The Holy Quest to Protect Belongings From Getting Wet

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It was the first Couchsurfing meet-up I ever joined in Cape Town and I already became very friendly with most of the people in the group. So friendly that one of them invited me on a hike outside Cape Town to a place called Bainskloof. I didn't even have any idea as to its location but if I wanted to explore further than Cape Town city center, I would need to rely on people to fulfill my desire to travel sinced I didn't have a license.

It was the five of us: Lydon (one of the admins of the Couchsurfing Whatsapp group), his friend Gideon (another active member of the group), his girlfriend Candice, their friend Brian and me.

The trip excluding the grocery shopping took about one hour and fifteen minutes. It was generally a scenic route that ended up in a valley with a river running underneath.

The gate to the hike is through a small cottage called Bainskloof Lodge, where you pay a small entrance fee.

The name of the hike we did was called Rock Hopper Trail, which ran for 6 km along the river. I should have seen how the name pretty much explained itself. The problem was, there were times one will have to cross the river to the get to the other side, but the water level will rise up to the waist. Since I had no way foreseeing this, I had my phone, cash, camera and credit cards with me. If I were to cross the river at these points I would have been soaked almost completely.

So, I started to scan the surroundings to construct alternative routes for myself. However, these routes required a lot flexibility, long arms and legs, and lots of luck. I still went for it to stay dry. There were times I had to jump from one giant rock to the other and I would have fallen into the river from a reasonably high altitude if I slipped off. It did happen quite a few times and now I can confirm that the cliche saying about one's life flashing before their eyes is actually true.

Nevertheless, it was quite entertaining to come up with these strategies to determine alternative routes. It made me feel like I was a contestant in a reality show.

The hike had relaxing views of rock pools that one could swim. Imagine how ironic it would be if I went in for a swim after trying so hard to avoid the water like someone with rabies.

Afterwards we stopped by the town of Wellington to buy ice cream. Apparently, this peaceful town is well-known for its nearby wine farms.

It was also the first time I heard a dialogue in Afrikaans when Lydon and Gideon spoke to the owner of the ice cream shop.

Overall, it was a beautiful day full of adrenaline and the first of many hikes to follow.


Looks like a very rugged environment for a hike, definitely a good challenge, glad you made it out alive, Lol, cheers mate.

Hahaha yeah it was very rugged and slippery. I am alive, for now lol cheers!

I can imagine the enternaiment find alternative routes. You're right requires more flexibility, have legs and arms trained enough and as you were saying luck. It seem that you spent very good and positive time

If it wasn't for the yoga classes I had been attending, I would have been dead by now hahah :)

The challenges of finding alternate routes and finding solutions to temporary problems mimics our lives and nothing beats the feeling of conquering our obstacles. What a beautiful hike!

I also associated that hike with the obstacles in my life. It was very representative. I was whining a lot, but was still persistent in making that jump.

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AHah just kidding, all you need for those hikes is a dry bag, look up for Sea-to-Summit. Then just put all your belongings inside and that's it.

hahahah I would always appreciate some MrP counselling!

I had these plastic bags that can be clipped and sealed shut, but I wasn't aware this hike would require them.

AHahaha MrP counselling, good one. Yeah those dry bags are great, I always have one with me just in case.

What is the maximum height over here ?

hmm, it could be like a 1-2 storey building.

Thats it ?

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Rock jumping is my favorite dangerous thing to do. And maybe among the most risky since proper equipment wouldn't help much if I screwed up. I have a favorite place with good conditions for such a challenge - Vitosha mountain above Sofia where I live.

Being not the best example of carefulness, I have slipped on wet rocks and I have fallen into a river. Shallow but very cold at the time.

Glad you were successful. Wearing proper bags that won't let water reach your valuables could also help. I've also heard of people making a turban of all their clothes and stuff and wearing them on their heads while crossing a river.

Good luck and take care!

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How's life in Capetown looks like and Africa? Is it safe there? Next time wear sandals and jump into water, seems hot on the pics so that could be nice cooling :)

So beautiful!! I love hiking! I’ll definitely check this out when I eventually go to the cape again 😎

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