Amazing, thanks for sharing your travels on my discord :)


Thanks for letting me be part of it :D
Great gif! Really wish to be in one of those places now :D

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Another great post! Love your travel blog! hugs

Thank you hun 🤗🤗💚

I love the picture of the flowers! Great post! upvoted and following you now!

Thank you buddy! Cheers 😃

Thanks for let us know these garden, great post again and just waiting the second part!
Renting a boat there sounds great!

Yeah it's very relaxing and yep, I'm working on the 2nd part of the journey, it's going to be amazing! :D

Beautiful Japanese garden and park. The cherry blossoms are wonderful, so are the tulips right in the park??? Thanks for this wonderful walk shared with us!

Yep, they are! Thanks too :D

Whoa, I love me some Japanese tea garden, I'm from SF, CA so i grew up with a very nice one. :)
this is gorgeous and thank you for sharing. so beautiful! :)

PS. i need to learn how to make a footer with my name doing that! Yazzzz

Cool. Thanks! :)

sure thing, anytime.

A truly wonderful account. Thanks for the detailed description and the virtual stroll through the park.

Thanks for stopping by :)

The flowers looks so stunning! It must have been a pretty great day indeed!

It sure was, and that was just the first part of a great day.
The 2nd part is coming up tomorrow so be sure to come back for more interesting things :)
I promise there will be great content!

I'd love to @gabrielatravels! I love checking places and people out. :)

I really like that pic of you taking a picture in the garden! So adorable! I didn't know Bucharest had an internatinal light festival...totally adding it to my bucket list. Anything with lots of lights makes me excited and happy.

Thanks. 😃
Yep there are lots of interesting events going on in Bucharest. You just have to in the right moment at the right time 💚

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