A trip to Lecce (Italy) among baroque churches and picturesque alleyways!

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The Convent of the Celestine Fathers

Lecce is an astonishing Mediterranean city located in the south of Italy and it is an unmissable destination for those who appreciate Baroque art and architecture.
It has a unique cultural charm. Tourists can explore its old town and hang out in what we might even define as an open-air museum, because when you see everywhere you can admire the impressive architecture of the Baroque period.

I've done this pictures last summer, during a short holiday and I’m happy to share them with you.


Marrese Palace

Marrese Palace is one of the most striking examples of what you can admire in Lecce: located in piazzetta Ignazio Falconieri, the building has an elaborate baroque-style façade which I would describe as "hauntingly beautiful".


Piazzetta Ignazio Falconieri

Marrese Palace

Another fascinating example of baroque architecture is represented by the multitude of churches, convents, and other religious monuments deployed throughout the whole old town of Lecce.


St. Irene Church

Important among these is the Church of Santa Croce which is perhaps the best expression of the religious baroque architecture in this city.


The Church of Santa Croce

The Church of Santa Croce is flanked by the Convent of the Celestine Fathers which with its imposing Baroque façade complete the beautiful apparatus of Santa Croce.


The Convent of the Celestine Fathers

Lecce Cathedral is the city's most important and imposing church and it is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The main building dates back to 1144 but it was rebuilt in 1659. Its bell tower is 72 meters high.


The Duomo Square with Cathedral

The bell tower of Lecce Cathedral

Whether the outside the churches will seems beautiful, the interior is even more so with rich baroque decorations and breathtaking details.


St. Irene Church - Interior

Till now I've talking only about the Baroque period, but Lecce's origins are much older.
Piazza Sant'Oronzo (the most important square in Lecce), with its Roman amphitheatre, is a witness of this.
Also known as Augustan amphitheatre, it is one of the most important evidence of the fact that here was established the ancient Roman Empire town of Lupiae.


The Roman amphitheatre

Some historians sustain that the ancient name of Lupiae means "Lupa" (aka female Wolf) and the female wolf is the symbol of Lecce; it tends to give weight to the argument that actually this is the origin of its name.


The symbol of Lecce

Saint Orontius of Lecce is the patron saint of the city (toghether with Saints Fortunatus and Justus) and is commemorated each year, on August 24, with solemn celebrations.
The celebrations for the patronal feast usually last three days and during these festivities the "Madonnari" (pavement artists) color the main square with their works of art.


A work by "Madonnaro"

The tourist offer is very extensive. The economy of the town is partially based on tourism thanks also to the several and well equipped accomodation facilities.
There were info points in many locations around the old town, so if tourists need any information, they can ask these info points.


One of the many Info Points

It is possible to rent bikes in proximity to the old town with which tourists can discover this marvellous baroque city but guided tours with small train and rickshaw are also available for those who want to use them.


Guided tours with small train

Tourists can not miss the workshops and the renowned craftsmanship of the objects in "Tufo Leccese" (tufa and Lecce stone), terracotta, ceramic, basketry and papier mache available in the old town of Lecce.


Ceramics Workshops in Lecce

All photos taken by me.
Some photos contain some Lightroom post processing.
All rights reserved.

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Wow, thank you!

Wow! its looking so stylish and really very unique design!

Hey @hafizullah! Yes, Lecce is a city to find out by visiting its fascinating architecture.. it is definitely worth a visit!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you, @oldmans! This is really nice of you. :)

You are very welcome! It was a great tour. Thanks for sharing. :)

It was a pleasure to share it with you!

Wow! Italy my dream travel destination, I wish I could be able to go there someday, but for now it's nearly impossible hehe,

By the way I love your photos all are captivating... thanks for sharing @miti.blog

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Thanks @markjason! The only truly natural things are dreams, which nature cannot touch with decay.
So we shouldn't give up hope, Dreams can come true! ;-)

Thanks @miti.blog for that poetic yet uplifting reply, yes dreams will come true by hardworks and prayers....

I fully agree with you!

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Bella Lecce, non ci sono mai stato. Mi piace vedere spazi pedonali così ampi senza auto.
Il bello di queste zone storiche è che l’edilizia moderna non ha contaminato l’antico equilibrio architettonico.

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Ciao Ale, per un fotografo credo che un giorno solo sia troppo poco per visitare il centro storico di Lecce. Solo la chiesa di Santa Croce meriterebbe tanto tempo per catturare tutti i suoi meravigliosi dettagli.
Hai proprio ragione nel dire che l'edilizia moderna ha risparmiato il fascino dell'epoca barocca ed è proprio questo il bello della zona antica di questa città.
Purtroppo non avevo con me tutta l'attrezzatura ed ho dovuto rimediare con il cellulare e un pò di post produzione, ma i miracoli non si possono fare.. diciamo che ho fatto il possibile per rendere i lettori partecipi di questa meraviglia. :-)

There are spectacular photos of such emblematic places in Italy. Travel through this post!! :)

Thanks @nancybmp! It’s nice to make you travel, at least with these photos, to discover the beauty of Italy!

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