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RE: Lord Nigel's Travels - A walk across England - Day Seven

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No worries - I did publish through
I don't recall reading anything on not being able to edit using another front end, but I'm still learning and there is info overload in an ever evolving product - Still, it's your upvote to control so I accept this.

I have posted on your help line about why I edited with other front-end (will attempt the method expressed in response, but it didnt work previously for me - this must be a new improvement?).I also couldn't find an answer to my specific question around a double image and text appearing on other front ends (I'm sure its just me but I want the max audience and need my posts to appear fine on other front ends).
As I know you guys are hard at work developing and improving it cant be easy; Still, I will be reviewing my witness votes (including proxy) and delegation shortly & will be watching/considering what you do in this space with great interest.


A post edited through other frontends will send Google traffic to these frontends and not to us, this is why it is of much lower value to our platform than a post published through us that was not edited on other frontends.

A few users were confused about out rag picker since it suggests recommended tags, but apart from that it works the same as the Steempeak tag picker.

The issue with double images is also addressed in our post: We are handling the featured image like Wordpress and other blogging platforms do, it works best if you chose a separate image as featured image that you are not using in the post.

We also have helper text at all components of our editor, if you hover on "learn more" you will see the full recommendation text.

Thanks for the context. I will read up before trying my next post.

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