A Travel Story : A Short Bodrum Trip

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A Travel Story : A Short Bodrum Trip


A picture of the Bodrum Castle from the hotel where i stayed

The Castle of Bodrum was built between 1406 and 1522 between two ports on a rocky peninsula surrounded by sea on three sides by the Knights of Saint Jean. In the construction of the Kalenin, one of the seven wonders of the earth, which was destroyed in the earthquake, used the stones of Mausoleion. Kalede, French, Italian, English, German and Spanish (Serpent). After the island of Rhodes was taken over by the Turks in 1522, the knights abandoned Bodrum and its environs on January 5, 1523. The castle, which was used as a prison since 1895, was abandoned by the French and British during World War I, with the bombings of 26-28 May 1915, becoming semi-demolished.

Meanwhile Bodrum is located in Mugla,where is really a touristic city of Turkiye.So that means you can find plenty of hotels for staying and a lot of restaurants for your breakfasts and dinners.

Bodrum Castle

The place where the 3 sides are built on the Bodrum Castle which is surrounded by the sea, has been devoted to antiquity before. Later he was connected to the land and turned to the peninsula. On both sides there are two large bays and harbors, which form the heart of Bodrum. Between 1406 and 1523, It was built as a square in the form of the castle of Jean knights. There are 5 towers in the palace: Italian towers, German towers, English towers and serpent towers, with the longest French towers at an altitude of 47.50 meters.

The walls in the front, where the castle is connected with the land, are double-layered. However, this strengthening was not done on the eastern walls facing the sea because the knights were sure that the navy would defend well against an attack from the sea. Because they are assertive about sea wars, they have not made the sea walls as strong as the land walls. Again by this, they have made 7 more doors to reach inner calm, making them more controllable. One of the doors has a Greek letter dating from the 16th century. On the other hand, the spying writers will be punished.

There are also 14 cisterns in the ground. The water was needed from these cisterns while the castle was under siege.

When Rhodes was conquered by Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent in 1522, the knights were forced to leave Kalay and a mosque was added to Kalay. The French artillery fire during the First World War destroyed the mosque minaret. In 1997 the minaret was rebuilt. The castle was restored in 1960 and the castle is now used as the Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum and works exhibited from the wrecks in the area are exhibited here. At the same time, one of the castle moats filled with sea water in time is used as a festival area where theater plays are exhibited.

Pictures from the garden of the Castle










Pictures from the inside of the Castle and scenery from the Castle










Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum

On Underwater Archeology it is located in one of the few museums in the world and Turkey. "Uluburun Batığı", the oldest abbey in the world, is exhibited in this museum. It belongs to the Lycian Trade Ship Uluburun from the early bronze age, which sank 3.300 years ago. It is 15 meters long and 5 meters wide. One of the most important spec of this wreckage is that knowing the route of the ship and it sank in a close place to the harbor.It was found that the wreck was exposed 60 meters. The exit is believed to be Egypt because the ship has the seal of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and the gold-plated Nefertiti statue on the nose of the ship. This shows us that Egypt is an important commercial ship. They support it when they are removed from the ship. More than 150 pine-bullion vessels on board are very important because they are the oldest and most complete glass bullion known. Also found in the shipwreck were elephant eggs, turtles and elephant teeth used in making elephant teeth, vases and musical instruments. In addition to these materials used as raw materials, there were gold goblets, gold jewelery, tiles underneath, pot leaks, food seeds. All this gives us our understanding of the past trade, culture and characteristics of that time.

In the meantime, the model is made in faithful to the original because the wood has decayed over the last thousand years.

Of course not the only wreck is Uluburun;

Finike Gelidonya Burnu Wreckage, Bodrum Yassıada Wreckage, Roman merchant ship, Şeytan Deresi Wreckage, Marmaris Serçe Harbor Wreckage and Tektaş Wreckage. It is possible to see the artifacts from all these wrecks at the Underwater Archeology Museum.



How i go to Bodrum,Muğla?

If you are outside of Turkiye , firstly you must come here, Istanbul and then again take a plane to the Bodrum Airport or you can prefer highway but it takes 5 hours at least from Istanbul.

Where can i stay in Bodrum and What can i eat?

As i have written just before there are a lot of hotels in Bodrum and they are cheap and expensive so you need to choice wisely and Bodrum has great local tastes that are wonderful usually meat-based dishes.

Dear Steemian friends, i hope you enjoy the the Bodrum visit ,actually it is only one part journey.Meanwhile if you have questions in your mind about this visit or about Turkiye you can always ask me in discord or you can also make comment so i can try to answer. Have a nice day all of you.!


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Thanks for the tips about Bodrum, many people from my country are tourist there but still I haven't visited it. My first wish is Istanbul and hope I will manage next year some at least few days trip there.

Thanks a lot for this incredible inf

That statue with your head on it lol best shot ever! You took a lot of really good photos and gave a good perception of what the place is like. I would love to go around checking out all the castles and this one looks like an awesome one to play around in :)