City Shots: Lille and Lyon France

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Lille is located in the Northern part of France in the Flanders region. It is situated close to the border of Belgium and has a strong Flemish feel about it that reminded me a lot of Brussels.

Triomphant Arc


Lille's arc de triomphe, once referred to as the "door of the sick" was built in 1692. Its tall and easily accessible and mark's the exit and entrance into the great city. Though I'm not thrilled with the photo that I took because of how dark it turned out, the arc is certainly worth visiting if you ever go Lille.

Old Stock Exchange


In the courtyard of the old stock exchange building, dozens of star shaped mirrors hang overhead. They certainly add to the buildings timely beauty.


On weekends, vendors gather in the courtyard to sell used books and art prints. My wife and I bought a print of an old coffee advertisement when we visited a few months ago. It currently hangs on the wall outside our kitchen.

Clock Tower and Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce and clocktower was one of the buildings that really stood out for me in the city. It was large, elaborate and colorful and had a Flemish look about it. You can't really miss it when you're in the downtown core area.

Local Desserts


Local delicacies that we tried in Lille were gaufre fourée by Meert, which consists of two ultra thin waffles sandwiched together around a bed of vanilla whip cream. We ate ours immediately after exiting the shop so sorry, no pictures. They were delicious though. I also recommend simply checking out Meerts store front, which is a really cool looking building. I regret not taking a picture.


The other delicacy that we tried was merveilleux which is a marange covered in creamy whipped chocolate and chocolate shavings. We bought ours at Meert but later past a shop called aux Merveilleux de Fred that specializes in only the one pastry. They looked incredible in the window and I immediately had plate envy. Next time I will definitely buy one from Fred.

Lille is a beautiful and fun city with a distinct cultural feel. Though I didn't take a lot of pictures I would say that is one of my favourite cities in France.



Lyon is located in the central eastern part of France along the Rhone and Saône rivers. It is one of the largest cities in the country and is known for its cuisine, having been dubbed the culinary capital of the world by several writers and Michelin starred chefs.

Old Town


The city has a large old town with colorful buildings, cobblestone walking streets and countless quaint little shops and eateries.


Long streets that appear endless. Continuous rows of shops and residences. This part of the city has a very distinctive character.



Another interesting feature of Lyon is its Traboules network, which are a series of hidden passageways. These passages were designed to connect streets together and give residents a more direct route down to the river, to the cities fresh water supply. Rather than winding their way through the long and narrow streets that run parallel to each other, residents could simply pass through one of these seemingly hidden passages. Later, merchants would use them to make their job of carrying their goods to and from the river canal much easier.


There are actually a few hundred Traboules scattered throughout the city but only 40 or so are accessible to the public. They are not always easy to spot either.


We stood in one spot for 5 minutes trying to figure out where the entrance was until finally another family walked up close to where we were standing and opened an inconspicuous door and went inside. Apparently, many of the passages are marked by symbols or plaques on the wall.

Each Traboule is different but we only actually went into one of them.

Fountain and Square


Fontaine Bartholdi, which was originally meant to be built in Bordeaux, is constructed out of iron and lead and depicts a woman on a chariot run by four horses. Bartholdi, who also sculpted the famous Statue of Liberty, was only 23 when he originally designed the fountain.


The fountain sits in the Place des Terreaux next to City Hall and the Museum of Fine Arts. Its also close to the opera house which is just around the corner. I think its worth checking out.

View of the City


A long, steep and winding climb gets you to the top of the city. Here a small and unimpressive Eiffel Tower is kept that was built using leftover material from the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Though the tower isn't even worth a photograph, it sits beside one of the most spectacular churches that I have ever experienced - a must see for anyone who likes churches. Behind the church is also an impressive view of the river and city below. Its certainly worth the climb. My only regret was that I wasnt wearing my step counter at the time so I didnt know how many flights of steps we had climbed.


Lyon is a large city located on the river. There's almost too much to do in a single day so I hope to go back in the near future.

Thanks for Reading


Great travel report. I haven´t been to any of those cities (actually only been to Nice in France) but they both look beautiful. Thanks for showing us around :)

@tipu curate

You go to some cool places. Some really neat architecture in those places and I bet it's fun to go see some of these historical sites in person! :)
Also, the name Lyon sticks out to me... I think maybe there was activity there during WW2 as I remember playing in that town in a WW2 video game when I was growing up. So, I may have ran around some of those same areas in a simulation actually, some of the pics do look very familiar. Heh.
Cool stuff man! I appreciate seeing your travels and adventures.

Yeah the architecture here is very neat. There is a lot of culture and history in Europe which is very unlike Canada where I'm from. Everything in Canada is new in comparison. You're probably right about Lyon being involved in WWII. Most cities of France were impacted by the war, especially in the North and central France.
Thanks for the comment

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You're welcome for the comment. Architecture is neat! My father was a carpenter and built our house almost entirely by himself, though I didn't follow in his footsteps and never really got into building buildings like that, but... I still think it's a super interesting subject and I enjoy seeing what others have built over the years. :)

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I haven't had much time lately so if the other person put in an entry then you can give it to them. Thanks for letting me know.

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You're welcome. Thanks for answering. Okay so, I'm not going to ask him to do an entry if you're not going to play. I'm just going to give him the win if you're not going to play because I don't see any reason to ask him to put in the time to make an entry if he doesn't have a competitor.

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Hahaha ;)

My point is, If neither of us has to do anything then I'm not really sure why I'm the one being punished for it?
It doesn't actually matter to me overall, but you see my point lol :)

Well... The simple logic of it from my perspective was that you bowed out first.
You implied to me you were too busy and that you wouldn't be entering the round.

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I'm not sure how you can still be in the round when you've said you're bowing out and don't intend to enter?

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I agree with what you're saying about competitions and sports and rules around disqualification and such. However, in this case, I only happened to disqualify myself first because you asked me the question of whether or not I would play in the round but you didn't actually ask the other person. Now instead, had you happened to ask the other person to play the round and not me, then they would have disqualified themselves and I would have gotten the win simply by the circumstance of who was asked the question. So the loser was decided by who you happened to ask the question and the winner didnt have to actually do anything to receive a win.

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Are there any new buildings around there? LOL. Nice job! Must be fun with so much history and architecture to explore. It's quite different than anything I have seen.

Hahaha only a few new ones, and by new I mean 50 or so years old. Definitely a lot of fun. Thanks for the comment

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Hey @leaky20@,

It's been a while since I last took the time to stop by your blog. But, I've been meaning to read through this one since when I first saw it on my feed a couple of days ago!

I was mostly interested in the first part of it - about Lille. I had never heard of this place before until my cousin went there, and then ... everywhere I turn is: Lille, Lille, Lille 😅

I never realized that is close to and influenced (?) by Brussels. I loved Brussels and met wonderful people from there. A very nice colleague of mine is from there. It is because of her I know how Flemish sounds!

I would love to visit that old book market! Maybe in the summer :) ?? Who knows...

Great photos, as usual. That last one of Lyon is amazing! :)

Wish you two a wonderful week ahead :D

Hahaha no worries. I've actually been busy lately as well. My engagement with Steem (posting and commenting) has gone way down.
Yeah Lille was a cool city for sure. I enjoyed it a little more than Lyon. Definitely very cultural. A cross between France and Belgium. It's worth checking out if you're in the area and like Belgium. The one thing you would like about Lyon though is the church there. Its was phenomenal inside. Unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures because mass was starting, but definitely one of the most elaborately decorated churches I've been to.
Thanks for the comment. Enjoy your week with your husband as well.

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Good perspectives and beautiful subjects.

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Congratulations @leaky20

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Thanks I appreciate it :)

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