Visit the Ukrainian maritime paradise - Lebedivka

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Hi friends! Today I want to return to my trip in August to show you a wonderful place in Ukraine for lovers of quiet wild rest, and at the same time, this place is so close to civilization that combines a unique way of wildness and comfort.
Once upon a time we traveled to Crimea, but since this wonderful place ceased to be Ukraine, we began to look for a similar place so that we could enjoy our life in a tent as close to the sea as possible. But at the same time, I do not like to cook daily on the fire, as wild tourists do, so the opportunity to go to a cozy cafe is important to me. I made a request to the Universe and I got an answer))
Our friends told us about the village Lebedivka, which is about 70 km from Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Odessa region in South of Ukraine.
We arrived by train and then took a taxi that took us to the forest on a cliff above the Black Sea.


We first saw this incredibly spectacular steep descent to the sea made in a clay cliff by fishermen.


You carefully consider this masterpiece! At first, in a narrow passage between two high clay walls where two people cannot go at the same time, you go down to the halfway point and find yourself on such a clay balcony, from where the stairs go in two different directions.


This forest is 5 km length and 700 m wide. The trees are mainly acacia, ash and oak. And this creates a shade that protects against heat makes life in the tent comfortable.



You see here the edge of the forest, and then a cliff! We liked to sit here in the evening, look at the dawn and listen to the noise of the sea, and in the morning I drank coffee here) But to the very edge it is dangerous to approach, because the earth landslide and can fall down from a height of 20 m.



You can walk in the woods in the direction of the village, where there are many cafes and shops, for 10 minutes. There you see tents standing under the blazing sun in the steppe. There is a more civilized easy way to the sea.


We liked to make beautiful photos here with sea view)


Or you can go the other way along the beach and after Mount Rhinoceros begins the nudist beach, as indicated by the inscription on the rock. Here free spirit people rest and bathe without clothing, because clothes prevent the connection with nature!


So here you will find everything if you love the harmony with nature to enjoy this Ukrainian maritime paradise)


White sand, colorful multicolored seashells, warm wind, turquoise sea, the sound of waves, the song of seagulls, breathtaking colors of the sky ... You can continue the list of pleasure near the sea...


Thank you for your visit!

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What an awesome post I love those steps down tot he beach, well worth the steep climb down and up for such a beautiful spot

@tip curate

Dear friend @tattoodjay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the place. We went down and up three times a day! I'll tell you, this is a very good sport)

Ohh that must have been good exercise ;)



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Thank you!!!!

Wow your story is incredible @olga.maslievich! You have the talent to describe travel! I already want to go there to feel all the charms of this place...

Thank you, my favourite friend )))

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Thank you for your visit!

That looks like a wonderful place to be! I really like the stairs carved out of the clay cliffs. And the shells. Here's to Ukraine and it's beautiful places!

Yes, Ukraine has great places! I'm glad you visited my blog, dear friend!