flowers plant.

IMG_5894.jpg The village built little flower garden near waterfall.

Finally I reached the water fall after about 20 minutes walk or so. The view of the water fall along with the plants growing around it was beuatiful. The water fall was very easy to reach, because there was no big river around it nor big rocks to pass trough. This was what I considered a convinient waterfall. Easy to walk to.

The water from the water fall was so fresh and cool. Being on higher land no wonder that water feel cool. And it was also very clean.

I saw to German tourist ladies at the waterfall taking photos with their Gopro. They were taking time to make photos and videos like vloggers. Later they gave me chance to take photos of the waterfall. That's very nice of them. So here are my photos. Hope you like them.

IMG_5908.jpg The Munduk Waterfall, around 50 meter high.

IMG_5909.jpg The waterfall is very easy to get to. The ground is flat, there is not so many obstacles.


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