Lipton Seat, the perfect place to admire the beauty of nature...

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Today I'm going to show you one of the most beautiful places I visited 5 months ago. It's called a lipton seat. Lipton seat can be really beautiful. About 189km from Colombo on Badulla-Badulla road, you come across a beautiful area called Haputale. There is a bus service which takes around 5 hours to complete the journey with luxury. You can use Colombo - Badulla or Colombo - Passara buses. Otherwise, you can get private transport.

First let's see how Lipton seat goes. There are two roads. One runs through the beautiful mountain ranges that pass through Haputale via Dambethenna, but the road is still very well maintained. If not then go to Bandarawela - Poonagala road. You have to go both ways to see which of the two is more beautiful. First we came to Haputale. The cold around me made my body tremble. Because I live in a coastal environment.

Lipton Seat is the only place in the country where five provinces can be seen. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, not just in Badulla District. The tea world in Sri Lanka is known as 'Lipton Tea'. Lipton's Tea Estate is located at the foothills of the Haputale Dambetenna and Bandarawela Poonagala.

The railway line, which was built during the times when Sri Lanka was under the rule of the British, is still well maintained and the railways continue to operate.

As a lover of the environment, I visit a place whenever I visit. They also get memoirs. Even though we did not know the name, I took the photo of the bouquet above because it was a beautiful sight. I believe you also really attract with it.

We stayed few minutes same place. Then I saw train came on the railway road. That was express one as I guess with train's high speed.Not only the natural beauty, but also the legends of the plantation state of Ceylon were the biggest draws.

I never missed to capture any glorious properties nearest backgrounds where I traveled. That's wild plant mostly growing this location. Also I have seen some people grow this plants their garden for increase beauty.

Lipton Seat is a narrow ridge where three valleys meet. Many believe that this is the place where Thomas Lipton bought the Dambetenna estate and spent the rest of his life there. The villagers said that during his stay in Sri Lanka, he used to come to this place on many evenings and had his foreign friends take him to the most beautiful place in his tea estate.

The Lipton Seat trip is a great opportunity for a photographer to fill their photographs with the beauty of the upcountry. The 360-degree panoramic view of the sunrise, green-lined tea plantations, and tea-pluckers can be seen on camera.

From Lipton Seat you can see Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Southern, Eastern and Central provinces simultaneously. But it has to be good luck. If you go here on a day when there is no fog, you are in luck. From Lipton City, in the afternoon and evening from January to March, the heavens are only a short distance away.

During a conversation with a villager, he said that when there is no fog in the evening and early morning, the light of the Devinuwara Lighthouse and the lighthouse of Trincomalee and Kirinda can be seen. If there is no fog at that time you can see the Nuwara Eliya side of the Central Province, the Sri Pada of Sabaragamuwa Province as well as the Eheliyagoda side, the Batticaloa side of the Eastern Province and the harbor built in Hambantota.

We didn't need to asked from any villagers where was Lipton seat or how many Km's we need to continued for reach destination. Because many places guide board provided from tea plantation companies. That's better decision for visitors.

Sir Thomas J. Lipton took tea to Europe with James Taylor, who introduced tea to Sri Lanka. In the meantime he came to Dambethenna and developed a massive estate estate there. It's all around Thomas Lipton's tea estate. From Haputale to Bandarawela, this tea estate and its associated tea plantations have spread. The biggest tea factory in Sri Lanka is located at Dambethenna. It was once called the best black tea factory in the world. This Dambatenna estate is 925 acres.

The Catherine Seat and the Lemottota Falls are two other attractions that Lipton Seat has to offer. The less popular Lematota Falls is located in the Dambatenna Estate. Located in the Nayabedda Estate, Katherine Seat offers a spectacular view of the Uva Valley up to Bandarawela, Diyatalawa and Namunukula Mountains.

Thomas Lipton is said to have loved nature but lived a fun life. Various quotations in the English language depicting the value of the environment and water written on the stone walls on either side of the Lipton seat testify to it. We ended our Lipton Seat journey with many experiences like this. See you again.

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Hermoso lugar . Gracias por compartirlo.

Amazing photography! looks like this will be added to my travel destination lists.

Yeah. You can add and visit there.

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Beautiful posts

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This is a beautiful photos included post.

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Beautiful...thanks for share your memories

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Yeah absolutely brilliant. Next year I'll ready to go there again.

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Very Very beautiful...


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Such a beautiful place. Wish I was there breathing fresh air 🌳

Yeah definitely. Thanks for feedback.

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Especially around the clouds, it looks like a fairyland

Yeah..I believe same thought.

Wow what an photography. I think you are a great photographer.

Why not. I have quality camera for take best clicks. Thanks for your sweet feedback.

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Nice pictures and article too.

Thank you very much sister 😊

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