Knock Knock! - Who's there? - It's me, the drone, brought the package ...

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Knock Knock! - Who's there? - It's me, the drone, brought the package ...

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Recently visited the exhibition of robotics and automation in Shenzhen, I will write several articles about what they saw. We try to walk to see what is new. Some points are very interesting. Although, around us constantly many moments are visible in everyday life: parking without staff, self-service in stores without cashiers and many other little things.
In the comments to previous articles, it was very funny to read phrases, such as: "some fakes," "China makes only cheap garbage," and so on.
Moreover, these comments are not in those topics where the conversation is about poor quality, about marriage, about how door handles, irons or other equipment break down quickly, but in topics where I show modern bridges, roads, tunnels.
Since I have been writing about China since 2013, and I know about China from my own experience since 2005, I have a lot of such articles, because I’m interested in telling and showing not trash and the poor quality of cheap things, but what’s really interesting, and what I think is worth knowing.

Comments are always the same for such articles.
Half of the readers are happy to read about new technologies, learn something new, admire beautiful architectural solutions and monumental "very-most" buildings, half of them necessarily begin to talk about how the poor people live in China, what poor quality of things gets to them in hand, and the like.
To which I always answer the same way: take the best from China, read about the best, focus on the best, look at achievements and development, and let everything else pass you by. 😁

These are the drones launched in China to test the delivery of parcels to the public.
In October 2019, China's Civil Aviation Administration / CAAC / granted the first license in China to test drone deliveries to Antwork Technology, a UAV-based logistics delivery company based in the eastern China province of Zhejiang.
Since Amazon introduced the idea of ​​delivering goods using drones in 2013, leading logistics companies and e-commerce giants in China have begun testing the drone delivery market.

"Delivery of goods using drones allows you to expand logistics capabilities, reduce the burden on traditional logistics services and reduce labor costs.
To ensure flight safety, 90%
LannaBeikersNotes* of the routes that are displayed on Antwork maps pass over city rivers, while drones can slow down and change routes in case of emergencies or extreme weather conditions",*

- said Zhao Liang, chief operating officer of Antwork Technology.

Before obtaining a license, Antwork has already conducted more than 20 thousand logistics tests in urban and mountainous aLannaBeikersNotesreas in Prov. Zhejiang has passed the risk assessment and flight tests organized by CAAC.

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