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RE: EuroVelo 7 - Cesky Krumlov to Hluboka 50 km

in #travelfeed3 years ago (edited)

I dunno who you are but you're killing it with your posts! Must take hours to write them...btw why are all ur posts from czech rep but ur profile says Romania? Will keep in mind your Booking offer!


Ty neznáš @discovereurovelo? Spolu s Arturem největší cyklo ikony Steemitu :) Já už ho sleduju dlouho, je to borec!

Glad you like it, yes takes me too long to write them, hope at least my words match the beauty in the photos. I am from Romania but I'm cycling EuroVelo routes. At the moment I am focusing on EuroVelo 7 which took me into Czech Rep in the summer of 2017 and briefly last year. Loved the week I had in your country, need to come back again one day.

Matko is actually from Slovakia - have you been there too?

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