Travel in the footsteps of Antoni Gaudi #1 - Casa Batlló

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This time in our artistic expedition, we went in the footsteps of another outstanding artist - Antoni Gaudi.

The first stage of this trip was Casa Batllo. This building is one of Gaudi's most outstanding works. It is located at Passeig de Gracia 43 in Barcelona. If You spend the night in this city the easiest and fastest way to get to the place is by subway. The destination station is: Passeig de Gracia - and the lines that go there are 2, 3 and 4. From the metro station, walk to Casa Batllo takes only a moment and the characteristic roof and balconies are visible from a very long distance!

Let's talk about the building itself! It was designed in 1877. In 1900, its owner was a textile producer - Josep Batllo (hence the name of the building :) ). In 1904, he commissioned her reconstruction to Antoni Gaudi and his accomplices. The reconstruction was completed in 1906, and its effect was amazing. The converted tenement house was one of the most outstanding works of Modernisme or Art Nouveau.

Building is very richly decorated. Its facade consists of elements resembling shapes of animals with their shape: balconies resemble bones, roof and tiles on the walls look like fish scales, the roof top resembles a dragon. Gaudi was also a pioneer of recycling - he used a broken mosaic as a decoration of facade!

In addition, inside he used many innovative solutions: creative diffusion of light, efficient ventilation system. Also Gaudi designed not only same building - he also designed furniture that is inside. Most importantly, except that they look amazing - they were also functional - residents of the building used them every day!

We must admit that we were enchanted and delighted Casa Batllo! Each room, each corner, contained something surprising. The sense of Gaudi was constantly surprising us. The only downside to the trip is the fact that tickets are not cheap - the cheapest one costs 25 EUR. If, however, you are lovers of art, and in particular Gaudi's work - the entrance is worth the money!


We hope you enjoyed that post! We invite you to follow the next one Travel in the footsteps of Antoni Gaudi!


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That’s amazing views.

I’ve never actually considered the architects that designed buildings until recently... ironically watching a tv sitcom about an architect made me realize there’s stories behind the buildings.

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